Photo of Patisserie Kouign Amann in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Patisserie Kouign Amann in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Patisserie Kouign Amann in Montreal, , CA
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Patisserie Kouign Amann

French Restaurant

Patisserie Kouign Amann54.5
croissants • kouign amann • quiche • cake

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  • Photo of Stephanie Cook
    a year ago
  • Photo of Mathieu Vallet
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Le Meridien Versailles Montreal
    Their specialty, and namesake, is their kouign amann. Sliced like a cake, it is originally from France in the Bretagne (where it actually translates as “butter cake”). It’s a flaky pastry dough (think flaky like a croissant) that is smothered on top with a sugary butter and then baked until the sugary butter caramelizes.
  • Photo of Arturo MP
    2 years ago
    i've had croissants in many, many places in the world. these are the best i've found. also, kouign-amann!!
  • Photo of Ramy
    3 years ago
    Authentic Breton bakery. The best croissant in Montreal. Get there early in the morning and get a croissant fresh out of the oven.
  • Photo of Sharon C
    5 months ago
    Came here on our way home to bring goodies back. Small bakery in a unique neighbourhood. Nice pastries. Good prices and good croissants. I think all the croissants are comparable and good in Montreal. Be prepared to gain some weight in this store!
  • Photo of Fred B
    5 months ago
    Wow. Not a big variety but a variety of huge choices. About 6 pastries but all extraordinary. Fantastic. Very atmospheric and staff friendly and helpful in both French and English! A Plateau treasure!
  • Photo of Michael B
    6 months ago
    Our last morning in Montreal and we found this gem on Rue Mont Royal. The croissants were fresh, warm, flavourful. I literally had tears in my eyes as I treasured every bite! Tears because I know I will not find any of this quality when I return home. The almond and chocolatine were also mouth watering!!!
  • Photo of Aaron G
    6 months ago
    Friendly, quick service, great pastry. The Kouign Amann is, of course, fantastic. After visiting many patisseries in Montreal, this is our 2nd favorite, after Les Co'Pains D'Abord, farther down Av. Mont-Royal near Parc La Fontaine.
  • Photo of shalini s
    6 months ago
    If you are in the area, you must begin your day with a croissant and coffee from here. The staff is baking in full view and it is a lovely sight! They have some of the best croissants in the city.
  • Photo of Matthew P
    6 months ago
    Must try the Kouign-Amann! We also enjoyed their coffee and had an almond croissant and a regular croissant. The kouign-amann was the best and something I would highly recommend
  • Photo of bamboola
    7 months ago
    Based on reviews, we made an early morning trip to check out this bakery. We wanted to make sure we could taste all the options before they sold out. We ordered one each of three different kinds of croissant, two slices of kouign amann, and one tart. Six items. Not complicated, right? The cashier keyed in the price and then attempted to bag up the goods. We ended up with two wrong items. I asked the cashier if I had been charged correctly since she was bagging wrong items. She assured me that she had. I then reminded her that she had not given me change for the $50 bill that I had given her. She reluctantly handed me $15 change for a $15 purchase. With some prodding on my part, she even more reluctantly handed me the additional $20 missing change. Oh, the kouign amann and croissants were okay. I've had better.
  • Photo of Elaine G
    7 months ago
    I am in the search for the best croissants in Montreal and I have found them. A small place in the Plateau. You walk in and the smell of those buttery, flakey croissants will make you swoon! Heavenly. And you must try their famous pastry from Brittany the Kouign Amann. A cross between a croissant and a pastry with just enough sweetness that is not overpowering. Never had anything like it. I never rate anything a 5 but this place is amazing. Coffee is excellent as well. This is always on our stop when in Montreal.
  • Photo of S Z
    8 months ago
    If you like butter, syrup and pastry then you will like the Kouign-Amann. Of our family of five it wasn't for everyone, but there was not a speck left of our 3 pieces.
  • Photo of Smiley006
    8 months ago
    The chocolate croissants were wonderful. Their Kouign-Amann is made in pie-shaped pieces. Each pastry shop seems to make the Kouign-Amann a different way. I prefer the more thoroughly baked, richer version which is different than the one they make. Theirs are still quite good though. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of SimonL_Mtl
    8 months ago
    Funny story, I've lived in Montreal for 8 years now and I had to learn about that place from an american friend who said this place was on his "must go" list while visiting for a weekend. What a nice discovery. Pastries are fresh and tasty. The Kouign Amann pastry is one of a kind. I can't compare it to anything else... A flaky paste with honey and hints of spices. You have to try it! And their almond croissants are to die for. Only negative point: very limited seating area. Went 2 times and both times we had to take out the pastries and eat them outside.
  • Photo of AlanR27
    8 months ago
    It's a bit hole in the wall but that only makes it better. We have never tasted Kouign-Amann's like this. Pie like, flaky and crunchy outside but nice and soft inside. We took some back to the hotel and had it for breakfast for 2 more days. It never got soggy. WOW!
  • Photo of Chad M
    8 months ago
    Awesome little place once you find it. It's also helpful that everyone speaks English for us tourists
  • Photo of Lauren M
    9 months ago
    Was in Montreal for a short trip of 5 days and visited this place three times. I had never heard of a Kouign Amann, but I am now obsessed....heaven for a pregnant lady like myself!!
  • Photo of moscvi
    9 months ago
    I ordered a few goodies for a celebration and I couldn't be happier. The quality is oh so good and you can taste the real ingredients, such as butter. This place a very big detour for me but worth every minute. Try to get back there a few times a year.
  • Photo of Adam B
    9 months ago
    The namesake Kouign Amann served in large form (and not in the small muffin shape as seen elsewhere) was nice and exactly as expected. Nice laminated layers with a good sweet touch. However, we also ordered plain and almond croissants and found them just average. Weak almond flavor, and the plain was a little too bready and just not particularly memorable flavor. Good prices, just not worth the hype i'd built up in my head.
  • Photo of Thaisa S
    10 months ago
    This is a nice place for a quick coffee. I particularly did not enjoy the chocolate croissant (was a bit dry and didn't seem so fresh). Also tried the kouign amann and it was the first time i ever had it so to me it was different, but not bad. If you like sweet sugary things you will like this, i found it good for the first couple of bites but then it gets too sweet for me. The shop is small and well arranged, very cute. The café au laît was great!
  • Photo of thejsgetmarried
    10 months ago
    I dreamed about kouign amann from this patisserie for years - YEARS - since moving away from Montreal. I cannot recommend it enough. Cute bakery vibe, limited seating, fantastic sandwiches and sweet, buttery kouign amann (that's easy on the wallet).
  • Photo of naturodoc
    10 months ago
    Every time I visit Montreal, I make a pilgrimage to Kouign Amann. The plain and cheese croissants are simply the best I've had in Montreal (and cost $1.35 and $2.35 each respectively--what a deal!!), but the star is the specialty Kouign Amann. It is a layered pastry of crepe-like pastry slathered in butter and topped with carmelized sugar. Must try!!
  • Photo of mr0velli
    10 months ago
    My wife and I are early risers, so leaving the 2 teenagers at the b&b, we walked around the Plateau neighborhood and came upon Kouign Amann. Popped our heads in and the aroma of freshly baked croissants and other items drew us in. Left with a selection of croissants and other French patisserie items. All were great and we were hero's to the kids when we came back with them. Needed to come back the next day.

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