Photo of Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
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Dark Horse Espresso Bar


Dark Horse Espresso Bar14
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  • Photo of Mr Therapy Man
    3 years ago
    Great espresso. Good atmosphere. Busy
  • Photo of F H
    7 months ago
    Located on a busy road but the place is peaceful , service is very nice and coffee great. A nice place for a breakfast and more
  • Photo of Duncan P
    7 months ago
    Have a coffee. Get some work done. Chat with friends. This is the place. The expresso can be strong.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    This café lived up to all of my expectations. Cool atmosphere and excellent coffee. Also it was only about a block away from the hotel I was staying at, Ocho, so it was actually a perfect spot to start the day.
  • Photo of dalek52947
    9 months ago
    If you want delicious pastry or cookies with a good cup of coffee, this is the place to go on Spadina in Chinatown. My chocolate chocolate chip with walnuts cookie was great coupled with a decaf latte. Can't wait to return plus the cashier was very friendly. Cost was a bit high and I had to bus a table for us to sit at but that was not really any problem. It was very busy in the afternoon we were there.
  • Photo of themangoeater
    9 months ago
    A bit disappointing visit this time with dirty cups and dried out sweets. Seems like they get sloppy from being used to always have guests.
  • Photo of stefwho
    a year ago
    I work close by and it's definitely become one of my favourite coffee places. I'm obsessed with their chocolate beet muffins (gluten free). It's a little pricey but I don't mind paying a few extra dollars for great services and food/drink.
  • Photo of savvysolo
    a year ago
    First visit! Was there for a workshop in the building in which it is housed, and had no expectations. What a perfect lunch stop! Put this alongside Starbucks, and no comparison. A display case full of simple home-made healthy food for take-out that has you spoiled for choice. The super-size multi-grain croissant was perfect, and the honey really natural. The coffee is served with a smile and the decor makes you want to hang around for longer. It's the kind of place to which you wish you lived closer and could plug yourself in there with computer. There were three medical students doing homework together with a skeleton perched on the communal table. Everyone looked very comfy and like it was routine for them on a Saturday morning. Will definitely check out other locations if opportunity arises, and hope they are of same calibre.
  • Photo of Cesar R
    a year ago
    You can spend a good time with your friends driking a really good coffe, they have several options of coffe.
  • Photo of Clio H
    a year ago
    This downstairs cafe s not the easiest to find & is very hot inside. My latte was barely with taste which surprised me as the place is popular & well reviewed. Maybe a double shot is required!
  • Photo of diamo_Ben
    a year ago
    We visited this cafe 3 times during our stay and the baristas are constantly making coffees as the queue never ends. But the reason is easy to know why, the coffee is fantastic and they maintain a really high quality. If you like good coffee you will love this place.
  • Photo of Roslyn35
    a year ago
    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this cafe today. My chai tea and fruit bun were very nice but it was the blast from the past of Al Green music and the spacious ambiance that were particularly appealing.
  • Photo of GrahamandLuis
    a year ago
    There are so many (excellent) coffee shops in Toronto, but Dark Horse is the gold standard. Consistently perfect espresso drinks, a tasty selection of (some GF) pastries, and the funky communal college feeling keep me coming back.
  • Photo of Marko R
    a year ago
    One of my favorite coffee shop in Toronto. The coffee is good, but the place is great. Love the large windows with the view on Spadina. Nice space at the back behind the bar. The staff is very good.
  • Photo of irishabroad2015
    a year ago
    Looking forward to going back here many times. Great coffee, pleasant service. Baristas seem very knowledgeable and enthusiastic
  • Photo of Chris Y
    2 years ago
    Having heard about this place through a friend, we thought we'd check it out today. Whenever I'm in a new place I always search for a good coffee place, and I can say I've found my Toronto stop for good! If you crave a deliciously dark and full bodied espresso beverage, this is your place! I ordered a latte and went back for seconds. Thank you hipster servers - you're the only ones I trust to make my coffee!
  • Photo of Ir K
    2 years ago
    I came in with good intentions to buy a bag of their beans. Before I even uttered a world, the barista called me rude. I was completely speechless after that. Basically I had the Worst experience due to staff rudeness, terrible service and worst coffee I've ever tasted.
  • Photo of CheryPop
    2 years ago
    Communal tables and a solid espresso (they sell matchstick) check and check. My only quibble was that that their wifi wasn't great -- it's a shared server with a login and I couldn't get on, which sucked. The atmosphere was lovely though!
  • Photo of Rob I
    2 years ago
    Second time here and have experienced either brain dead counter staff or people with an espresso maker up their butts. Friendly is important to me and you don't get that here. You get hipsters who think they're too good to serve you coffee. Coffee is mediocre at best. Won't be back.
  • Photo of Sebastian V
    2 years ago
    Excellet tasting espresso. Perfect tasting Cafe Latte. Welcoming enviroment, cool chill barista's, good prices. If you want a good quality coffee in Toronto this is the place to stop.
  • Photo of Deanne A
    2 years ago
    A lot of great sweet treat options are available at this place. Super friendly staff and free wifi round out the good things about coming here. They had several gluten free options for sweet treats which was a nice bonus. Communal tables available to eat at. They also offer (free) water that had orange slices in it which was super tasty and refreshing.

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