Photo of Forum de Montréal in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Forum de Montréal in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Forum de Montréal in Montreal, , CA
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Forum de Montréal

Tourist Attraction

hockey fan • multiplex cinema • alexis nihon • ice rink

2313 Rue Sainte-catherine Street Ouest
Montreal H3H 1N2, CA
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  • Photo of Thomas M
    6 months ago
    Came to the Forum to see comedians at the Comedy nest. Easy to find, the elevator has a poster letting you know exactly where to go. The cineplex is also inside to see a movie. Nice to stop at Tim Hortons before or after a show right at the entrance.
  • Photo of lhousesoccer
    6 months ago
    Being in Montreal for a youth hockey tournament, we decided to check out the old Montreal Forum. They've done a great job converting the original home of the Montreal Canadiens into an entertainment complex with bars, restaurants, move theatre, arcade etc. while preserving the look and feel of some of the original hockey arena. Some of the actual seats are still there you can sit in for a photo op, and there's a small "Hall of Fame" with banners, photos and displays of the history of the Montreal Canadiens. Great place to spend some time!
  • Photo of Anna M
    9 months ago
    Loved the fact that it is the old home of the Montreal Canadians.. fun to walk around and sit in the seats.. However it is a huge theatre! Great to go and catch a movie downtown! Every time we have gone the theatre has been empty with less than 10 people (it could be because of the movies we have been choosing to watch) Nevertheless it has been great! Comfy chairs too!
  • Photo of Karen B
    a year ago
    The Forum de Montreal is a fun place to grab a comedy show and go to a sports bar. At the sports bar, you could bowl and play pool. There is also a Cineplex movie theatre at the Forum de Montreal. The Forum de Montreal was the former home of the Montreal Canadiens. Inside, there is Canadiens memorabilia. Example, old Forum seats and many photos of The Canadiens. The walls are in the Canadiens colors. The floor looks like the Montreal Canadiens ice rink. It's a must for any hockey fan.
  • Photo of drumz
    a year ago
    Went to the Comedy Nest to get our fair share of front row abuse. The two comedians and the host were very enjoyable. Comedy is the true test of free speech and improvisation. DeAnne Smith & Derek Seguin were the featured comedians & I had fun throwing them some banter when they turned to audience participation. Everyone was well-behaved & there were no hecklers. The venue is small enough for audience engagement & rapport with the comedians with good sight lines and communication among all guests and performers.
  • Photo of Michellenech
    a year ago
    Very entertaining, attended an open mic night. Theatre was not full but comics still put on a hilarious show - especially considering that we went on a weeknight. My only recommendation would be to NOT eat nearby, as it is not the nicest part of town.
  • Photo of Alina P
    2 years ago
    A great place to hang out. There is pretty much everything someone may need. There is ample seating, restaurants, bars, pool, bowling, movie theatre and a shopping centre attached to the complex. It is also connected to the metro so freat access on rainy days and in the winter. The bowling is inside the sports bar therefore not a great place to bring kids. The pool tables, bowling lanes and cinema chairs seem a little old and used. But for the price, there is not much to complain about.
  • Photo of zambarossa
    2 years ago
    Needed something to do with the kids on a cold rainy sunday in May. Thought that bowling would be a good idea and the Forum looked like a convenient place. How wrong I was! The bowling alley was inside a sports bar! The young teenage girl at desk seemed like she is still half asleep. When I asked for the bumper guards, she seemed uninterested in helping and mentioned most were broken!! Instead of having fun, the kids ended up being frustrated as most balls went into the gutter. Not mush more luck at the arcade as it seems the machine that dispenses the play cards did not like my money. In the end, paid $30 for less than 30 minutes of frustration. I will never go anywhere close to that place and I highly suggest you don't waste your time either.
  • Photo of Nicq
    2 years ago
    I'm glad they kept the old forum, they did an adequate job displaying it's glory days. The main purpose of building is now really about entertainment. You'll find the Amc movie theatre, comedy nest, bowling and a saq then the rest is dawson classrooms and a gym.
  • Photo of Sahara18
    2 years ago
    As an comedy show, you take your chances...they can be good or bad. We had two good comedians so we were glad we attended. The layout is like a true comedy club (similar to Gotham in NYC) which means there is not a bad seat in the house. The bathrooms however are in ANOTHER club across the hall which we did not find acceptable.
  • Photo of Chocaholic777
    2 years ago
    Saw Ali Hassan here last night. Great comedian and great locale. A feat new Montreal discovery for me...and a hilarious stand-up comedian I would see again anywhere!
  • Photo of and_heartz
    2 years ago
    After visiting Centre Bell, and reading about the history of the Canadiens, we decided to drive by the original stadium of the team. To our disappointment, the building has been repurposed without visible indication of its prior life, from the outside. We could not find a heritage plaque or something similar to talk about the importance this building has to Montreal. Rather, there was lots of commercial signage advertising the stores that now reside in the forum.
  • Photo of ThomasAb
    2 years ago
    I am an unapologetic life long Habs fan. I have been meaning to do this visit for quite some time. A colleague of mine took me for the tour prior to supper. I was escorted to centre ice where I stood in the presence of The Rocket and a fan sitting in the original Forum bench seats. I am not so embarrassed to say a tear might have welled up in the corner of my eye.
  • Photo of LusoGal
    2 years ago
    We went to the Comedy Nest for our anniversary and had the best Saturday evening. Two out of three of the comedians were hysterically funny, the other guy wasn't my type of humor. I recommend ordering the Bloody Caesars extra spicy if you enjoy a spicy drink.They surprised us with VIP seating and free popcorn. We wished we lived in town because we would come here all the time. They even gave us 2 free passes to another show! We were super excited. I am so glad went there instead of any other comedy place.
  • Photo of Andre E
    2 years ago
    Accessible by metro (Atwater Station), , this place is also the departure point for buses heading West. The Forum was , for many years, the place for Stanley Cups, Maurice Richard, great hockey games and rock concerts. Today, part of the ice rink is visible but it has been redevelopped as a bold venue of entertaining that hosts restaurants, a multiplex cinema, a comedy club, a free hockey hall of fame, a billiard and pookl place. Also good clean toilets on 3rd floor . Across from it is Plaza Alexis NIhon (PAN), a friend of the Steinberg grocery store empire. It harbors a Canadian Tire, lots of stores on 4 levels, great parking if you're going to the movies across the street. Some office towers partially burnt and nasty litigation ensued. The City got sued and today,As a result, it no longer wants responsibility for Inspecting Construction to verify Code Compliance. Across the street is Dawson College, made into a high security venue after a shooting there a few years ago. Westmount Square is just west of PAN. It was designed by Mies van der Rohe who also designed Nuns island's Urban Plan and High Rise Residential Towers.
  • Photo of FBP60
    3 years ago
    While in montreal I had to visit the temple of NHL hockey - the Montreal Forum. They have done a great job converting it to alternative use whilst maintaing a sense of the building's history. Best of all - it is free to enter and look about. I was there to attend a stand-up comedy show at The Comedy Nest on the 3rd floor. Nice little club and a good show for only $12. Recommend both the Forum and the Comedy Nest
  • Photo of Lynn W
    3 years ago
    It was great to walk around the huge Montreal Forum as it is converted into many theatres and lots of quiet seating areas with framed prints of hockey and fun statues and areas for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Photo of ahoyne9
    3 years ago
    For any hockey fan this is worth taking a half hour out of your day to go see. They have original seats all over the center and still have a replica of where center ice was. There is a movie theater and a bar/bowling alley on the fourth floor. If you're in town during hockey season, stop by and go have a beer during a Habs game.
  • Photo of vladimir70
    3 years ago
    This is a very decent cineplex now, with movies being shown in English. It also has entertainment, cafes, shops. But above all they have kept certain reminders about the times when this was the legendary hockey stadium. I walked around and looked at all posters, photos, etc.
  • Photo of bsandrs
    3 years ago
    The Forum is very near to our hotel, now a multiplex cinema and indoor shopping centre, it's glory days were from the original build in 1924 until 1996, the period it was the main Ice Hockey Arena in the City. Whilst it was updated on various occasions, eventually the Hockey moved to a new purpose built Arena. Now the building has a slightly sad feel, but echoes of earlier times have been retained and at the core the floor of the Hockey Arena and part of the tiered seating have been retained. Given that there are also many pictures and momento's, it does make for an interesting visit, well worth a detour.

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