Photo of Fairmount Bagel in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Fairmount Bagel in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Fairmount Bagel in Montreal, , CA
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Fairmount Bagel

Fast Food Restaurant

Fairmount Bagel34.5
bagels • poppy seed • salmon • cakes

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  • Photo of Le Meridien Versailles Montreal
    One of the city’s most popular bagel shops. Montreal is famous for its bagels and Fairmount is one of the city’s best spots for it. 
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  • Photo of Arturo MP
    2 years ago
    Montreal bagels! good alternative to St-Viateur bagels, which are also great
  • Photo of Sarah Christensen
    Near Clark and Fairmont interesting intersection
  • Photo of Jake F
    5 months ago
    Delicious place to stop by and get some bagels while you are wandering around Montreal. The line moves really quickly and the place smells great! Try the cumin bagels if they have any: yum!
  • Photo of gastronaut_11
    5 months ago
    We didn't have to queue, which apparently is unique. The bagels are good. Freshly made. Best when hot. They do ship to all the major stores. Premises haven't changed in years.
  • Photo of Skippounet
    5 months ago
    Stopped to pick up fresh hot bagels at Fairmount with some cream cheese. I buy a dozen, but for some strange reason, when I get home there is never 12 in the bag...can't resist the smell and taste of a hot bagel.
  • Photo of vcr89
    5 months ago
    The bagels were alright--they put a lot of the toppings on but the bagels themselves were a bit dry, but it could be that's the local style. If you are visiting for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming because it is busy and they move through the line fast. If you want cream cheese you will probably want two little packs instead of one. No seating but there are a few municipal benches outside.
  • Photo of Mamunur R
    6 months ago
    We tried sesame and raisin one. Sesame one is awesome. It is totally different from regular bagel. The shape may not perfect like other store bought bagel however the taste is really great. My suggestion would eat right front of the store for best taste. Didn't like Cinnamon raisin one.
  • Photo of atso1212
    6 months ago
    I was told I couldn't leave Montreal without trying a bagel and that Fairmont was the place to go. It's a small shop where the bagels are baked fresh and there are coolers of cream cheese for you to purchase to spread on your bagels. We tried the chocolate chip bagel and the everything bagel. The chocolate chip bagel wasn't what I expected but what I liked is that the chocolate wasn't too sweet. The everything bagel however, was absolutely excellent. We tried the bagels without cream cheese and just ate them fresh as is. The bagels are a really good value too. Cash only.
  • Photo of Zimmanj
    6 months ago
    Montreal has some great bagel places but Fairmount is my favourite. There I discovered different types of bagels. My favourites are still the poppy and sesame. At Fairmount I discovered the bagel that met all of my likes. It's the "Bozo" bagel. It is slightly larger than the regular bagel but it has poppy seeds on one side and sesame on the other. I was in Bagel Heaven. Worth the trip.
  • Photo of BazRasty
    6 months ago
    Ill forgive the employee who seemed to be peeved that I asked for my bagels to be packed into carrying bags because the bagels are so good. I got them warm right out of the wood oven and they were still warm when I got to the hotel. These are one of the best bagels in the world. Whenever a family member is in Montreal they bring a lot home for the family. I believe the sesame seeds make the bagel. You can't sit down in this place - just shuffle in with the line, order your bagels and get out. They are open 24/7 I believe.
  • Photo of Eric M
    6 months ago
    Taste what a bagel was meant to taste like. Most of todays bagel are just sweetened baked bread in the shape of a bagel. The traditional bagel is shaped, boiled and then baked.
  • Photo of Annabelle G
    6 months ago
    Best bagels we've ever had. It's not a cafe -- you can buy the cream cheese in portions and get a plastic knife and off you go. You see them do the bagels and boil them and out them in the oven. We got ours hot from the oven. Yum!
  • Photo of EstiJed
    6 months ago
    Montreal is well-known for the quality of its bagels .... hand rolled, boiled, then baked in a wood burning stove ... and Fairmount has always been our family's favourite bagel destination. My son comes in from San Francisco with an empty suitcase so he can bring back dozens and dozens of bagels (they freeze beautifully). In addition to the usual choice of poppy or sesame seeds, you can get whole grain, pumpernickle, onion, etc. The bakery is open for business 24/7! Best hours to go are the in-between times or whenever you crave a hot, freshly baked bagel. Eaten straight out of the bag or topped with cream cheese and lox, you can't go wrong
  • Photo of 730jaynel
    7 months ago
    This place was the BEST BAGEL store I have ever visited. I have never had such an outstanding bagel in my whole life. It was worth waiting in line for 25 minutes to reach the counter. We will be returning to this store before we leave Montreal.
  • Photo of Nancee M
    7 months ago
    Thank God I visited your bagel shop! I grew accustomed to Bruegger's where bagels are "fine." Now that I've visited Fairmont, I realized how much I love bagels! They're tasty, soft and the short wait is worth it! Now I'm on the hunt for homemade bagels in my home town. Yay for bagels!!!
  • Photo of harvman
    7 months ago
    We borrowed a couple of BIXI bikes one Sunday morning and made our way over to Fairmount bagel - and sure enough a lineup out the door and down the street. It moves quickly though, and there is a bustle of activity as the employees make bagels in the background. There are many choices here from sesame to poppy to pretzel and pumpernickel - narrowing it down will be your toughest challenge. It's a nice touch that they have some bite-sized pieces of bagel and cream cheese to try as you make your purchase - and everyone coming out of the store was chewing happily as they left.
  • Photo of Smiley D
    7 months ago
    From what I was told before arriving in Montreal, you either go to Fairmount, or St.Viateur. I chose the former and was very happy! Fresh bagels being cranked out constantly. A bit of a lineup, but it moved very quickly and they were so very good.
  • Photo of momoboys_12
    7 months ago
    This is a bakery. There is no interior seating. But, go there and get a hot, just out of the oven bagel. Montreal bagels are boiled in a honey solution and baked in a stone oven. They are a very different creature than the New York style bagel. Worth searching out this bakery for.
  • Photo of Ivona_Kolo
    7 months ago
    The location is a bit dodgy but the bagels are great. A bit smaller and sweeter than the commercial ones we are used to. Many varieties, open 24hrs, cash only. Expect moderate to long lines.
  • Photo of swedishivy2013
    7 months ago
    The line was reaching out the door and down the stairs when we stopped by to buy bagels this morning. (Full disclosure: this was the first place we came when we got to Montreal this morning, and we have had their card hanging on our fridge since last time we were there.) Fantastic, flavorful, warm-from-the-oven Montreal bagels (skinnier than other bagels, and so good!) One caveat: they only take cash (or at least that was the policy today) -- there are a couple of ATM's within a block or two, in case you are stuck. There are so many flavors -- everything, sesame, cumin, pumpernickel, garlic, lots of others -- and you can also buy stuff to spread on the bagels, although not pre-made sandwiches, so buy some bagels and cream cheese and have a picnic in one of the nearby squares. And save some time to explore the interesting, lively neighborhood around Wilfrid Laurier metro stop, a quarter-hour or so walk north of the downtown. There is also a huge indoor farmers market nearby, as well as busy streets and lots of great places to eat and to explore and people-watch.
  • Photo of Josh A
    7 months ago
    I love bagels, all types everywhere. Fairmount bagels are great in that respect. It's fresh, recently made and tastes delicious. I gave them one star for hygiene. Saw a large portion of the staff smoking out the side while in uniforms with their aprons. They also kept the door open. Hate smoking, hate places that tolerate smoking. Staff should not smoke in their uniforms. I would consider this a health hazard to just be near the place
  • Photo of Brian B
    7 months ago
    We made a special effort to get to this must visit location .On arrival there was a queue out the door but this moved quickly.The variety of bagels offered is extensive and the bagels are cheap.A must visit if you like bagels

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