Photo of De Mello Palheta in Toronto, , CA
Photo of De Mello Palheta in Toronto, , CA
Photo of De Mello Palheta in Toronto, , CA
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De Mello Palheta


De Mello Palheta34.5
great coffee • latte • bitter

2489 Yonge St
Toronto M4P 2H6, CA
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  • Photo of Grant Gwynne
    3 years ago
    So good.
  • Photo of lily
    3 years ago
    Tried their Siphon, was impressed. Limited seating, staff could be a little more friendly.
  • Photo of Jonathan Labonte
    3 years ago
    Single-origin beans. Legit cafe
  • Photo of Andrea M
    3 months ago
    Amazing artisanal coffee, delicious chocolate and cakes, everything made on the premises. And lovely service.
  • Photo of FluffyToronto
    4 months ago
    Two young guys from Melbourne making the best coffee in the city. Previous pastry chef was great. Used to make amazing quiche. New one us great but lacks the home made taste. Place is always busy
  • Photo of Gustavo A
    6 months ago
    Good place for stop by and have a quick coffee. The environment is different from most is the shopping around. They didn't have many options for eating so I just had a coffee
  • Photo of tanguy b
    6 months ago
    Ce café est vraiment unique! Le service est toujours courtois et les barista sont toujours heureux de répondre à vos questions et partager leur savoir. Le café est excellent, que soit un cortado ou un latte, le goût de leur grain n'est pas acide mais plutôt caramélisé sans aucune amertume. Un délice! Leurs pâtisseries sont très bonnes.
  • Photo of Giorgio F
    9 months ago
    Il posto è molto carino, arredato in maniera non banale, molto alternativa! Differente, ovviamente, dai soliti Starbucks, Tim Horton e catene varie, ai quali, però, non ha niente da invidiare!
  • Photo of Zafer B
    10 months ago
    It is a waaaawww. This small coffee shop is a gem in a business city like Toronto. Attentive and smily staff. Very professional and expert what they do. Has a Fantastic colourful ambiance. Coffee is prepared and served with serious knowledge. What ever desert we ordered, enjoyed all. Respect to the masters. Never miss it.
  • Photo of Sarah T
    10 months ago
    Best almond croissant I've ever had! This is an excellent cafe that serves their own roasted coffee. Their coffee and lattes (including a Matcha latte) are delicious, however the croissants are the real selling point for me. I've tried all four types (Almond, chocolate, butter and cheese) and they are all amazing. They also have quiches, mini-pizzas and other tarts and deserts. Definitely the best cafe in the Yonge & Eglinton area... if not all of Toronto
  • Photo of Leah D
    2 years ago
    One of the only hip spots at Yonge and Eg, and the only (good) independent coffee joints. And it actually has amazing food too. Try the gluten free cherry brownie or the vegan cookies. The guys really take pride in their work and it shows.
  • Photo of Jen M
    2 years ago
    The coffee and the baked goods are outstanding at De Mello. Well worth the visit. They have gluten free options as well which is appreciated.
  • Photo of PhilipCha
    2 years ago
    De Mello has amazingly skillful baristas and roasters. They taught me everything I know about coffee, and I didn't even know I wanted to learn about coffee. It is no longer a dark, bitter, liquid. It's something with class and sophistication. It's definitely an art. They have a coffee learning program there because they honestly want to share their knowledge with the world. On top of all this, they have a great staff. Vica and Hyeju are seriously angels. If I lived in the area I'd go every day just for them alone. If you want to learn more about coffee or if you just love coffee in general, visit!
  • Photo of js16sn
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Bianca D
    2 years ago
    It's a coffee shop. There are others in the area, but this place roasts their own beans, which is awesome. The fresh beans offer a unique taste to the espresso experience. Especially since burnt beans or coffee can turn one off coffee easily. These folks prepare an excellent cup of jo.
  • Photo of Ann Marie L
    3 years ago
    As a tourist, I was on a mission; to walk from Yonge & Lawrence to Queen St. I was hoping to find along the way good coffee and breakfast like fare at a unique establishment. I lucked out on finding De Mello Palheta. The frittata with quinoa base served with a green salad was excellent and satisfying. The latte went well with the home-made biscotti. I couldn't have asked for better.
  • Photo of LivO O
    3 years ago
    This coffee place has great reviews online so I was very excited to try it out (since I'm usually a daily Tim Hortons/Starbucks kind of coffee lover). Coffee: I got an Americano, and as much as I wanted to like it, I didn't, and sadly neither did my boyfriend. It was bitter and hard to drink, maybe it's just a personal preference as I prefer smoother blends. Cafe: very interesting layout, they have a few seats in the front by the window where it's sunny and you can people watch. They also have a bit more space in the back but oh my god I could not wait to get out. It was very claustrophobic and since its concrete walls with no windows, the voices of the tables around us echoed extremely loudly, I just had to leave. I was getting a headache. The drinks and food are expensive and the layout of the cafe does not allow for a comfortable experience, as such I wouldn't come back.
  • Photo of dianascanlon
    3 years ago
    This title is the saying it chalk on a black painted splat by the entrance door. Amazing atmosphere and they know how to make a good cappuccino. You gotta have a cup here. It really captures the young and eglington feel....check out the ceiling that all i'll say because it is another place you have to experience.
  • Photo of Roger D
    3 years ago
    Funky, off-beat-charactor coffee bar, an antidote to Starbucks. Small, but there's room at the back. Great coffee, friendly staff. Bit of an oasis in that area of Yonge Street.
  • Photo of TorontoMusicman
    4 years ago
    We had the lattes here. They were just OK. The accompanying pastries were expensive and absolutely awful. The scone was dry and tasted like cardboard, while the chocolate brownie was soft and full of some kind of berries. Yuk!
  • Photo of Anna J
    4 years ago
    Friendly, good coffee and with interesting decor and well chosen artwork around you. Cakes looked way too tempting!

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