Photo of Botanical Garden Restaurant in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Botanical Garden Restaurant in Montreal, , CA
Photo of Botanical Garden Restaurant in Montreal, , CA
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Botanical Garden Restaurant


Botanical Garden Restaurant14
soup • sandwich • salads • rice

Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal H1X 2B2, CA
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    This 75-hectare oasis sits in the heart of Montreal and showcases over 22,000 plant species and cultivars, as well as a planetarium, biodome, an insectarium, themed greenhouses and gardens, including the popular Chinese Garden. A place of harmony and contrast, it illustrates the age-old principles of the Chinese art of landscape design, with the architecture, water and plant and mineral selections all expressions of the dominant design principles of yin and yang.
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  • Photo of crunchygranolamama1
    The food was over priced. There weren't very many options for people with gluten allergies. The service was terrible - the process to order and pay for your food was unclear and disorganized. The cashiers were half asleep and seemed too tired to ring up your bill.
  • Photo of Khaled A
    6 months ago
    Visited the Botanical garden.. was a real nice walk. For lunch had smoked salmon sandwich and added the soup and salad. Was way better than we expected. Carrot and potato salads were very delicious. Liked that instead of the soda they have raspberry and blueberry flavored soda. Prices were reasonable as well. Quality of the food is worth more than what they charge.
  • Photo of Brenda20162016
    6 months ago
    The food was good, not badly priced considering where you are. We all had a chicken sandwich on a nice chibatta bun, but the sauce and chicken was a little skimpy. The side of salad was very good, lived the dressing but the potato salad didn't have much flavour and the potatoes were too firm.
  • Photo of Daniel O
    7 months ago
    We visited the "restaurant terrace" at 2pm on a Tuesday and it was very very busy. It was very unclear as to what they system was for queuing as there was zero signage to tell us that both sides of their school tray canteen type set up were the same. Literally every person joining the big queue shared the same confusion, with many thinking one side might be hot food and the other cold. Once served there was a choice between two hot meal options, sandwiches and various salads. I had chicken tandoori ($13.50) but had to complain that my portion size was very dissimilar to that of their example plate and was given more. Although it was tasty as was the accompanying draught beer. If you're planning on visiting the botanical gardens you'd be wise to take a packed lunch.
  • Photo of MaxineChen
    7 months ago
    I was disappointed and embarrassed when I walked into the restaurant and realized it's a self-served cafe. It didn't serve my purpose as a coach aprpreciation lunch. Since we already walked all the way from the Olympic park, we managed to sit 6 people at a wobbling table on the patio. There were not many choices of the food and they tasted just ok.
  • Photo of Gary B
    7 months ago
    We weren't expecting much from a museum restaurant but we were pleasantly surprised. The chicken sandwich was excellent and the local brewery draft beer hit the spot.
  • Photo of Holiday-Note
    7 months ago
    Cafe type restaurant, probably the worst customer service in Montreal. The staff were very young, probably students, they looked a little tried or spaced out? The young man stated to take our order, halfway though he looked towards the window, forgot what he was doing then proceeded to start someone else's order. After some time I managed to bring it to his attention that he had not finished our order, I was having a sandwich, he asked if I wanted grilled, I said no, but then he proceeded to grill it. The actual sandwich was not what you would call the best. We wanted coffee but were told the machine had broken down. I believe there is another cafe/restaurant located near the ticket office, that one might be better?
  • Photo of Sonia H
    7 months ago
    lovely place for lunch, we had ours outside in the gardens but indoors looks good too if the weather is wet or cool. Good for the three of us, all adults, all vegetarians. Nicely presented, range of choices, large helpings of salads, good value, healthy eating. Would certainly recommend.
  • Photo of KABBANG
    7 months ago
    We enjoyed or lunch so much that at the end of our long day touring the Botanical Gardens we decided on dining here for dinner. It was a great choice because not only was the food great they also had a very talented Jazz ensemble playing which made for a really relaxing and enjoyable evening. very beautiful outside seating area, good service and very good prices Highly recommended!
  • Photo of Sachmach
    9 months ago
    A nice and efficient restaurant with a fairly wide range of offerings including a couple of vegetarian dishes and combos. Beverages of the cold and the hot variety are also available in a large range. Seating includes indoor and outdoor seating so you can decide where to sit and enjoy your meal. And do not forget to use the washrooms as there aren't any in the Gardens except in the reception area!
  • Photo of LovesToTravelSue
    Service is cafeteria style: you pick up a tray and walk along a serving line, choosing from hot food, sandwiches, salads, soup and sweets. The emphasis is on fresh, healthy options which was much appreciated. The serving sizes were generous and the prices very moderate. Sit inside or out on the lovely patio. This is one of the few options for food in the gardens and a welcome respite in our visit.
  • Photo of Grimsbybud
    a year ago
    We met our Montreal Family at the Montreal Insectarium (Great fun) before heading off to explore the greenhouses (EXTENSIVE) at the Botanical Gardens on a very rainy day. It was nearing Mid-day when we arived at the Botanical Gardens and it waas suggested by the kids that stopping for lunch, first, wouold be good! So, off we went, throough the rain to the Botanical Garden Restaurant which is just steps from the back entrance to the Gardens Green Houses. As it was a Saturday, and raining, we found the Restaurant quite full with families who had the same idea as we had. As a result, finding a place where all of us (8 in total) could sit and enjoy a lunch from the cafeteria style menu. Not a proble. The manager opened a secion alonfg the back side of the seerving counter, pulled up 8 chairs and we had a "Unch Counter' meal. The kids (ages 5 to 13) thought this was a real treat. The menu offerings had something for everyone of us, from a terrific creamed soup, wraps, both vegetarian and regular and hot options such as Salmon with dill Cream Sauce Beef roast and pork chops. All on a bed of Chive mashed potatoes. Chili (Vegan and Meat) on a bed of rice with a red cabbage cole slaw and a BIG Salad. The Salad was an accompanment on all hot items. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were, also, available was a very good poutine. everyone, kids and big people, enjoyed their choices were satisfied. I was very pleased to see the very high quality of foods and soups offered here. Service in the Cafeteria format line was quick, and well organized which saw us getting the kids sitting with their food without any whining or complaints of 'When do we eat?" or 'Im Hungry"!! Another nice thing about the Botanical Garden Restauran is the provison of space nanywhiere there is seating for pick-nicking. Families can bring their own food, sit at a propoer table and enjoy teir food. This day, with the rain, everyone ws foced to be inside but there is a large patio with chairs and table just outside the Restaurant. The Biological Garden Restaurant is a wonderful place, and has quite reasonable prices. Wjheter you are "Packing your won lunces", of planning to buy there, I recommend it, highly, as I do the Gardens and Spectacular Green-Houses.
  • Photo of HanSoloTraveler
    a year ago
    I spent so much time in the garden that I skipped lunch and was starving for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by the options available in this cafeteria style restaurant. I ordered their trio option (sandwich, soup or salad; fountain drink or tea/coffee). The chicken ranch panini was good (though could have been a bit more flavorful) and the carrot-cardamom soup was absolutely delicious. I had an option of hot teas to choose from and supplemented my meal with their potato salad. You can also order beer, wine or hard cider and their were other selections of bottled teas, water, lemonade, etc. The prices were average to me and the portions large. I enjoyed the ability to sit outside in the garden area and enjoyed the setting as much as the food. Visitors are expected to bus their own tables.
  • Photo of Jenny T
    a year ago
    Good, reasonably priced food, to be carried outside and eaten on a patio surrounded by flowering plants.
  • Photo of workTraveler54
    a year ago
    Food and coffee here is pretty good considering the application. Much of the attraction of this restaurant is the location. If you are spending some time at the botanical Garden this is the best place to stop to grab a bite. I had dinner here once and it was good and accompanied by musicians. During my last visit I had coffee and a vegetarian sandwich. That also was good. We ate on the outdoor eating area with a view of the gardens. This area had counter service. Previously for dinner we ate on the other side where there were waiters and table service. Even if you are not too hungry take a break from a day of walking the park to have coffee and dessert here watch the garden, birds, squirrels etc.
  • Photo of markdoogie
    a year ago
    It was really nice actually, one thing i was surprised.. was that it was not overpriced! Not cheap.. but the food was good quality, and the service very nice. It was a good end to a nice peaceful Visit
  • Photo of JeffBHongKong
    a year ago
    If you are going to visit the park and plan on having something quick but decent, this is the place.
  • Photo of Rachel H
    a year ago
    As this was the only facility we could find during our visit serving food and drinks we had no choice and the food was very disappointing . We do not waste our food but on this occasion we did. We had both the hot meal choices so cannot comment on sandwiches etc.
  • Photo of KeyLimeCruiser
    a year ago
    They have real food, with lite choices and heavier meal choices depending on what you prefer. There are also snacks available and plenty of drink choices to keep you hydrated. You can take food and drink into the gardens with you which we found to be a plus!
  • Photo of nets4life
    a year ago
    We had a relaxed lunch sitting outside. Chicken sandwich was great. We liked the Potato and Leek soup. They have good coffee too, in addition to wine.

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