Photo of District Oven in Toronto, , CA
Photo of District Oven in Toronto, , CA
Photo of District Oven in Toronto, , CA
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District Oven

Mediterranean Restaurant

lamb • halloumi • pizza • baklava

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  • Photo of Daniel M
    4 months ago
    i went here on a work trip with a group of colleagues. The back room was a great environment for our gathering. We had the room to ourselves (my understanding is there is no room fee) and it was great to be next to the pizza oven. Our host ordered a lot of plates to share and every plate was better and better. The flatbread pizza was delicious. The pita bread was the fluffiest I have seen. The Brussel sprouts with nuts and balsamic were cooked perfectly (not bitter). The chicken and beef skewers were tender and flavorful. I would absolutely return to this restaurant if I am back in the area.
  • Photo of SafetyPro-VA
    6 months ago
    Not sure if this place is called District Oven or District Social - GPS gives District Social, as does the sign at the place, but "District Oven" here on Trip Advisor. Anyway, 842 College St. is the address. We were here with a large group of 12 people. We ordered two sampler platters at $17 each - they are small - very overpriced. I would pass on the samplers and go with individual starters from the menu. There is plenty of pita and servers are happy to bring more. The menu is somewhat limited - there are lots of hot and cold mezzes, but beyond that not so much. A small list of entrees. A number of flatbread pizzas that are pretty good. (I had an eggplant, feta, sundried tomato pizza - not very much eggplant, but it was still pretty tasty.) Some "burgers" including an eggplant burger that people really liked. In fact, quite a number of great vegetarian dishes. If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends, try different things, talk and relax, this is a great place for that. For a serious dinner - not so much, in my opinion. I would rate 4 stars, but the kitchen was very slow - to bring out 12 entrees took about 15 minutes from first to at a time...there was a lot of awkward waiting and "eat, your food will get cold" around the table. No reason for that when the place was only about half full of diners.
  • Photo of kimc1984
    6 months ago
    Had a wonderful meal here this past sunday. Group of 4 and we ordered a variety of options from the menu: babaghanouj, fattoush (amazing dressing!), crispy halloumi, zahra (amazing!), chicken taouk (so juicy and tender), kefta burger (amazing!). Everything was wonderful! The food was so well seasoned and flavourful. As a big fan of Mediterranean cuisine, I was worried I would be comparing to other restaurants, but I found this food to be unique and we loved the sharing style so we could try a little bit of everything! Will definitely be back if we are in the area again!
  • Photo of Illysa I
    8 months ago
    Fun place for a group -- order a few different dishes and share them around. While some things are as expected -- felafel is felafel -- most of the dishes combine middle-eastern ingredients with the chef's (or owner's) creativity. Even the drinks add a "mediterranean" dash, with a "Moroccan Mojito" and an "Old Fashioned Jaleb". This is a great place if some members of your group are vegetarian or vegan as there are numerous options (there are meat, chicken, and lamb dishes as well so everyone is happy). The best dish for our table tonight was the fish. So, here you are, in a casually-cool environment, with friendly, intelligent waiters and interesting, yet good, food with unique and quirky accents and then you go to the bathroom: on the doors of the stalls in the women's room you sit down and find yourself face-to-face with a plastic surgeon's ad plying his trade. Feeling a little chubby after your Istanbul Beer Cocktail and Stone Hearth Fired Flatbread? Not to worry; go see this doctor and he'll tuck your tummy away. The restaurant can't make enough money on its fairly expensive food and drink that it has to sell the stall-door space for advertising? Overall, this was a good experience but the owner needs to recognize that the adverts rob the restaurant of a bit of its hip and welcoming vibe.
  • Photo of cruise_fly_drive
    9 months ago
    Ok, the perfect June evening set the scene with Saturday night College Street as background. The food is a delicious twist on classic Mediterranean fare served by attentive and helpful staff. Don't hesitate to start with the sample platter as Steve suggests. It's a wonderful treat starring their falafel. Silky smooth humus and labane both support these great little pockets of gently fried chickpeas. For contrast, you have a zesty taboule and babaghanouj. Without doubt, have the lamb and beef manti. The chef's yogurt sauce is spiced just slightly to build a complimentary companion to these Turkish dumplings. Take your time and order several mezze, staging the dishes coming to your table. There seems to be about five pieces per dish as we ordered, and three plates were just right for the two of us this evening. Finally, thank you, Sarah, for your dry humour and great service.
  • Photo of gl0rybe18
    9 months ago
    Attended a Fundraiser at this great spot and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent food, delicious starters to share, lamb shank, bass fish, perfectly done. Service was friendly and attentive. We definitely are adding this restaurant to our go to eatery.
  • Photo of lilcoc
    10 months ago
    I kept driving by this place everything I went for a coffee in Little Italy. So we finally tried it. The atmosphere was nice. The restaurant is simple, spacious, casual space serving Middle Eastern–Mediterranean food. They have a room in the back for private functions which is good to know. Our server, Dan, was a joy. He was friendly, attentive and knew the menu. When we asked about an item that he hadn't tried he was honest, which was much appreciated. The food was really good. It had a tapas feel. A little pricey for the amount of food that you did get served. I have to admit I was still a little hungry when we left. Only my opinion, and if you like Middle Eastern–Mediterranean food it is really yum.
  • Photo of celticbutterfly
    10 months ago
    The food is so tasty. We order a variety of food and just shared, mouth watering food the chicken the lamb the dips and the cauliflower. We had a two year old with us and the staff were so friendly.
  • Photo of Neem_neem
    a year ago
    Fantastic mezze plates. Fresh ingredients, distinct flavours and friendly staff. The garlic sauce had the tang we like, the chicken skewers were burnt just enough, and the desserts were melt-in-the-mouth! We'll be back!
  • Photo of Rosanne W
    a year ago
    1. Party of three. 2. Restaurant was very chilly. We were seated by the window although when we arrived the restaurant was practically empty. The temperature would be raised and lowered making it for an unpleasant experience. I, and other ladies at other tables, opted to wear our coats. One couple asked to be moved to another table as the female guest was cold were she was initially seated. 3. Service was average, at best. Our waitress was not super attentive. We had to request to get a fresh bottle of water when the first sat empty for a while. She also never came by after our entrees were served to ask if everything was to our liking. Not poor service, but not great service. She received a 15% tip, and that was generous. I normaly tip 18%, but her service did not warrant the additional tip. 4. Appetizers ordered: Mezze platter - the hummus, babaghanouj, tabbouleh, and labaneh were all good. The baked bread came about 5 minutes later. Bread was delicious. Charred squid with fig compote - the squid was tender and the Turkish fig compote was very good. It is a small portion, but it is Winterlicious. 5. Main courses: Chicken tagine - flavourful stew. The couscous and kale also had a nice flavour. Duck tagine - the word tagine would indicate a stew. Although very tasty, it was more of a roasted duck. The accompanying couscous and kale were tasty. Fish of the day was a rainbow trout served with a small amount of mango salsa. The trout itself had no flavour, if not for the salsa. The menu reads it comes with saffron and basmati rice risotto. I received rice with carrots and watery kale. As our server never came to ask how we liked our meal I was never able to return it, so I ate it. I expected more flavour seeing that this is a Middle-Eastern restaurant. 6. Dessert. There were two options: phyllo stuffed with pear, walnut and honey date drizzle or a chocolate gelato The phyllo pastry had good texture. For the "stuffing" I could not detect a pear taste nor a walnut taste. But whatever it was it was tasty. The honey date drizzle was nice. The chocolate gelato was no "Hollywood Gelato". It was lacking chocolate flavour. 7. Overall: An average meal and average service 8. We all agreed we would not return, nor recommend. 9. On to our next Winterlicious adventure. Cheers!
  • Photo of travelavo
    a year ago
    My parents and I went to District Oven for Winterlicious and were disappointed. Nothing was bad, but nothing was particularly good either. For being a Middle Eastern restaurant with such good reviews, I expected lots of flavour in every dish. Flavour was distinctly lacking across the board. As appetizers we had the charred squid (tender, nice fig sauce, small portions) and the mezze platter (good dips with very tasty homemade bread that arrived five minutes after the rest of the starters). Everything was well cooked, if small. For mains we tried the duck tagine, chicken tagine, and fish of the day. In both tagines, there was a depressing lack of sauce and flavour. To me, a tagine is like a stew or a curry (in fact, that is how it was described by the waitress) but these were neither saucy nor flavourful. The duck tagine was more like a roasted, somewhat dry, duck leg. The chicken tagine had more sauce, but was still lacking in flavour. Both were served with couscous and kale that were average. The fish was rainbow trout and had no flavour (which is strange because trout normally has some flavour by itself) and my mother was pretty sure it had been frozen, not fresh. It was supposed to come with basmasti rice (it just came with plain rice) and she said her kale had no flavour. The desserts were chocolate gelato (meh) and a pear baklava which was okay, but tiny. The restaurant was freezing cold, and despite many people in the restaurant wearing their jackets/hats/scarves in the restaurant, the heater was not kept on. It would be turned on, then off again very shortly after. It made for a very uncomfortable dining experience. Overall, I think there are far, far better Middle Easter restaurant choices in Toronto, and I will not be returning to District Oven, nor would I recommend it to anyone else. I am glad that I did not pay full price for this meal.
  • Photo of alevitt2016
    a year ago
    We have eaten at District Oven many times in the past few years. Their pita baked on site is the best I have tasted and their hummus and labne as good as any I have tasted outside the Middle East. The chicken souvlaki was so moist and citrusy - we ended up ordering more than we originally asked for. The pizza, especially the one with figs was light, tasty and more-ish. The ice cream and apple baklava were an excellent end to the meal. Really it was another great meal. However, we were a large party (20 people) and the food came out slowly and and in small amounts at any one time. For a small group it seems to be much better - in previous visits, with a small group, I would have given this restaurant 5 out of 5
  • Photo of Vessy S
    a year ago
    TL;DR — Okay food that's not worth the value. Service is unable to answer your questions and after we received our food service pretty much disappeared. Would not go back, do not recommend (even to try). Pros: • Actually tasty food • Lots of seats • The wine Cons: • Small portions • Expensive (no value really) • Service was poor and then non-existent Long Version: We came in Tuesday night to celebrate my sister's homecoming and to meet my newest nephew. I'll start this by saying we actually had a good time, and then an even better one when we came home to laugh at how bad of an experience District Oven is. Looking at the menu, it's pretty obvious the portions are small — a little confused, we asked the server quantities and tried using hand gestures to indicate portion size. He described a skewer by the # that come with it (not indicating at a $10 skewer about a $6 from any other middle eastern / greek resto). For 5 people we ordered 2 meat platters and 1 dip platter and the calamari. Everything on the board was over cooked. The lamb was chewy. The chicken charred. Yet, it was still okay. The server missed a total upsell opportunity too, the calamari only comes with 4 pieces; we would've easily doubled the order so that we didn't have an award sharing situation just to get a piece. We drank our bottle of wine, bottle of water, ate all our food and chatted. We had a great time chatting, the setting is pleasant but the place looks like it still under renovation (? the back area looks like the decor was removed) — and then we waited... and waited... no service. The guy was running back and forth, and making eye contact, then completely disappearing. A few times another server had to help out as we tried to get everything we needed to eat the meal — like ordering more pita. We left happy to spend time with one another, but unsatisfied and still hungry. Thanks -VS
  • Photo of HungryBri
    a year ago
    Atmosphere a bit sterile (the room is just too big and not broken up into cozy areas) but go there for the tagines. I liked the vegetarian cauliflower one but my guys raved over the duck. Oh, and don't miss the freshly cooked (and puffed) flatbreads.
  • Photo of lataw13
    2 years ago
    We had a good size group and opted for the fixed price menu. I had the shrimp, the fish, and the baklava. The shrimp and fish were good but not wow and both had a fairly spicy sauce with them. The same sauce in fact. The baklava was pear and walnut but mushy and hardly had walnuts. The hummus, labneh, and babaganoush however were quite good! I likely wouldn't go back ... At least not in any rush!
  • Photo of 80Shaq80
    2 years ago
    The food was all tasty and lots of great options for all people in your family. The restaurant space is really large and spacious making it great for large family dinners especially with lots of kids. The staff was also very accommodating with menu changes and table configurations. Dishes that are must try: - beef skewers - cauliflower (so yummy) - pear salad with halloumi Dishes to skip: - frites (looks good on the menu but aren't really crispy) - appetizer (they taste pretty much the same at every Lebanese restaurant including this one and aren't really worth spending the extras money on) The only downside of this place was the price point. Many dishes were a little overpriced for what you were getting. Portions are small compared to other Lebanese restaurants.
  • Photo of Soleyman W
    2 years ago
    A must visit if you love rustic decor with amazing food. There baba gonush is to die for !! Lamb and chicken are amazing meals. The staff are wonderful people as well !! Keep up the good work.
  • Photo of Danielle B
    2 years ago
    Every single thing we tasted was great. We were a group of 6 so we were able to order lots! Mint Labaneh, Hummus with spiced lamb & almonds, Zalouk, Zahra, Chicken Sumac Cigars, Grilled Kufta (the slaw on the side was so good I asked for a bowl of just that!), Merguez Sausage and the Fig Flatbread. Highly recommended...
  • Photo of Alison C
    2 years ago
    Went with a group of 6 for Valentine's Day. Had an AMAZING server (girl with a braid who we all had a girl crush on) who was very friendly with us. I'm a big fan of halloumi cheese so I was excited by the appetizer but was a little underwhelmed by it. However, my faith was restored when my main course came out and I seriously enjoyed the lamb dish on a risotto and awesome au jus. Would recommend for sure. It's a little quiet because it's a big place and maybe not popular enough for that size.. But I can say it still had good vibes.
  • Photo of World_Traveller_Joe
    This restaurant seems to be confused about what market it is catering to. The price point would suggest some creativity and glamour, but sadly there is nothing spectacular on the menu to warrant reaching deeper into your wallet. Service staff seem equally confused, whether it is about wherher they have shared the specials with you yet, or what kind of drinks "Chianti" or "Douro Tinto" are. Expect $130 after tax and tip for dinner for two with two glasses of wine if you skip dessert. Save your money and use it somewhere else where the meal will be memorable - for the right reasons.

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