Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
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Spoon & Fork

Japanese Restaurant

sushi • mango salad • pad thai • curries

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  • Photo of CGNYYZ
    6 months ago
    We've been going to Spoon & Fork for years and have always enjoyed the quality of the food and the friendly service. Our last visit was a poor experience on both accounts, continuing a sad trend at this restaurant. With plenty of better alternatives springing up in Oakville, I'll be taking a prolonged break from Spoon & Fork. My concerns with the food mainly concern the sushi offering... The sashimi keeps shrinking, the ratio of rice-to-fish is through the roof, and the spicy salmon roll includes a morsel of salmon next to a big lump of unidentifiable deep-fried filler. Another roll we ordered was an insult to what was pictured in the menu - instead of a roll that was generously wrapped in salmon, ours came with a sad looking sliver of salmon (tiny and discoloured) draped over the rice. I would have been embarrassed to serve this to any guest or client. One redeeming grace: If you bypass the sushi you can still have a decent meal (though I would question the value-for-money). As for the service... I agree with the previous reviewer that asking to order seemed like a big inconvenience to our server. At no point were we offered a refill on our soft drinks, and our water was only topped up when the desert came out. If I'm paying $40+ for a weeknight meal, I would expect a little more service and a little less grimacing.
  • Photo of Sherry934
    6 months ago
    Love the service. You have the choice of ordering from a menu (with many choices) and you can order as much as you want for one price. It's not cheap by any means, but good food and it gives you an idea of tasting small portions so if you love what you eat you can just get more! Service is good too....Just make sure you go hungry or it's too expensive to do it this way. Will definitely go back!
  • Photo of Mary M
    6 months ago
    I've visited Spoon & Fork a number of times over the past year and have always had a positive dining experience. The selection is great, especially if you choose the 'all you can eat' menu, and the food is very good. I particularly like the sushi and curry. Service is attentive and relaxed. Someone is alway there at the right time to ask about additional dishes or refills but no one hovers or tries to rush you even if the restaurant is busy. It can be busy at times, especially in the evening so it is best to make a reservation. Either way, be prepared to wait a bit since they seem to attract large parties and the restaurant can fill up quickly.
  • Photo of Patrician777
    6 months ago
    I have given this particular location at Trafalgar Rd. only 2 stars, as I have found that it takes a while to be seated and certainly not good service - rather strange attitude problems.. I personally will not go back there. I have found though, that the SPOON AND FORK at NEYAGAWA and DUNDAS is far superior and I give then 4 STARS. Friendly and prompt service. I do like their food, and find that it is consistently good. The atmosphere is Japanese style - restful and minimalistic.
  • Photo of Jp B
    7 months ago
    We arrived with a large group approx 11 people on a Saturday 5pm. It took them awhile even with reservations to seat us. Once seated the service was prompt but the orders got crossed up a few times. The food was fresh and portions a good size so by the end I felt pretty good about the experience. I would go back but it might be not be top of my list. Give it a try. Enjoy!
  • Photo of lozziewade
    7 months ago
    We love the all you can eat menu which satisfies every member in our family. We have some fussy eaters but even they were very full and happy. Service is excellent. Food quality and selection is outstanding. Highly recommended for all ages. Enjoy!
  • Photo of Emilie W
    7 months ago
    Fast and friendly service, excellent food. Nothing bad to say. The only thing: they really should provide you with a knife!
  • Photo of Norma g
    7 months ago
    we thought we'd get drowned out by the noise but were pleasantly surprised. Sat in a both in the far corner - 6 women. Great time had by all. Will definitely return
  • Photo of Patricia O
    7 months ago
    waiter forgot our orders. It took about 1 hour for the food to start coming, and then when they finally came they wouldn't come as we ordered and we had to keep reminding them about the order...
  • Photo of Peter S
    7 months ago
    Nice enough to spend time but not too formal... Felt like a good place for lunch with a associate. We had the all you can eat as we got to taste many of the different items good food and all seems very fresh. This was my first time but certainly would go again when in the area.
  • Photo of Citlalli R
    8 months ago
    This place has great food options, service is good and you get to taste quite a variety of dishes for a convenient price. Restaurant has a nice design and is very clean.
  • Photo of SIMA N
    8 months ago
    Been here before and loved it and was looking forward to coming back for a great meal with friends however was disappointed. Food was not as good as last time and service was slow and not attentive. Quality and service have definitely gone down. Would recommend other locations but not this one.
  • Photo of irenerushton
    8 months ago
    great food, servers was great and the place is very clean, and your full when you leave there. the noise level is low so you can talk to the other person
  • Photo of friendlyfoodlover
    8 months ago
    I love this place because they serve good food but they have very unfriendly waiters who appear annoyed when called.
  • Photo of stilettos
    8 months ago
    I have visited this restaurant on many different occasions. The food is great and the servers are super fast. The mango salad is the best one I've ever had. It's a must place to visit.
  • Photo of Mark s
    8 months ago
    Not bad overall. Service is fine and the selection is good(hot food+sea food). The hot food is great, but the seafood is not very fresh. You get what you payed for, can't expect much more then that. *Edit: You might want to order all of your seafood in one go because they will start to hold back your seafood order(s) after that.
  • Photo of DavidVmax
    9 months ago
    This place is busy for a reason. Spoon and Fork offers a nice selection of hot dishes and sushi. The restaurant itself is nice with a feeling of a better than average restaurant. The service is quick and professional, even though it was not overly friendly. The real star of the show is their food, offering a selection of Thai and Japanese dishes, it offers a variety of foods for every taste. It is a cut above some of the other AYCE places in the area. But plan ahead as the place gets packed quickly and getting a table could be a problem, especially if you are hungry.
  • Photo of Justin K
    9 months ago
    Went with my family was delicious! Much prefer the Non ipad menu option. Things tend to get confusing with the ipad. Sercive was fast and bery polite!
  • Photo of havensprings
    9 months ago
    I was here for lunch with a friend who invited me. Casual dining and great menu selection. I enjoy oriental cuisine and this resto did not disappoint me. Will surely come again, great for business lunch! The resto is clean and has a contemporary look.
  • Photo of Grace C
    9 months ago
    Their food is ok. The best part of this restaurant is the party booth. It is very good to have friends'getting together at the party booth.

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