Photo of Bar Isabel in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Bar Isabel in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Bar Isabel in Toronto, , CA
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Bar Isabel

Spanish Restaurant

Bar Isabel34.5
basque cake • octopus • tapas • sweetbreads

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  • Photo of Eric Clark
    2 years ago
    Late night. Open until 2am
  • Photo of Elisa Violante
    3 years ago
    Tongue on brioche
  • Photo of Andressa Care
    3 years ago
    Have to try the roasted bone marrow, if you've never indulged before, try it you won't be disappointed.
  • Photo of Kellie S
    5 months ago
    We went to Bar Isabel for drinks but also ended up ordering some food. We chose the grilled octopus - so tender and cooked just right, as well as some greens. The definite highlight was the basque cake, one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life. This cake was so warm and delicious, we devoured it in seconds despite being full. If you go to Bar Isabel, you must get the cake. Staff were friendly, cocktail list had a large selection and the place had a great atmosphere. Will definitely be back!
  • Photo of Davidgerol
    6 months ago
    Big disappointment! Lots of hype about this restaurant - certainly did not meet my expectations! Took 2 business colleagues from out of town and the food was mediocre at best. Server certainly lacked any enthusiasm for her job! Not a good experience especially given the money we spent. With all of the great places to eat in Toronto no need to return to this restaurant !
  • Photo of GKimb
    6 months ago
    A group of 6 of us had dinner at Bar Isabel and it was excellent. Very close to what a true Spanish Tapas restaurant is like and great food to match. It is a bit difficult to navigate the extensive menu so rely on your waiter to guide you through what can be a very nice meal. This is a very active restaurant and reservations are a must but if you like sharing great food it is well worth your effort.
  • Photo of Paul X
    6 months ago
    I've been a few times and know that the only thing I have to have each time I go is the Basque cake. It's hard to describe how this cake is better than whatever cake you are use to and it might not be better, but it's so good and so different there is no denying it. Going just for the cake seems a little extreme so unless you are in the area, I would suggest supplementing your cake with the tasting menu. Unlike other restaurants, this isn't a set menu. The waiters and waitresses will ask you what you like and tailor the menu to your tastes! Therefore, the tasting menu can change every time you visit based on what you are feeling. Personally, each tasting menu experience has been slightly different and delicious.
  • Photo of Francois V
    6 months ago
    I was there for dinner after a long day in Toronto, walking around! You have to keep in mind, this is a bar and restaurant. Therefore, we didn't have a reservation and we sat at the bar. The food is great, the service is great however, it is a bit noisy - you have to speak loud if you want to be is a bar!
  • Photo of DLC L
    6 months ago
    It is a creative western Mediterranean food, neither Portuguese nor Spanish. There is no particular theme to the food, as I think it is meant to be like tapas: a piece of meat here, a morsel of fish there. At the end of all of these dishes, one still feels one has just finish with the bar, and wanted a real dinner. The one impression that stays with me was that the place was very dark, uncomfortably so.
  • Photo of sablatt
    7 months ago
    We enjoyed the snow pea leaves dish the most, but it was given a run for its money by the pan con tomate, quite hardy and decadent for its healthy sounding name. We also enjoyed the jamon croquetas and the cod with artichocke hearts quite a lot. The patatas bravas were well flavored, but not cooked optimally. The cheese plate was disappointing with small slices of three ordinary cheeses. My glass of sherry was the smallest I was ever served. In summary, though, I would come back here if I were in Toronto. The place is a lot of fun with a good sized group sharing all these different tastes.
  • Photo of hughsam
    7 months ago
    The Octopus is still great. the place still packed but the food was only OK and fairly salty this time around. are they upping the salt content to get you to drink more or was it just a bad night. ordered the $60 per person sharing menu. just ok. the desserts which are normally great, was blah. anyway, i will not be tempted to go back soon. still good, but not top 10 any longer. I discovered Bar Isabel before it hit the critics list and I am hoping this was just a bad night.
  • Photo of Andres_ytz
    7 months ago
    Our only regret was we hadn't eaten here sooner....three years in and this small cozy space is still packed every night. Front of house is impeccable, well informed, providing warm and gracious service that's always on point. And there's the accomplished kitchen: the pan con tomate, chorizo verde, grilled octopus, and camarones a la plancha were spectacular. Tip - get some extra slices of the house baked bread to sop up the garlicky buttery sauce that the massive shrimp are bathed in - you'll thank me for heeding my advice. Going again this weekend - we to have try the other things on the menu :)
  • Photo of Klemcia
    8 months ago
    After waiting about a month for our reservation we were excited to visit Bar Isabel during the Canada Day long weekend. This restaurant is very dark and loud and you really cannot hear the person sitting across from you speak. Service was just ok, nothing was strange to see our waiter smiling and excited explaining the menu to the guests at the next table, but ignoring us...we were wondering if we did something wrong. We were looking for Spanish restaurant experience and were hoping to have a sangria and some Spanish beer but unfortunately they didn't carry any, so we picked red wine which was very good. Patatas Bravas were very good, whole fish ceviche was good, olives were tiny and cold and I wouldn't recommend them. Bread was excellent. We will not be returning and we will recommend Patria and Tapas at Embrujo over Bar Isabel.
  • Photo of Lea K
    8 months ago
    Dark romantic ambient with amazing food. Perfect blend of Spanish tapas with best natural flavours you can imagine. Would recommended it every time.
  • Photo of bokalil
    8 months ago
    I've reviewed this restaurant before, quite a while ago and when my son picked it for his birthday dinner, I had a nagging reluctance to go back, and now I remember why, an accumulation of things. The resaurant is so noisy you can't hear the person across the table from you speaking unless they shout. The menu is tasting dishes, yes beautifully presented, but meager portions. I ordered an entree (ribeye), which took 1 1/2 hours to arrive at the table. I had to flag down the waitress at about the 1 hour mark, and she said she would check and let me know. Another 20 minutes went by and I flagged her down again because she never got back to me. Eventually the ribeye arrived, tough and chewy. The bill for 4 people was $600.00. I will not be returning to this restaurant.
  • Photo of TheSherif
    8 months ago
    I'll start off with a disclaimer: if it weren't for the one incident I'm about to share, this could have actually been a 5 star review. The food and wine selection are very good. You can tell kitchen knows what it's doing. Most of the staff is quite friendly and the vibe is positive. However during our first 5 minutes there, I had a question regarding their selection of scotch and the bright and classy (NOT) server thought it's a great idea to snatch the menu from my sister's hands right in front of me so he can answer my question. Unfortunately we were all in disbelieve that I didn't do the right thing which is talk to the manager and leave. However no one wanted to ruin my birthday dinner. So all in all, it's a shame that what could have been a decent experience was ruined by such a rude waiter.
  • Photo of Louise M
    8 months ago
    Went with a friend. Enjoyed the variety of menu choices and their flexibility in both food and drinks (I have several food allergies). Mid-range prices, expensive cocktails and wine.
  • Photo of Slavik84
    8 months ago
    Went to Bar Isabel with a group of friends, we were lucky enough to get a reservation a month in advance and this place was packed! Wine prices were totally reasonable so we indulged in two bottles. We had the foie gras, the potatas bravas, we had two different types of ham and cheese, the croquettes... everything was delicious! Service was great, the chocolate cake for dessert was excellent. I would happily return for another dinner adventure.
  • Photo of Pettinelli P
    9 months ago
    Had and amazing experience with my wife on our anniversary . Sat along the bar and enjoyed the show . The bartender George was a real beauty! Order a whole slue of apps and tapas whatever they recommended !!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Photo of travellots03
    9 months ago
    An amazing dinner Tapas style. Great choice of food to eat especially seafood? Beautiful served and great suggestions and advice from the staff.
  • Photo of Canadagoose2014
    9 months ago
    I went to Bar Isabel with a friend who already knew and liked it. I am vegetarian; my friend is not. It is indeed a very fine restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, an extensive wine list, and excellent service. However, as became clear to me on reading the menu, it really specializes in seafood, and based on what I could see as an observer (and my friend's response to her meal), the quality is indeed very high. In contrast, the menu does not offer many options for vegetarians. I ended up having a cheese plate, which was fine, but the contrast between the variety and superlative quality of the fish dishes and my own limited options left me with the impression that there are better places for vegetarians.
  • Photo of MG_Stef
    9 months ago
    We were excited to try this place out after all the hype. The food is overrated and wasn't up to par. Service ok. Wouldn't go back.
  • Photo of J C
    9 months ago
    After reading reviews I expected a lot more from this place. The service was great but it was difficult to find something vegetarian to eat. Ended up having bread, pea shoots, olives and almonds. The basque cake was incredibly delicious.

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