Photo of Mika Sushi in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Mika Sushi in Oakville, , CA
Photo of Mika Sushi in Oakville, , CA
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Mika Sushi

Japanese Restaurant

sushi pizza

575 River Glen Blvd
Oakville, CA
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  • Photo of KathleenR_28
    5 months ago
    I went for the all-you-can-eat lunch and ordered tempura shrimp and sweet potatoes, 3 types of sushi rolls, a pad Thai, salmon teriyaki and salmon belly, plus a couple of hargow and siomai. All for a price that is so affordable!!! My, oh my ... my eyes were bigger than my belly. I had a difficult time eating everything. The restaurant is located in a non-commercial area and it was quiet when I got there, with only a few diners. Just the way I like it. Definitely a must-visit place again. Also recommended for takeout.
  • Photo of Heather S
    5 months ago
    Ordered ahead for some platters to be made for my sisters birthday. We ordered the maki combo a and c plus the maki veggie combo ... 18 pieces in each platter and it fed 4 hungry adults and 1 hungry 4 year old! All platters came to about $40 before taxes. With so many sushi options in the Burlington/Oakville area it's hard to get a good prices as they all seem so over priced. This was just perfect for us. The food was waiting for me when we got there and it was quick and painless! My type of interaction lol I haven't been here yet for the AYCE but there is a huge menu and I can't wait to try more!
  • Photo of Tony M
    a year ago
    Went for lunch and had the all you can eat sushi. Lots of great selections, Everything was fresh and very tasty. No complaints. Will most likely go back.
  • Photo of Alison S
    2 years ago
    Ordered take-out this time. Sushi pizza was very good, as was the California roll. But the only seafood in the Seafood Fried Rice was some sort of fake fish/crabmeat (couldn't identify what it was meant to be). Very bland dish. Also ordered Chicken Chow Mein, which was very bland as well. The Seafood Udon Soup was average. Overall an average meal. It only cost $40 though, including tax, which wasn't bad.
  • Photo of Sharon L
    2 years ago
    The service here is the worst thing about this restaurant. The food is below standard. Shrimp should be cleaned before serving. The have a wide variety of dishes but it would be better to offer a slightly smaller menu and do that really well rather than a ton of below average.
  • Photo of Anne P
    2 years ago
    We go here once a year, and it is always epic. the tempura shrimp is super crisp. The crispy avocado roll is my favorite. Service is very prompt. Very clean, pretty atmosphere.
  • Photo of Laura B
    3 years ago
    Our daughter is a fanatic for Salmon Sushi and Shishimi (spelling?) and the problem is that she can eat about 40 of them - when you go to other sushi places, you would pay tons for that since most places won't make you just 40 salmon sushi. Mika's, because it is all you can eat, we can order her sushi, and not end up with some crazy bill. We have been going here for 3 years now, and never a bad meal. We have tried most of the dragon rolls, tempura shrimp and veggies, the endgame, miso soup, most of the sushi, sushi pizza (a little spicy); and we do not have a bad thing to say. My son also loves the dumplings. For myself and two kids, it is $40...can't ask for a better price for sushi. Note: tip is included as you cash out.
  • Photo of Wasfou
    4 years ago
    Was SO lucky to have Mika Sushi open right before/after we moved to the River Oaks area of Oakville. It was our goto sushi place, pretty much weekly. Affordable, tasty sushi, well made and just lovely. The all you can eat-in is fantastic and traditional Japanese service (chef included) does not disappoint. We're not sorry we moved... just sorry they didn't move with us :)

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