Photo of Nouveau Palais in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Nouveau Palais in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Nouveau Palais in Montreal, , CA
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Nouveau Palais

American Restaurant

Nouveau Palais24
burger • chilli • greasy spoon • chef

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  • Photo of Mathieu Vallet
    2 years ago
    Cheap eats, Best Steak, Best burger
  • Photo of Le Meridien Versailles Montreal
    One of the city’s rising young chefs, Gita Seaton, delves into her fantasy dream with this diner-inspired spot.
  • Photo of Mark G
    7 months ago
    When I walked in here, I immediately noticed a familiar smell from a diner I went to in my youth. Maybe it's the glue that holds those old pressed wood booths together or the taxidermy on the wall that emit the scent, but I immediately felt at home here and could have sat there all day sipping coffee. Ordered chicken and waffles and they were delicious and straightforward as expected. Will go again. Maybe today.
  • Photo of Ohheyman
    a year ago
    This is a really cool spot in Mile End that reminded me of places back at home in Brooklyn. The food was great and the cocktail menu was especially impressive. I was impressed that there was a DJ at lunch.
  • Photo of Mikael C
    a year ago
    It's the hip little place it always was. Cool decor - they kept the interior from the greasy spoon chinese diner that used to inhabit it - and they continue making good food. Lots of local families in there when we visited. Great drinks and dinner.
  • Photo of Ian C
    a year ago
    The menu is very creative. There are many standard dishes that have been adapted by the chef to taste truly amazing! There are always new items appearing on the menu. I had the best fish of my life there.
  • Photo of Flavourguy
    a year ago
    Old school resto, new school menu. No tables but lots of booths, a small bar, dark wood and comfort food with the basics nicely done: burgers, great fried chicken, salads, fish, ribs sometimes, steak, poutine of course, and lots of good finger food. Super chocolate pudding for dessert. Late night menu has smaller portions including vegetarian chilli and pierogis. Little bit of everything here. The feel is 1950s but the vibe is now. Friendly service, wheel chair accessible. The booths sit 4 comfortably but panels between many of them pull out so a group of 8 or so can keep together. A meal for two with a beer or wine and tip is between $25 and $50.
  • Photo of Patrick R
    a year ago
    Simply d e l i c i o u s burgers. Suprising from the outside to discover such a trendy happening place.
  • Photo of Michelle L
    2 years ago
    Looks like a hole in the wall. Small menu, but something to suit most takes, and yummy!! Decent drink menu. Great spot to meet a friend for a bite.
  • Photo of Anni_MTL
    2 years ago
    You get good food for a reasonable price. The cocktails and long drinks are very nice, try the Lemonade Rose! I really liked the atmosphere at that place, a lot of different people make a wonderful mix. I wouldn't recommend going there f you are a big group. We were six people and a little bit squeezed on our bench, I think it was the biggest table though.
  • Photo of Mitch F
    3 years ago
    I love this place, come here often cause the food is always great, and I haven't been disappointed yet, the burger is really tasty, and the cheese fries too, as were the chicken wings and fried chicken, everything is so tasty.. and the sweet potato pie is divine! and the cocktails are pretty darn good too! Really nice staff and good service too.
  • Photo of Aleks_57
    3 years ago
    The original place has been here for years and the inside has not been changed since it opened over 50years ago. Cool bebop jazz plays inside a very \retro looking interior. The staff is bilingual and very attentive. The menu is limited and I have to say I was a little disappointed in the taste and quality especially considering the price. The MacNCheese dish is a tiny bowl and was really not that tasty, also eaten was a wedge of iceberg lettuce sprinkled with blue cheese and bacon,,,avocado would have been a nice accompaniment but they don't serve it that way, I also had the hamburger platter although massive it also did not deliver in flavour although the fries were a hit. Dinner for 3 was over 100 bucks a little much for the amount of food we had.
  • Photo of Mikael C
    3 years ago
    Nouveau Palais is an iconic eatery in Montreal. It was transformed from a true greasy spoon to a hip hangout and that was all well and good until it really hit the trend-o-meter as a really "hip" place. People come from far and wide to eat here. I haven't been for three years and I had heard locals complain about how it's all gone downhill regarding service, so I was eager to make my own assessment. The decor is the same as during the greasy spoon days - on purpose - and it still works. Brown and dingy but refreshingly so and maintaining a raw authenticity. The service? I had nothing to fear. Friendly and helpful. The food? Decent and reasonably priced. The atmosphere? Very cool and laid back. A great place for talking with friends during dinner and for drinking later on. Being too cool for too long is often detrimental to a place's style. Nouveau Palais is still making it work without losing their authentic edge.
  • Photo of grahamcares
    3 years ago
    Sunday night: for people of a generation, the Ed Sullivan Show and school tomorrow! In that order. Well, now you can finally break the yoke of time and go to a restaurant whose decor echoes the references above and has its own hipster to die for menu which, admittedly I have not tried, and go to Malaysia on a flight that has in its first class cabin the best pad thai ever, thanks to chef Natan Kumar, a slightly sketchy personnage that has haunted the streets here for many moons, save a return to Asia, and is now back. He takes over on Sundays and it's well worth a visit especially for those pad thai doubters who believe everyone makes this dish with ketchup and chile.... No matter as the Irish say, a more polite form of whatever, the grub, though slightly limited, is great. A Tom Yam vegetarian soup and the variations on the pad mentioned above, a more Indian-ish spin on beef presented in tres joil fashion, don't bother with the satay brochettes, this man should have his own restaurant. I will go back to check out the restaurant's usual menu but fried chicken and macncheese are like ... whatever.
  • Photo of JohnEnRoute
    3 years ago
    As my partner is Indonesian and we often eat Indonesian/Malaysian food, it was with great excitement that we discovered that on Sunday nights, the Nouveau Palais serves 'Malaysian' food. But what a HUGE disappointment from the very first bite. The Gado-Gado was tasteless and the fish curry (supposedly Thai) was completely without nuance and simply hot, VERY hot. The fished had no taste leading us to believe it was likely frozen fish. The plates were not cheap $17 or $18 so we felt royally ripped off. The sad thing is that people may eat there and think this is what Malaysian food tastes like. WRONG. For a better experience, try Gado Gado on Mackay but avoid Sunday nights at the Palais Royal. Worst restaurant experience in a LONG time.
  • Photo of Marc F
    4 years ago
    Open for as long as I can remember, this diner has never changed its decoration which is a plus IMO. It' now become trendy, but the food is relatively cheap and very tasty. We got the mac and cheese and the crabcake as apetizers and we were all very pleased. But the real treat was the burger. Excellent brioche bun with a beef patty that tasted homemade and was not overcooked. Excellent fries too. I will definitely try their brunch.
  • Photo of JohnGMontreal_canada
    Great expectations from this neighborhood diner and unfortunately left very disappointed. Went solo to experience their Valentine's Day Sausage Specials for my first visit and will NOT be returning anytime soon! Both price and service were unacceptable, as I tried their sausage "platter", not once but twice(!) just to make sure, and did not feel I got my money's value. For $15.95, a grilled sausage in a poppyseed bun with shoestring fries, hmmmm, over-priced did you say?? And asked for salad on the second platter and of course got fries once again. Shrugs from wait staff, apologies and maybe next time. As I said, not impressed. Place does get busy, standing room only by the time I left, the four bar seats surrounded by at least 10 folks waiting for seats. $50 total for 2 hot dogs, fries and a beer, all in. Done.....
  • Photo of theproo
    4 years ago
    Been here for both brunch and dinner and have been disappointed on both occasions. The dishes appear cheap (around $7 for brunch and about $15 for main course dinner) but in fact they are pretty small so you need to add sides or go for a full 3 courses for dinner. Taste wise, the flavours are pretty average which makes me wonder why this place is so popular. At our last meal, we got fried chicken that was still raw. Basic mistake that so called experienced chefs as those claimed to own the place sold not be making. The server made no effort to replace the dish or even give us a free cup of coffee despite more than a quarter of the meal was inedible. Definitely will never be going back. Way too many good alternatives out there such as Omma and Lawrence to name a few....
  • Photo of ShawnH
    4 years ago
    You have to know what to order: yes, as noted below, their take on a matzah ball soup is pretty awful. It wouldn't pass muster at my family's seder, I can tell you that. On the other hand, their hamburgers are justifiably lauded, their fried chicken good (ask for their sweet sauce on the side, not drizzled, as it tends to dominate the taste, I find), and their sweet potato pie a solid choice. Nice breakfasts, too.
  • Photo of delinquent
    5 years ago
    I you like overly sweet and oily this is the place for you. I would not go back. The portions are small and the sweetness factor of the kormas and the butter chicken were enough to give my sweettooth a headache. The shirmp bhoona and the eggplant bhaji were good but the rest was not.
  • Photo of ca492
    5 years ago
    Nouveau Palais is our Montreal "go to"Restaurant. Had our most recent meal tuesday June 11 for my daughters graduation from University. As usual, the staff was very welcoming, the space is very casual, and the customers cover every demographic. Food is always solid, some highlights were the Spaetzle with Ramps, Pea's and Cheese, the mussels were so fresh, clean, and the Garlic Broth is alway's perfect, get extra bread for dunking! Zucchini Fritters with house made Catsup is always a winner as is the Iceberg with Blue Cheese and Bacon. The Palace Burger is one of the best Burgers in the City, there must be some short rib in it, because it's just so tender, and it was cooked perfectly, which, as a person in the industry, realize the perfectly cooked burger is actually pretty difficult. Cookies and Milk, Sweet Potato Pie, and Chocolate Pudding are the comfort desserts we love! Solid Wine and Beer list and owners that care about customer service all combine for a great experience every time. Thank you Jacques, MM and Gita for running a great operation!
  • Photo of ecruz99
    5 years ago
    Love this place, and the neighborhood. Burger was seasoned & cooked perfectly, and excellent mac & cheese.

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