Photo of Anatolia Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Anatolia Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Anatolia Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
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Anatolia Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant

baklava • chicken • beyti • hummus

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  • Photo of Aliibee
    5 months ago
    This is a quaint little restaurant on the west side of town. Nicely decorated with Mediterranean accents.Everything we tried was yummy the service was great and the server helped us to navigate their menu. Although we have never eaten Turkish food before it reminds us a lot of the Greek and Middle Eastern meals we have enjoyed with added extras and spices. Their walnut spread is to die for! Lahmacun is amazing and the fresh bread that is served with their dips is addictive. We enjoyed the Meze Tabağı Small A fresh quartet of our popular spreads: Hummus, Ayse’s Walnut Spread, Patlican Ezme and Domates Ezmesi Lahmacun Super thin Turkish pita topped with a fine layer of spiced ground beef and herbs. Served with garnish and lemon A lovely creamy desert made with a milky gelatin....Keskul A Light creamy milk pudding, infused with crushed almonds, shredded coconuts, vanilla and lemon zest There is a varied menu and lots of nice wines and drinks. We will be going back soon!
  • Photo of sasafrazz
    9 months ago
    We thought we were going for a simple dinner out, something different. Something local. We read a good review of Anatolia and thought "Why not!" We walked in and found out it was Istanbul Night, there was a price fixe dinner and entertainment. Sure! Sign us up. For $55 plus alcohol we were serenaded by a man singing with a keyboard and then live belly dancing. I have lived in Etobicoke forever, and I had no idea that in this innocuous little strip plaza was such an interesting restaurant. The food was amazing as well. We were served a generous amount of dips, spreads, breads and salads. My husband had the meat option and was so impressed, and I had the vegetarian. Baked mini eggplant stuffed with onions, peppers and spices. It was unreal. I will be back and I will be bringing friends!
  • Photo of Charlie G
    9 months ago
    We have been to Turkey and enjoyed the food. We wanted to try some things again and try some dishes we missed. The food was on the same level as the food in Turkey. Authentic and tasty. Be warned. When they say garlicky on the menu, they mean it.
  • Photo of Moq_hasan
    9 months ago
    This restaurant is probably as authentic as it gets when it comes to Turkish food. Growing up in the Middle East, Anatolia's kebabs come quite close to the taste I grew up on. Definitely a MUST visit!!
  • Photo of Claudia M
    9 months ago
    I was super excited to visit this place because it promised to be authentic food with live entertainment. It was not what we expected. The actual restaurant is small, outdated, and not in a very good area. For the food price, you'd think the place was upscale, but it's not. The menu is fixed (First Friday of the Month they have Live Entertainment) so we figured it was going to be worth the extra money to see the live entertainment. Upon arrival, we were seated towards the back of the restaurant. They had a gentleman playing live music and the restaurant was full. The restaurant appearance was disappointing, but we figured that maybe the food and live entertainment would make up for the appearance. It took a while to get the server to serve us.. until the owner/manager (a women) brought us the menus. After that, service was great. The staff is genuine, so I thought (until we got the bill and realized that gratuity is automatically charged 20% and we were only 2 people). Food portions are generous (I took home almost all of my food because appetizer plate was more than enough). Wine and beer are expensive..and dessert and tea are okay. Live entertainment was fun until the dancer and the owner of the restaurant encouraged people to dance, which makes it awkward if you really don't want to dance. My husband had two beers, I had a glass of 8 oz wine, dinner, and tip for $176 dollars...that was a lot for a very plain and simple restaurant without the bells and whistles of a fine restaurant. The food was okay, but not worth going back for. I was really hoping it was going to be a good experience and it wasn't. It seems like they use the live entertainment to jack-up the price of food and that shouldn't be the case. Overall, sadly disappointed.
  • Photo of Larissa C
    10 months ago
    We visited this Turkish gem twice in the last two months, once with a large group and once as a couple. Both times, the food and service did not disappoint: Anatolia's is an intimate venue where traditional Turkish cuisine is served with careful attention to presentation and taste. The portions are generous and the service is near perfect. Both times we had a server who was knowledgable, warm, friendly and attentive without being overly familiar or overbearing. Indeed, all the servers who passed our table smiled, made eye-contact and if they thought we were in need of something (e.g. water, napkins) they offered to attend to us. This is an understandably popular spot, and so, reservations, even for small parties, are recommended.
  • Photo of Edmond W
    10 months ago
    Anatolia isn't near my home, but my wife and I had a craving so we made the trek through crazy Toronto traffic, and we weren't disappointed. The walnut spread is ALWAYS good. The lamb wasn't gamey. Service was fast and Yes... it came with smiles. Genuine ones... not corporate enforced smiles. That really counts in my book. Will come back whenever we can.
  • Photo of TAN T
    10 months ago
    Wanted to try some Turkish food and was not disappointed at all. Quick service and amazing grill. Would hesitate in recommending. You'll love it .
  • Photo of MDlysko
    10 months ago
    This restaurant gets a 5 stars from me for the food. My first time here, and my first handful of times partaking in Turkish cuisine, and it was delicious! We started with their traditional bread and homemade hummus. If I could bottle up this hummus and buy it I would. Perfect flavour. Perfect consistency. The bread was very good too, crusty outside, soft inside. We got the beyti and the iskender kebab as our mains. The beef and lamb in both was flavourful and tender. The yogurt in the iskender was so creamy and good. Then we got the baklava for dessert. I've had tons of these from different places and this one held up, very sweet and tasty. Overall, I'm happy to have found this little hidden gem. The 4 stars incorporates the service and the price. Although our waitress was super friendly and happy to help us choose something since it was our first time, she was fairly slow. Overall the restaurant and the meal were both fairly slow. Took a good while to even get water to start. Then the bread, mains, dessert, and bill all took a good long time. And the cost is quite high. Higher than you'd expect I guess.
  • Photo of AdnanHamOnt
    a year ago
    We waited about 30 mins for a table. That was our fault because we didn't have reservations. That being said, the couple ahead of us had a reservation for 9 but were seated at 9:30. They waited as long as us for a table they reserved. Once we ordered the food,it took20 mins before we got our drinks. Another 20 for our food(40 mins after we ordered). The staff are so friendly and polite, especially the older lady who might be the owner. But their service is extremely slow. I tried their iskendar Kebob. Was very disappointed. For the price I was expecting a large plate. The meat tasted out of a box vs being prepared fresh. We also ordered the mixed meat plate. Very bland. I had very high expectations for this place based on the reviews but this is place has terrible food that is overpriced.
  • Photo of Steven S
    a year ago
    Reservations a must, but be sure to get to this Turkish "Delight", in Etobicoke. Don't be put off by strip mall location --- the service and food is exceptional. Select the mixed appetizer platter for a fine start to your meal. Enjoyed the Adana Kabob for a main course. When we requested a small portion of yogurt for a side, they gave us a generous portion at no extra charge.
  • Photo of rusticalley
    a year ago
    I was in Toronto for business and was meeting with an old friend and his wife. As I'm always down to try new ethnic food we decided to explore this place and this was no exception for delicacy. Starting with the baba ganoush to the fresh salads and into the main course; it was all just filled with deliciousness. The house bread that they serve with the hummus was complimentary. We ordered the mixed grill dinner for 2 and also traditional Izgara Kofte. The meat is so tender and flavorful, and even the rice was amazing and tasty. Overall we were all happy with the restaurant. The service was very friendly and the atmosphere is absolutely cozy. We were also able to get a nice chat with owner about traditional way of cooking Turkish food too! Parking is limited in front of the restaurant. But most stores on the strip are closed in the evening. So one may park in front of those other shops if necessary.
  • Photo of Penny Y
    a year ago
    We go quite frequently, especially for family special events. Occasionally WE have gone as a large group of friends to the special "Istanbul Nights" which includes musical and dance entertainment. Anatolia also has good quality takeout which we have used for parties at home.
  • Photo of PGS2000
    a year ago
    Just wanted to say thanks to the folks at Anatolia. Went there with some very good friends from out of town. They thought it was the best Turkish food that they have had outside of Turkey. They liked it so much that they said that thier next house will be in the neighborhood....LOL🙄 P.S. - Outstanding service by the way!
  • Photo of 646sana
    a year ago
    I think anatolia is one of the best restaurants I visited in Toronto, the restaurant itself is small but clean and tidy, both the Manger ( MIKE) and the servers are very welcoming. On every Friday of each month the restaurant has a belly dancing show. The food is great starting with their delicious bread ending with their dessert.
  • Photo of Michael H
    a year ago
    Anatolia deserves much of the praise from other reviewers, both amateur and professional simply because the kitchen knows how to cook and the front of the house easily manages your hospitality and cares for your enjoyment of the dining experience. I was in Turkey a few years ago and found that the country was alot like Italy; in that they have a command of skillful cookery and they know regional cuisine. That usually translates into pretty great food. At Anatolia, they know what to do and you should go because it is good. I highly recommend.
  • Photo of CAtherine H
    a year ago
    My friends and I went for a birthday celebration to this lovely, small, friendly restaurant today. We had the special and every item on the menu was fabulous, with depth of flavour, perfect preparation and healthy nature of the food. We were surprised at the fee dessert for the Birthday Girl, and it was brought with a candle, too! The server (the owner?) was very conscious of my food allergy and made sure to tell me about any foods that I might be unable to eat. We have also been here at the dinner service and the same holds true; wonderful food, great, friendly service and a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The Special Evening with the Belly dancer and music is fabulous!
  • Photo of Ronna786
    a year ago
    I ordered Anatolia mixed plate for to go and the restaurant is not much far from my work place. Well restaurant is pretty good, like the Turkish decor with some Turkish instruments on the wall. Felt like I have visited turkey. About the food, my mixed plate was a grilled chicken shish kebab, flame broiled Izgara kofte and lahmacun with salad and Turkish rice. Let's begin: 1. Grilled chicken shish kebab was very well cooked, loved the taste. 2. Izgara kofta - there were 3 of these kofta's on my plate, two of them was not cooked properly, it was mushy and cold from inside. I think the chef was in hurry when he or she was making these kofta's. One of them was done well and bcz of one cooked well and others didn't, I could not understand what is the taste. 3. Lahmacun is the kind of Turkish bread. It is to dry and to thick, I say too much dough. It doesn't taste that well too, I had to throw mine - waste of money. 4. Turkish rice was good and different but not cooked well. I suggest that they should have cooked it for another 5 more minutes. 5 house salad, ya that was ok and I liked it. So overall, the food was 40% good and 60% not good. Am I going back to the restaurant again? Well I will give them one more chance. Their rates are too pricey and if they are serving this kind of food again then it is not worth it. But if the food gets cooked better and chef takes the appropriate time to cook the food well then yes it is pricey but worth to go at least once a month to treat yourself. I won't go on daily basis, I don't think my lunch or dinner should cost 25-30 dollars per meal.
  • Photo of Peter J
    a year ago
    We arrived at 8.00 on a Friday night [with a reservation] and the place was busy without being packed. It is bright with reasonable space between tables. Service was friendly, attentive and skilled. There is a large and varied menu and wine list. Due to the hour we only had a main course and dessert. The portions were good and the food was well prepared and very flavourful. Mains are typically in the $15/20 range. Parking is limited in this area but there are many side streets and spaces behind the storefronts.
  • Photo of Washington M
    a year ago
    My boyfriend and I arrived at the restaurant at 8:45 pm. We were promptly seated and immediately received the men. After 5 minutes of waiting we were served a glass of water. After 15 minutes the waitress who was an older lady walked past and asked if we were ready to order, and we replied yes. Five minutes past and the lady still had not returned. The waitress was occupied with taking care of other customers. My boyfriend and I politely left since it seems as if our business was not wanted there. I have never had such poor service, and will not be going back to that restaurant.

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