Photo of Block Three Brewing Company in St. Jacobs, , CA
Photo of Block Three Brewing Company in St. Jacobs, , CA
Photo of Block Three Brewing Company in St. Jacobs, , CA
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Block Three Brewing Company


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  • Photo of Hiromiichida
    4 months ago
    Very friendly environment and busy with customers! Had some great help with testing a few of their home brew so we had the paddle (4 small glasses) to try. Lots of different flavours to Please many palettes, delicious! We bought a growler and a few bottles to take back home because we found some definite gems!!! Definitely check it out if you like beer and are in the town close to the Farmer's Market, it was a few minutes drive away and right on the main road with lots of cute shops to also check out. Lovely service!! Will definitely be going back when we are in the area again!
  • Photo of Jakki P
    5 months ago
    My husband and I enjoyed stopping in for a quick visit - and both enjoyed a flight (of 4 small 4 oz glasses) of different Block 3 beer varieties on tap. It was nice to have a choice, there were many local and rotating taps with information on IBU and alcohol volume clearly posted. We sat on their little back patio/deck in the shade and even bought a warm large pretzel to snack on while sipping our beer. Only took about 1/2 an hour and we were welcomed like we walked in every day - a very inviting microbrewery with tasty beer! Tip - it is walk in only, but we've heard it can be very busy. We visited on a Sunday morning at 11:45am and got a table no problem. They also have board games to play - we saw a couple playing Scrabble while they enjoyed their drinks.
  • Photo of dalfredg
    5 months ago
    I think this place is coming up to 4 years in operation. I has matured into a first class establishment. Features games like crokinole at most tables. We tried the Simcoe beer a little sharp for an afternoon of drinking but would be good with the proper meal.
  • Photo of PAandLA
    5 months ago
    I was scouting this place for a craft beer tour that I plan to do with some visiting friends this fall. Was quite impressed by the cool vibe in the place but wished they offered some food so you could spend some time and enjoy a pint or two of your favourite samples. (Maybe I was just hungry that day). They have some unique beers that you are allowed to sample before you commit, which is great because it allows you to explore what you like. Staff was all friendly and know there stuff which I appreciated. I think it's one of the top local breweries I have visited. I recommend you add it to your list if you are thinking of a brew tour.
  • Photo of Janet B
    5 months ago
    The beer was good, the little planters of succulents were artful. Patio was big enough that we had our privacy but small enough that mingling was an option. Lots of people with well behaved pets. Indoor space looked nice, so not weather dependent.
  • Photo of jan1015
    6 months ago
    Stopped by after hiking the Elora Gorge. The tap room is very neat looking. We had our teenage daughter and her friend with us. They kept busy with crokinole games while my husband and I sampled some beer and had some to enjoy in the taproom and to bring home. Drew was very friendly and knowledgable. My only feedback would be they didn't have any non alcoholic drinks but were able to give the girls tap water. Drew was very apologetic about that. And it wasn't a big deal.
  • Photo of Jeff D
    6 months ago
    The incentive for visiting the Farmers' Market and the downtown shopping district was a promise from the wife that we would stop here to sample some beer. I dutifully fulfilled my portion of this arrangement and the beer and atmosphere at Block 3 made it worthwhile. Some creative flavours and names (a Czech beer called Jaromir Lager!) were enjoyed and purchased for home. It seems like a perfect addition to the downtown area of St. Jacobs. We will return.
  • Photo of m p
    6 months ago
    Came to stock up on small batch'"sour" craft beer. Today's choices included four sour selections. "Fickle Mistress" was our favourite. On a Thursday night in July when we arrived, a cover band was performing in the brewery at 6:00 pm....a good performance with talented was packed. Block 3 is a must-visit brewery and tasting room for sour, funky, infiltered craft beer when you are in the St.Jacobs area. For us, Block 3 is a destination since very few Toronto pubs offer this brew.
  • Photo of shannond396
    7 months ago
    Great place to grab a beer... especially if your wife is shopping and she wants you to hold her purse. Sorry honey, I also have some shopping to do.
  • Photo of JusSilvag
    8 months ago
    We checked this place out after the morning at the market on a girls weekend trip. What a way to spend the afternoon after a great morning. This is a very cool spot! There were games at the tables creating a fun filled environment. It was very busy. My friends and I bought 2 paddles- containing samples of all 8 types of beer they currently had available (as of this past Saturday). I am not a huge beer drinker but we all enjoyed the atmosphere and the group liked most of the beer. The favourite was king street. All of us enjoyed this one. Least favourite was the one made in Chardonnay barrels. We could not drink that one. Great fun environment supporting a great small business. When we are back to area we will be sure to go back. Highly recommended even for those not huge into beer (like me!)
  • Photo of John M
    8 months ago
    - I was surprised about the beer in this brewery. - Great choices of different kinds of beers. - Some were strong but were great.
  • Photo of Paul S
    9 months ago
    I was visiting in October and came across this gem, and to find it well off the beaten path. I had a flight and loved all but one. And in purchasing a mixture to take home, I got to talking with one of the crew and ended up buying a couple of styles I had not tasted. I loved those as well. I am from Vancouver and for those who know Vancouver and the West Coast, it is crawling with craft breweries. Block 3 competes with the best Vancouver has to offer and very few places has as many styles that I really enjoy as Block 3 does.
  • Photo of Kazoiks
    9 months ago
    A local brewery with a couple of tables and a few seats at a bar. Only serve their own brews, which is as it should be. I sampled two and found them both excellent. The young guy working the public area was knowledgeable and passionate about beer. Cool music playing, too. A nice visit!
  • Photo of Cash_me_outside
    9 months ago
    I had the paddle which included 4 different beers, king street saison, single track mind, beauty and Belgium , and sugar bush brown. I actually enjoyed them all, each was quite different. Drew was very helpful and knowledgable about all the different beers. We had a few games of crokinole which was a pretty cool touch. I was surprised that food was not served here, they mentioned you can bring food in with you if you wanted to.
  • Photo of karama09
    10 months ago
    What a great spot! Very casual place to gather, you can play games and drink the most amazing Belgian beers! They had several different selections with different alcohol content. We all tried something different and all were amazing! Good job brewing you guys!
  • Photo of Geoscientist
    10 months ago
    This small microbrewery is conveniently located on the Main Street of the little tourist village of St. Jacobs. It has a cozy neighbourhood ambience, with a small bar area, large wooden tables, and several crokinole boards which were in active use during our visit. There are several brews available. Block Three has two sours which are rather unique but I found them to be an acquired taste. An excellent addition to the village and to southern Ontario's growing network of microbreweries.
  • Photo of Nic K
    a year ago
    Great place to have a beer together with friends or someone special. A casual and friendly setting, with option for fun games or people watching, while enjoying a selection of their craft brews.
  • Photo of GuiWong
    a year ago
    A friendly brewery that's laid back and well worth a visit. Nice selection and lots of board games to pass the time. A friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Tried the IPA. Long line up to pay. Will definitely come back again.
  • Photo of 353allie2
    a year ago
    Never been there before.will go back for sure ...have to as we drank the Christmas beer we bought for someone else Loved the coffee stout addicted to it now ... Wonderful atmosphere , wonderful serving staff. Just one question they refill those big bottles we bought ..( and Drank ) ?????
  • Photo of lh10041x
    a year ago
    Short review for block three brewery. I travelled there with my girlfriend back in December 2015. St. Jacobs is a nice town with lots of hidden gems and block 3 is one of them. Staff are really friendly and informative on their product. Beer tasted great and overall the brewery just gives you a good vibe with its old record player and games. So if you passing through or stopping be sure to check it out if your a beer lover.

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