Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Spoon & Fork in Oakville, , CA
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Spoon & Fork

Japanese Restaurant

sushi • mango salad • pad thai • curries

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  • Photo of Bruce L
    5 months ago
    Once again we found ourselves back at Spoon and Fork on Trafalgar. My favourite place to enjoy Salmon sashimi. Always have a great experience and I have always enjoyed the food. The shrimp tempura and the teriyaki beef were again exemplary. For an all you can eat restaurant, this is a great place to feast. Only a matter of time before we return for another great lunch.
  • Photo of MG7Ontario
    5 months ago
    Came here with my husband for the first time and was very impressed with the large menu and quality of the food. Highly recommend! Can't wait for our next visit.
  • Photo of Superint
    5 months ago
    All you can eat Japanese food. Delicious and fresh. Great Miso soup and ultra fresh salads. Prepare for a long wait if it is high time on a weekend, but that is a good sign. Not cheap as one would expect.
  • Photo of paul m
    5 months ago
    Admittedly I am a bit of a food snob. Spoon and fork has been around for a while and the food comes out quickly but it's average at best. I know the ginger beef and chicken say that it contains preserved mushrooms but the last few times I haven't found any.
  • Photo of stephcolwell
    5 months ago
    Very disappointed in what used to be my favourite restaurant! From the moment we sat down the wait staff seemed void of enthusiasm for having to serve another table. When we ordered our wine, the craft was plopped on the edge of table with a set of glasses and then the waitress moved onto another table. Looking at my friend, we decided it was up to us to pour our wine. As we started to 'self-serve' the waitress suddenly came back to take the craft out of my friend's hand, making us feel like we had done something wrong. Overall, the food was good. However, my favourite dish, the 'red curry' I come back for and absolutely adore, was a true disappointment! It was simply a small bowl of chicken without the curry. Over the course of the dinner, the servers returned many times to remove plates we were not finished with. When we stated we were not done, we were given unpleasant looks and our plates were rudely dropped back onto the table with nothing said. We felt extremely unwelcome and that we were annoying to the staff who were being paid to serve us! Sadly, this is no longer my favourite place to eat... I will not return to drop $100 on being made to feel so unwelcome
  • Photo of Kevin542
    6 months ago
    Sushi was good. Curry pad thai and fried rice were nothing special. Service was slow and our server was ignorant. Disappointed, as this place was recommended.
  • Photo of Tammy M
    6 months ago
    Great food. My bf and I enjoy sushi, and they never fail us here. But our friends don't - one is a vegetarian, one likes anything cooked. They were both happy with the non-sushi selections. Great place to go when you are in a mixed group.
  • Photo of Victoria M
    6 months ago
    The food selection is great and the staff and management has always been helpful and generous.For a big , group you can pre order the appetizers so you don't have to starve while waiting for the main entrees.
  • Photo of conjuror88
    6 months ago
    Recently has dinner here, and was surprised to see Gordon back, manager. Ordered the usual, nabeyaki udon, japanese chicken fried rice, tempura, california,tempura rolls, soup and others. The quality of the materials and taste is back !! Service a bit spotty, server forgot several of our orders, but eventually got it after asking again. New addition is the soft serve ice cream which is a nice taught end the AYCE meal. Will definitely come back. Glad Gordon is back and that he is able to bring the quality, taste, good again.
  • Photo of Sharon M
    6 months ago
    We tried it again and loved the food and staff. The portion sizes are smaller and missing a few of our old favourite dishes but there is lots to choose from on the menu! I would highly recommend going to Spoon & Fork in Oakville again!
  • Photo of Lekan M
    6 months ago
    Good variety of food, very friendly service - gave us good recommendations on what to pick and all in a nice, airy environment. The coconut shrimp was particularly good and the other items also good, so good we all ate way too much! A bit pricey though but it was money well spent.
  • Photo of Richard K
    6 months ago
    A friend took us there for lunch and we were blown away. We had the All you can Eat and I was extremely impressed at the speed at which the food came out of the kitchen and how fresh and well presented it looked. And it tasted AMAZING! When you order they make it fresh and they bring out servings that are just the right for your party. If i lived close, I would be perpetually broke because this would be a regular place to go for us. The service was above awesome and we were there on a busy day. I was very impressed.
  • Photo of Preeti_76
    6 months ago
    I have dined in and had takeaway once. both were good experiences. The portions are pretty large, one starter and one main with extra rice were good for two people. The staff was very friendly. It was our daughter's 2nd Birthday, although we were going to celebrate the next day, the hostess got her a cheesecake with a candle on the house and made it special for my little one. There Vegetable green curry was great and so were the veg spring rolls. Over all, a place I would recommend going at least once and you will go there again :)
  • Photo of Jacqueline M
    7 months ago
    Awesome time here. Staff really friendly. Food was fantastic. Great selection for anyone even folks with a more picky appetite.
  • Photo of Mustafa A
    7 months ago
    Nice restaurant, nice food, friendly staff, must try, clean, easy to find, better to make a reservation before going.
  • Photo of I1139PHmatthewg
    8 months ago
    We usually don't go to Spook and Fork when it is over 4 people because of the chaos of ordering and people remembering their orders. We had a reservation for 6 people which I cancelled and then had to un-cancel at this particular time. The staff were able to accommodate and were great in making sure we were comfortable. Food was great, the unagi sushi is my favorite and it was served with large very fresh pieces. Rest of the family enjoyed their dishes. Staff were attentive and we didn't have to wait long to place further orders and drinks.
  • Photo of Terry W
    8 months ago
    The restaurant is very clean and staff are exceptionally attentive and help full. We were there for the all you can eat lunch which is a great deal. location and parking is good.
  • Photo of Trisha Z
    9 months ago
    The staff is super friendly each time we have visited. The menu is vast. So much to choose from. The portions are big so think about sharing.
  • Photo of Arm2yan
    9 months ago
    This is not my first time going to this restaurant, my last visit i was not impress at all. Quality of service is poor, the food takes too long to be served, and one of our dish order was cold. At the same time the servers are nowhere to be found when you need them. Food quality dropped, the ambience is not the same as it used too.
  • Photo of Jamie O
    9 months ago
    You need to go to spoon and fork when you are REALLY hungry, as this all-you-can-eat restaurant has some very good dishes. You can go there for Cantonese, Thai food, sushi or whatever. You order food from your server and can keep ordering until you can't eat no more. Recommended for families, groups or parties.

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