Photo of Joe's Panini in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Joe's Panini in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Joe's Panini in Montreal, , CA
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Joe's Panini

Fast Food Restaurant

Joe's Panini14.5
panini • grilled chicken • prosciutto • philly cheesesteak

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  • Photo of Le Meridien Versailles Montreal
    Come for the many paninis, stay for the great old school music they play on loop.
  • Photo of Bill L
    5 months ago
    Stopped in looking for a light dinner. Joes offers several varieties of panini all for $5 each. I had the Philly cheesesteak, which was prepared for me within 5 minutes. Some great music was playing while I waited. I can't say that it was the best philly cheese that I have ever had, but it was certainly enjoyable and well worth the small price. I would definitely return to try the other varieties.
  • Photo of Fe, C
    5 months ago
    This place is a little hole in the wall with AMAZING food! We spent 4 days in downtown Montreal and hate that we waited until our last night to try it. The spicy chicken panini was so delicious and my husband said the meatball panini was also great. The guys were really friendly and the price can't be beat. If you are out of town like we were, make sure you take cash!
  • Photo of Zilya
    6 months ago
    I was passing through Montreal to do a performance and got a chance to stop in at this dive joint called Joe's. It was about 1 or 2 am mid week and the place still had a constant stream of customers. My two friends and I were the only out-of-towners there to kill time before our flight. I ordered some kind of veggie panini and had a great time people watching. The drunks and local night owls were great entertainment.
  • Photo of poulet16bits
    8 months ago
    I used to live 5 minutes from Joe's and came almost every day. Panini's are freshly prepared and ingredients are amazing, especially for the price. I love the fact that's it's open 24h. Only thing negative point would be during crowded hours after the bars close, it becomes like madness. I usually call in that case and they are very happy to prepare my panini in advance. Try the proscuito and brie, (I add extra goat cheese) or the Philly cheese. Sick!
  • Photo of Frank C
    8 months ago
    Cheap, fast and tasty. Always open, great variety. When in mtl get some joe panini anytime of the day.
  • Photo of Jenny M
    a year ago
    Stopped in for a quick dinner to go. The classic Italian panini and garlic bow tie pasta salad was delicious! Funky atmosphere if you want to eat in. Overall, great place to grab a quite bite.
  • Photo of cha7777
    a year ago
    It is one of the best place if you are looking to eat very tasty sandwich at a very good price, the place is small so it is for eat and go, try grilled chicken and philly cheese steak
  • Photo of fiachradonn84
    a year ago
    Very quirky set up here in a good way - with 3 or 4 tables inside and a terrace area for the good weather ! A lot of their business is takeaway which we had and was still piping hot at home 10 minutes later. I had the Philly cheese steak and tried my gf's grilled chicken - both amazing ! Highly Recommended
  • Photo of Chris B
    a year ago
    Setting aside the fact that Joe's is open 24 hours, for a speciality sandwich shop, this place is for real. The menu is pretty simple with a dozen or so options for the panini. I chose the prosciutto & brie, which was quite tasty warmed up on a fresh baguette. You pick your drink out of the case and pay for the meal at the counter. They only take cash and debit, but that is OK because it is a relatively inexpensive option. And (oh yeah), Joe's is open 24 hours - icing on the cake.
  • Photo of Gracie_Roberts
    a year ago
    I've known Joe's panini for a few years now. The best spot in downtown to grab a quick and tasty bite. Love it
  • Photo of Laurent G
    a year ago
    You can't go wrong with Joe's Paninis. They're full of taste, well priced and it's open 24h if you're starving after going out late.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Don't miss out on a trip to Joe's. The paninis here are perfect and cheap. I'm craving a chicken panini and hope to go again when in Montreal.
  • Photo of SBS50
    a year ago
    Cheap, close to hotel, pretty good paninis although the prosciutto on my prosciutto and brie baguette was tough. Others got tuna salad bowls that looked good and were huge. Basically a take out place - just a couple, tightly fit in tables. I think it's open 24 hours and it's next to a massage parlor so....
  • Photo of Francois_L2727
    a year ago
    The place to be for a quick panini pit stop. Try the chicken panini with a mac salad! Their prices a good as well!
  • Photo of Flavio Eduardo G
    It is a small place, almost hidden, but always full of people during the day. If you want a quick ans tasty snack this is the place.
  • Photo of Stv S
    a year ago
    Great paninis, in combination with the trio only 10 dollars for a panini, a coffee and a great yogurt! Loved it. Thanks Maybe music a little loud ;).
  • Photo of danceadream
    a year ago
    I had the brie and prosciutto panini, and it was less than $6 dollars. They are open late, and the sandwhich was good, although would have been perfect with a little bit of cranberry mayo, or a tiny bit more brie. I am giving it an average, because the shelves for chips and other things were almost bare, and the tables were all disgusting. Mind you, for a street food kind of place, not bad.
  • Photo of Me M
    2 years ago
    The seating place is not safe as it is small and on the edge of a step. The person serving for breakfast was alone and had to do many tasks on his own. It is good overall but for breakfast I could not appreciate this place as if I went for Lunch or Dinner. It is open late however.
  • Photo of AsifDeen33
    2 years ago
    Always enjoyed Joe Panini when I come to Montreal! Always packed on late night weekends but well worth the wait!
  • Photo of AlyDM05
    2 years ago
    Love the food but can't stand dining in as the chef and server are always blasting terrible music making it impossible to have a conversation while you eat. I always take food out to go. The wait can be between 10-15 minutes but the sandwich is worth it!

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