Photo of Byblos in Toronto, ON, CA
Photo of Byblos in Toronto, ON, CA
Photo of Byblos in Toronto, ON, CA
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Middle Eastern Restaurant

rice • lamb ribs • labneh • fig salad

11 Duncan Street
Toronto, ON M5V 3M2, CA
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  • Photo of Flyeremail
    5 months ago
    I'm a pretty hard reviewer but we loved this place. Went for an anniversary dinner and we loved the food and service. Alexandria was our waitress and she was amazing, always checked in at the perfect time, explained every dish perfectly and was genuinely a nice person, she made our night! The food was also great, the flavours were spot on. We had 3 starters, the artichokes, squid and lamb ribs, all were delicious. We then had the jewelled rice, branzino, and Spanish octopus, all of which were amazing. Would definitely recommend and would happily return.
  • Photo of Canadianknowitall
    5 months ago
    I can never understand why popular restaurants feel the need to blast your ears off with loud annoying music. Every aspect of Byblos is delightful from the food to the decor to the attentive and friendly service except that when you want to speak to your companion accross the dinner table you are forced to shout in order to be heard through the deafening din. That makes it enough for me to never want to return in spite of all the other positive aspects.
  • Photo of Carmen S
    5 months ago
    Byblos is a tapas style restaurant and is best shared between 2 to 4 people. The servings are small and in a larger group, you have to order more than one of a dish or some people don't get to try certain things. That being said, the food is amazing. Some very interesting dishes and all are cooked and spiced to perfection. We love going here because we are never disappointed. The prices are a bit higher but it is to be expected in the heart of the city for the quality of food. As well, the service has always been top notch. You will have to make reservations in advance as it is often fully booked.
  • Photo of saeed d
    5 months ago
    We booked for 9:30 because too busy completely ,fully booked also in the middle of the week , I liked atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant , Friendly staff and good menu We were 6 guys , so we ordered most of the menu , Very delicious small portions of Mediterranean foods Recommend it with wide variety of drinks ,
  • Photo of Shelley H
    5 months ago
    My husband and I managed a late reservation (9:30 is late for us). We arrived early and enjoyed a cocktail at the bar. The ambience is very nice and hard to imagine back to the many times we were there as the Whistling Oyster. The place was full. Albeit we had a last minute reservation our table was literally behind a post. That kind of took away from the experience. The table service was OK - though our bar service was excellent and others seemed to have engaged table service. The food was amazing. The flavours were fantastic and the lamb was fall off the bone tender. It is quite expensive, so my main complaint would be that it didn't feel like we got high value for our evening out, given our awkward location.
  • Photo of PaulieG
    5 months ago
    I really liked this restaurant. I found it on Four Square and it had nearly a perfect score. We didn't have a booking and it was a Monday night and it was full, but we can back an hour later when they texted us to let us know a table was free. Very friendly and helpful service. It's a sharing concept and the dishes varied in size. They suggested we needed 5 dishes, but we really probably inly needed 4. Guess it depends on how hungry you are. The wine list was expensive, but we found a reasonable bottle. I would go back and it was probably the highlight of our dining experiences in Toronto.
  • Photo of Hello T
    5 months ago
    Nice ambience, nice staff who are knowledgable about what is on the menu. They made good recommendations. Sadly not many Gluten options are available and overall portions were small for the over inflated price.
  • Photo of Jae W
    5 months ago
    Have always wanted to try this cuisine, so took my wife for our anniversary. The food was exotic and aromatic. The portion size small. What we didn't understand was the term "sharing" plate. This restaurant is similar to Spanish tapas only Middle Eastern. That said the duck confit was an experience with warm spices, rich flavour and a surprise of sweet and tart. The duck kibbeh was had yummy crunchy exterior and soft rich center and the sauce was superb. The service was great our waitress helped choose our dishes and was very knowledgeable about the wine list. Negatives...the ambiance is upscale, the music down. Too loud for conversation and had any annoying back beat. It had a romantic vibe with the lowered lighting however one needed to use a flashlight to read the menu! A bit on the pricy side, but it is situated in the theatre district so expected. Valet parking available...for $25
  • Photo of wrldtrav
    5 months ago
    This Eastern Mediterranean Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in Toronto, great spicy, flavorful, well and imaginatively seasoned foods. The long blue tiled Moroccan style counter where the food is prepared makes a perfect backdrop for this dining room. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive. Our waiter, Ilias, was personable, smart and engaging. We have come here once a year for the last few years during the Film Festival. It is only a block or two from The Bell Light Box. It is always filled with happy diners and energetic staff..... With excellent food , what more could you want?
  • Photo of Corey Z
    5 months ago
    Wow! We stayed in Toronto for 4 days and this was the BEST restaurant for me atleast! The interior design is super cool and creative. Dark but with splashes of colour like jewels in a necklace at a bazaar! The menu is really intense, with many dishes and flavours i havent heard of. The server was excellent guiding us the whole way! The eggplant dish was super delish and the rice with crispy duck was insane! The only negative and maybe this is Toronto but the wine prices are very expensive. White wines starting at $60 a bottle for an Albarino...But again, Toronto is expensive, so maybe that's why.
  • Photo of travelgirljk
    5 months ago
    I am working in Toronto for 2 days and a colleague was given Byblos as a recommendation by her daughter, a foodie. WOW!!! To start off, I am a vegetarian so I was hoping there were items that would suit my needs and the menu did not dissapoint. Our waiter gave a great rundown of the menu and told me what was vegetarian and gave recommendations on how many plates to order since most are meant to be "shared". No worries for those who don't like to share, they have main dish menu items on their for you as well :-) Their drink menu is beyond creative. My drink had lavendar, coffee grounds, gin and other spirits that I cannot remember. Delish. So, for our dinner we ordered the roasted beets (AMAZING!), tomatoe and feta salad (tasty!), a creamed spinach pizza boat (mmm), hand rolled couscous (nothing to write home about) and the best dish we had was the BRUSSEL SPROUTS. OMG, amazing! Seriously can't believe I am saying brussel sprouts were the best part of any meal but these were great people! For Dessert, we were so stuffed from dinner we didn't think we could fit it in but the menu was placed in front of us and we were just too curious at the creative desserts the chef designed. Our essert caught the eyes of all of the tables around us because we chose the strawberry shortcake type dessert but it said "milk crumbles" and we just couldn't resist finding out what milk crumbles were. The waiter brought to our table this huge white sphere the size of a small soccer ball...then, took out a spoon and whacked the white sphere and it crumbled to peices and showcased a delicious dessert. I loved the strawberries but my colleage couldn't stop eating the white crumbles of the sphere. What an experience! Definitely need to make reservations min of 24 hours in advance. this place gets packed in the evening, but in a fun type of atmosphere.
  • Photo of queenbee416
    5 months ago
    Though not explicitly stated, many of the dishes are subtly flavoured with rose water. While others would graciously accept the infusion of rose water in any dish, I am not a fan. That being said, everything else was excellent. PROS: SERVICE: Our server was very knowledgeable and provided many suggestions. ATMOSPHERE: Hip, trendy, vibrant. Love the personal booths. FOOD: MUST TRY fig salad, black truffle pide, branzino. Also great are roasted lamb shoulder (side of garlic oil is so flavourful) and striploin (again the accompanying sauce is great). CONS: SERVICE: None. ATMOSPHERE: A little too dark to see anything on the menu. FOOD: Crispy Qatayef was a little too greasy.
  • Photo of gela64
    5 months ago
    We went there on our second day in Toronto and we enjoyed the food so much, we went there again on Sunday! Such a special dining experience. The atmosphere, design and the staff and in addition the unknown excellent food from Middle East ( at least for me it was the first time!) I loved the Fig salad, the jeweled rice and the Brussels sprouts...but what can I say, I am pretty sure if I had the chance to try it all, I would love it all!!! Go there, it is a bit more pricy but worth every penny!!
  • Photo of SimoneCanada
    5 months ago
    An excellent dining experience. Great service and ambience. Good wine list and drink list Some memorable items were the roasted red beet and duck kibben appetizers The black truffle rice was delicious. Reservations are a must as this is a popular place
  • Photo of Mappie
    5 months ago
    Excellent food, service & ambiance. All share plates. Our server was spot on with his recommendations for food & wine.
  • Photo of JI113
    5 months ago
    I have been wanting to try this place out for a long time. So finally my husband and got to have our datenight. When you first walk in its a little dark, when it was our turn to be seated, the hostess asked if we had a reservation and told her the name it was under. She said she couldn't find it and we tried giving out last name and still couldn't find it. Not sure what happened there, we used OpenTable to book and got a confirmation. After that the hostess didn't say anything and walked us over to our table. Our server was amazing!!! Very friendly and outgoing. He was very knowledgeable about the menu which I always love when servers are in the know. It drives me crazy when they don't have a clue. Anyways, overall the service was up top! We ordered a few snacking dishes and two mains, everything was just delicious!!!! Our favourite was the eggplant kebab. Over all of our dining experience was good, it's definitely worth trying, just a little on the pricey side. One other thing that I found strange is, for the size of the restaurant which seats about 20 to 30 people with a private dining room. They had 5 hostesses. Not sure why they needed that many, most of them just stood around and it looked weird.
  • Photo of Kenda C
    5 months ago
    I had been wanting to try this restaurant after reading reviews and it did not disappoint!! It is set up so that you order plates to share so we got to sample a variety of dishes. Each one was outstanding. We had the lamb ribs, black truffle pide, crispy duck confit, aged steak...can’t remember the exact description. We also had a lemon yogurt dip of sorts which was excellent. So of the dishes we ordered I would definitely return for the black truffle pide, the lamb ribs and the crispy duck confit which were so uniquely flavoured. The duck confit was a rice dish with a crispy texture. The pide had a truffle, earthy flavour with a creamy fresh cheese. I loved them. Although the steak was excellent, for the cost I would get another share plate which was generously portioned and less expensive. Every dish that came out was prepared beautifully. I already have plans for the family and friends I need to bring back to this restaurant! I can’t wait to return!
  • Photo of Karen R
    6 months ago
    I've been 3 or 4 times and definitely want to keep going back. It's a bit pricey, but the dishes are so unique and delicious, they're almost addictive and worth the price. The service is attentive and helpful (because some of the dishes/ingredients need explanations). The food is middle eastern and Mediterranean, and one can choose a number of small, delectable dishes to share. There's fish and meat, but also a great selection of vegetarian dishes.
  • Photo of NatalieMira
    6 months ago
    I enjoyed a special occasion birthday dinner here and the entire experience from start to finish did not disappoint. The atmosphere was nicely appointed, intimate and our server was attentive. The most memorable was the food, it was absolutely delicious. We had a signature cocktail to start and carried on with sharing various plates that kept getting better and better as the meal progressed. My favourite bite of the night was an eggplant dish that literally melted in my mouth. I am eager to return and try a few new items featured on the menu.
  • Photo of SanstarWin
    6 months ago
    We tried some items suggested by the waiter. The taste is complex and interesting. Unfortunately they are generally lukewarm.

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