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The Wingery


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  • Photo of Puneet P
    10 months ago
    We have been customers here for a long time, but on our most recent visit, things weren't going as well. The honey garlic wings had no honey garlic in them, and therefore no flavour, while the barbecue wings had an overload of sauce on them. Service was okay since there was only one employee there, which probably is the reason for the poor food. The cost however was okay. Hopefully if we ever go back now, things will have improved!
  • Photo of RoadWeary2011
    a year ago
    The wings are a good size however they had no taste. I ordered a pound of medium and a pound of hot and got 2 pounds of completely tasteless wings. I don't like my food too salty but these wings were completely bland.
  • Photo of MTurcottes
    a year ago
    Very good tasting wings plenty of meat but but no diffrent from other wing resturants except that the Wingery is double
  • Photo of DWieler
    a year ago
    The wings are enormous and I'm sure each has a daily max for fat and sodium. Which means they taste really really good. Try it once in a while. Or get a good cardiologist. Or both.
  • Photo of Cody L
    a year ago
    I've had the wingery several times in the past but not within the last year. I decided to try them again tonight and got their wing special, which is way too overpriced to be a special anyways. I got the wings and they were not crunchy at all, but soggy sitting in pools of sauce. Also on the inside the meat was white hit the bones were bloody. I have worked in restaurants cooking before and I know that the bone still bleeding signals they're not cooked enough. I will not return to this location.
  • Photo of Marlene G
    2 years ago
    My first time at Wingery and it was a complete disappointment. The wings were soggy and lack of taste. My husband and I are from Peru and the ' Peruvian kick sauce" is NOT PERUVIAN. It's a fraud! There is a lack of technique on how to make chicken wings: they should be crispy in the outside and juicy in the inside. We ordered 3 pounds and they give two tinny dipping sauces! My advise to the the peruvian owner: " si tienes tienda, atiendela o vendela."
  • Photo of Rishi S
    2 years ago
    Went in to ask for the hottest they had. They were friendly and the wings were quite hot. I would recommend.
  • Photo of Jim R
    2 years ago
    My wife noticed that the 1.5 pound box of wings from the Wingery appeared light. We have an accurate digital kitchen scale so when we got in the door I weighed it. Box included, it weighed 1.04 pounds, This was way under the 1.5 pounds as their $16.59 for 1.5 lbs. menu states. The box weighed .34 lbs, so we received only .7 lbs. of wings. Wow! This was les than half what we ordered. I called the restaurant and the manager said, we don't weigh every box. Our policy is to give 10 wings for every 1.5 lb. order. He didn't even bother to make good on their advertised value. After eating our wings before they got cold, I weighed it again with the bones in the box and found that we only ate .39 lbs. of meat and skin. Bottom line: This company should be reported and charged for False Advertising!
  • Photo of raybob009
    2 years ago
    The Wingery is the best take out wings in Oakville hands down. Prices are reasonable and the sauces for the wings are tasty! Try them out! They are just south of upper middle road and 6th line.
  • Photo of barbara p
    2 years ago
    Love it!! Their wings are amazing! I live nearby so it is very convenient! And staff is very friendly! All their sauces ate great!
  • Photo of J H
    2 years ago
    Based on the reviews thought I would give it a go. Ordered from the Oakville location. They were friendly enough. Ordered the wings (crispy) in the ugly sauce with a side of poutine. Wings were soggy and so were the wedge fries. I think the cheese on the poutine was processed and the not cheese curds one would expect on poutine. Overall a disappointment for the $$$.
  • Photo of Hemiautoman
    2 years ago
    Good wings but over priced, first and last time as there are many other places in town that give you more for less with pretty much the same size and quality. Was in a jam with unexpected guests and was in the area of the Wingery and also heard good things about it..................... But sorry not Paying $57 for 35 wings that's $1.63 a wing!!!
  • Photo of Mosando
    2 years ago
    Service was slow, they had No menus so I can take to work, NEW LOCATION Southdown & royal windsor! @ (Canadian tire plaza) wings where fantastic and juicy, loved the place, LOTS of different spices for the wings, thank you guys will visit soon
  • Photo of Andrea A
    2 years ago
    Honestly - my hubby has sampled many and both of us agree that these are a favourite! I also love the pirogies so don't forget to add some on too!!
  • Photo of DSLewis
    2 years ago
    Tried for first time and don't think I would order again. Wings were cold and we waited over an hour for delivery.
  • Photo of Steve G
    2 years ago
    The Wingery consistently provides the best Wings every time. Quality of the wings and flavours are excellent.
  • Photo of Tired0f
    3 years ago
    I would rate the Wingery in Burlington on Headon road fair at best as I had placed an order and it did not come as asked. Family meal naked wings with sauce on the side, it came with sauce on. Phoned and told by manager that I did not order them that way. He said that I did not and thats the way it is. I dont know what other companies do in this case but beware. Also, word of mouth is what brought me to order from them in the first place. Well I wont be ordering from them and if you do make sure you confirm your order. Good Luck Burlington........ To Edit your review click above this
  • Photo of Michde19
    3 years ago
    I visited the Wingery I burlington Ontario yesterday november 4th 2014. Best service, best people. Very clean atmosphere and kitchen. Food is done on time and taste amazing alleluia
  • Photo of ErikNabeta
    3 years ago
    Good size, crispy, great sauces (wing doori, thai, garlic bbq!), even better deal on Mon & Tues! A must if you live in Oakville
  • Photo of Canadianguyehhh
    3 years ago
    I have been a customer of The Wingery from the day they opened, always have had good quality and at a fair price, must be new owners, the last 3 times were not even close to what I was use to, the quality has dropped and pricing is gone way up, notice the wings are also smaller than what I was use to its really to bad it was a great place

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