Photo of Wilensky's Light Lunch in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Wilensky's Light Lunch in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Wilensky's Light Lunch in Montreal, , CA
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Wilensky's Light Lunch

Fast Food Restaurant

Wilensky's Light Lunch34
sandwich • salami • beef • pineapple

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  • Photo of Le Meridien Versailles Montreal
    Blessed with some of its original décor, the interior presents an homage to yesteryear.
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  • Photo of Arturo MP
    2 years ago
    Montreal institution!
  • Photo of Megan Connelly
    3 years ago
    Get the Wilensky Special.
  • Photo of cyntujez
    5 months ago
    This is a must visit in Montreal. The sandwich is so tasty and fresh! Pickles are delicious as well as old fashioned sodas they prepare. The owners are very friendly! I will come back whenever in city. A must visit in Montreal.
  • Photo of LepkeB
    6 months ago
    This place is a throwback to a different time. What makes the wilensky's special special is that it is nothing special. It was at one time a cheap light lunch for a poor immigrant community. Now of course it is a tourist destination and a little bit of a museum in its own right. It's just a taste and experience of a bygone day. Again, the fact that it is nothing special is what makes it special. Just a little taste of History from a poor immigrant community that has long since moved to the suburbs. Don't expect of gourmet meal but a nice snack with context. A taste of History.
  • Photo of ArtemisTX
    6 months ago
    This eight-stool diner in the Mile End (operated by the Wilensky family since 1932) is a "must do" on your Toronto foodie checklist. There's a very short menu of food items, but if it's your first time, you'll order the famous grilled bologna and salami pressed sandwich a/k/a "the special." And they'll want to know if you want it "with" or "without" (cheese). Then, the tough choice will be what to drink. There's a long menu of tempting soda and egg cream flavors. Have you ever seen a soda made by hand? Do you know what an egg cream is? I'm middle-aged, and I had to answer "no" to both questions before I went to Wilensky's. So go now and savor this precious piece of food history!
  • Photo of PopeBiff
    6 months ago
    Love this place. Tasty sandwiches and in-house pop. All in a vintage 1932 place. Staff was friendly too.
  • Photo of Joshua B
    7 months ago
    What an old time jewel!!! Wilensky's special sandwiches are unbelievable.... It is a place that makes you feel like time did not change for the last 50 years!!! We were visiting the place on a culinary tour... It is a must visit and a must try the Wilensky's Special sandwich!!! After the first one will have more.... Pay attention to the decor ... it is like never was changed... it makes the place a very unique experience. Enjoy!
  • Photo of Mikeh53
    7 months ago
    If you want to take a bite out of history this is the place to do it. You will appreciate how far fast food has come in the last 80+ years. I like the restaurant and their attitudes. Wilensky's was an interesting anachronism complete with sandwich. Once I had my bite though, I threw the rest in the trash outside.
  • Photo of John G
    7 months ago
    This place is great, walking in you feel like you've stepped back in time a few decades. No tables, just a few stools. Don't bother looking for a menu, there's really only one thing to order: the Wilensky special. It's a sandwich made with grilled bologna and salami (I added swiss cheese), served with mustard. As simple as it sounds, it's actually really good. You can get a side of sour or half-sour pickles, and you must get one of their sodas. They make them all from scratch; no name brand soft drinks here. I had a chocolate egg cream with my lunch: probably the only place to get one outside of New York. Service was fast; I think I got my sandwich and pickles in about 10 seconds. The egg cream took a little longer. Very laid back and friendly staff. I recommend Wilensky's; you just won't find another place like it. The prices are great, too!
  • Photo of JHADVISOR25
    8 months ago
    Wilensky's is a hidden gem in Montreal. Since 1932, Wilensky's has been doing the same routine when preparing their meals. This restaurant is special as it historically takes you back many years when deli's were arranged the way Wilensky's is. I had a hotdog and salami special that took no longer than 3 minutes to make. My meals came on a little paper napkin hot and ready. The meats were high quality and the available orders were quick and simple. I believe Wilensky's is a must visit in Montreal if wanting to eat simple, and enjoy the look of a 1932 deli.
  • Photo of noamlawi
    8 months ago
    This place has a salami sandwich, pickles, mustard and some dried sausages. That's all. It has been that way since 1932 and will remain so forever :) Same owners, same recipe, same principle...a salami sandwich, but the best salami you will ever taste. I loved the authenticity and it is a staple of Montreal, so if you love the city, you must go at least once.
  • Photo of Travellover6128
    9 months ago
    We loved the fact that this place has been here since 1932. Nothing much appears to have changed on the inside since that time. everyone gets the special sandwich and some sort of fruit flavour soda. The sandwichs are being constantly cooked in a little griddle and handed out when ready! Worth sitting at the counter...just a fun place to be.
  • Photo of Tommy T
    9 months ago
    If you're looking for a place that has been in the business for long time and kept his retro style, that's the right place. Don't ask them to change the receipe or to cut it, but their meat was lean and tasty and the sandwich was perfect as it was. Also, you can buy some old novels and CDs for a dollar.
  • Photo of SamPav
    10 months ago
    Three of us had a late lunch here, one person in our group has been coming here for 65 years. I had a pickle, two of the "specials" and a chocolate egg cream soda, all of which was very good. While not a fancy or gourmet place, the nostalgia and old time feel are off the charts. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Wilensky's and will definitely return.
  • Photo of strongC
    10 months ago
    Ever wonder what it must have been like to stop at a lunch counter to have a sandwich back in the 30s-40s or 50s? Well, don't just wonder, go have a "special" at Wilensky's, made today the exact same way as the first day, decades ago! Specially made buns, salami and mustard in a sandwich press and served piping hot with homemade sodas. It's so refreshing to see how they resisted the temptation to modernize everything and chose to preserve the original flavour of the place. What a treat! This stop was included in the Montreal Jewish Museum's walking food tour, called "Bagels and Beyond" and well worth it! /
  • Photo of JPhotte
    a year ago
    The traditional salami sandwich is just as good as it was in 1932. Or so they say, because I wasn't around in 1932.LOL. Moe Wilensky is no longer there, but the family perpetuates the tradition by maintaining the high quality standards that made them famous for decades. Their secret home made recipe would probably give them an award for the best cherry coke money can by. And the quality/price ratio is unbeatable. A must go if you are in the area.
  • Photo of Gobsmacked1
    a year ago
    The pop isn't just mixed at the fountian by hand but they even make their own syrup from scratch! The black cherry was out of this world and the pineapple was truely unique! Thanks to Paul and the group for making a great lunch! Great people to talk to while you are having a really good sandwich. I didn't realise how simple ingredients can come together so well. Just don't ask how anything is made!!
  • Photo of Nathan T
    a year ago
    Walking into this place you feel the history, with its classic style stool-and-counter seating and the wall full of newspaper articles about this Montreal landmark established in 1932. The daughter of the original owner still runs the place and if you arrive at a less busier time she will be happy to talk with you about the history of the restaurant. Basically you can have a kosher grilled bologna and salami or hot dog sandwich with an in-house-made soda. I was able to get a strawberry(no not cherry, strawberry) coke so they can even make custom mixes with the flavors available. The grilled sandwich was very tasty and I had a good snack and an enjoyable experience for about 6$. Give it a try and watch for that support pole when you get up from your stool! (luckily its padded)
  • Photo of FilmGuyTO
    a year ago
    You have their home made salami and baloney sandwich with yellow mustard for the experience of eating a sandwich that has been made the same for almost 75 years. The ambience, signs and pictures of the wall tell the story. There will never be another place like this. Not gentrified.The faces , the generations may change but the characters are always the same. Lunch only
  • Photo of Schlampah
    a year ago
    I stumbled on here by mistake driving back from Lester's (don't waste your time there - see other review). Very cool old school dinner!! and they have a special which costs about $5 with cheese cool buns, tasty meet and gooey swiss cheese :D
  • Photo of joeyrm7
    a year ago
    If anyone is expecting a gourmet meal, go somewhere else. This is a fantastic trip back through time. Even if their famous "Special" baloney and Salami sandwhich were terrible, which it is not (actually quite good) and combined with an egg cream, it brings you back to a simpler time, or for those younger folks, gives you an introduction to that time frame. I for one hope that it doesn't change for the next 80 years. This was part of a food tour for us and rightly so.
  • Photo of Momotapis
    a year ago
    I've been coming here since I was a kid. Nothing has change apart for price. Really good authentic Montreal food. A must when in Montreal. Eating a special with cheese should be consider a crime.

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