Photo of Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt's Arm, , CA
Photo of Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt's Arm, , CA
Photo of Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt's Arm, , CA
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Fogo Island Inn


Fogo Island Inn35

210 Main Road
Joe Batt's Arm A0G 2X0, CA
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    The island is remote and rugged, but the retreat is a hyper-modern salt box with solar panels and steel stilts that rise up from craggy mores and Arctic Ocean ice floats. Every textile and piece of furniture is made locally by hand; the kitchen scours the island for every meal. The characters at the bar (woodworkers, fishermen, foragers) are priceless. 
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Sometimes referred to as the hotel at the end of the earth, Fogo Island Inn, set on the windswept coast of a small island off northeastern Newfoundland, is an all-inclusive resort with expansive ocean views from every room. Cuddle up next to the wood-stove fireplace, set against the dramatic background of the waves crashing into the rocky coastline, just beyond the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    A Photo Tour of Fogo Island: "I want to explore Fogo Island in the summertime with my fiancé, while staying at the striking Fogo Island Inn. The landscape there is beautifully stark and vast—it’s a welcome escape from New York City, where we’re blind to the stars, and the streets are alive with perpetual commotion. We’d spend the days adventuring on foot with cameras in hand, and at night we’d sit by a bonfire, built on the rocks beneath the Inn." —Dani Vernon, Assistant Photo Editor
  • Photo of BrendaGewurz
    5 months ago
    The architecture of this place is superb, lending to the orientation of the rooms looking over the harbor, and craggy shore line. Rooms are so comfortable, with home made furniture (that you can then buy). However the best part is the service and people. The hotel is part of a cooperative where all profits go back into coop to help people of fogo island gain economic stability and increase the population. No tipping policy is nice!
  • Photo of Doug K
    5 months ago
    The setting, the views, the service, the experience, the people, the relationship to the local community, the comfort, the ability to anticipate guests' every need and more are all other-worldly. Your favorite morning drink and fresh scone awaiting outside your door when you awake, the half day tour with a local community host (ours was the wonderful Al - a retired teacher), the desire of the hotel for its guests to enjoy every possible minute and thus their driving your car the night before to get in line for the ferry and shuttling you in time to make your scheduled departure, the ability to eat at any restaurant on the island (there aren't many) and since the stay is full board and since the hotel helps boost the local economy the restaurant just bills the inn for your meal, the availability of a massage if you just happen to want one...all included. One would expect that hotel guests would want to be reclusive - for the price of the stay. But the experience leads guests to want to share their daily activities with other guests and the majestic dining room lends itself brilliantly toward that end. It may sound corny, but the hotel builds community. It's actually not surprising given the fact that the whole concept of the Fogo Island Inn is to build a deep economic and social relationship with the residents of Fogo Island - spinning off furniture and quilting enterprises and engaging so many community hosts in welcoming new arrivals. One night we sat next to the former travel editor of a major Canadian newspaper and asked him if he knew of any comparable experience. He mentioned wonderful resorts and hotels but nothing that resembles the fully-integrated experience of the Fogo Island Inn. The food was great, the floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean spectacular, the decor brilliant - but in the end it is the experience that will endure as a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for my wife and me. Yes, the hotel is expensive BUT it is truly unforgettable.
  • Photo of Colleen C
    5 months ago
    Outstanding establishment, exceptional food, superb view of water from most areas of the hotel, but most memorable thing are the employees who treat you like family. Well worth the expense. All meals are included, breakfast,lunch and dinner. All meals were memorable and tasty. No tipping was a nice touch.
  • Photo of Minnowist
    5 months ago
    We had the luxury of staying at Fogo Island Inn for a week this July. While I was initially afraid that it would be too long on the island, by the end I was listing all the things we could do if we just had a few more days... The design of the inn is stunning, but so comfortable and welcoming, that it was such a pleasure to return each day. We enjoyed our time: - hiking - we covered most, if not all, of the hikes outlined in the pamphlet they give you - Oliver's Cove and Lion's Den were favourites, but they were all great - visiting Little Fogo and iceberg watching - taking a day to visit one of the inland cottages and trout fishing - sitting outside on the rocks relaxing and taking in the view - eating way too much crab than was good for me - taking in the atmosphere of all of the different towns on the island The service was outstanding. Everyone was incredibly friendly and sincerely wanted us to enjoy our stay. Sandra and the rest of the front desk team not only helped us plan some amazing days, but were fun to talk with each day. The food was great - the menu did not change, but we were able to mix it up by taking picnic lunches on our hikes, visiting Nicole's (recommended) and making a few requests of the kitchen which were very kindly accomdated. Small touches (like discovering housekeeping had replaced my toothpaste that was running out) and big things (like being welcomed to Foley's shed and a personal fishing cabin) added up to one of the most enjoyable hospitality experiences I've ever had. My suggestion for guests is to be very forthcoming with what you'd like to experience, and ask a lot of questions - given time and the right cues, they will come up with things you wouldn't know were possible. Thank you to everyone at the inn. We hope to return soon.
  • Photo of TorontoRoemer
    5 months ago
    A truly outstanding experience. From the moment we arrived until the moment we departed every aspect was exceptional. Our room, and I believe all rooms, have a panoramic view of the ocean. The rooms are spacious and well equipped. Furnishings are quite unique. All meals over three days that the four of us had were excellent. Activities we undertook were biking, hiking, a tour by a local community host and a boat tour to Little Fogo. The latter offered outstanding photo opportunities, particularly of the huge Puffin population and the old, largely abandoned, community on one of the islands.
  • Photo of Kerry R
    6 months ago
    Let's get price out of the way. It is eye-waterlingly expensive. But, you only live once, so you might as well as enjoy it. But, it's worth every penny. Everything has been carefully considered: the furnishings, the food, the advice, transportation. Even better the small touches: instead of having to leave the Inn to get in the queue for the ferry back to the mainland, they will drive and park your car in the queue the night before, then drive you to your car the next day--this way you only have to spend 45 minutes instead of hours!. You really don't need a car on the island-why? Because they will pick you up or drive you to any location; if you want to go for a walk, that's fine-they will drop you off; simply call them when you want a pickup. Even better, they will let you drive one of the 35 cars in the flight. So. leave the car on the other side of the ferry-board as a foot passenger and arrange for Fogo Island Inn to pick you up on the otherside. There are some many other interesting aspects: provision of the community host is inspirational. We were blessed to be hosted by Roy Dwyer; Roy was the Math teacher at the local High School for 20 years and knows everyone (and everything) on the Island; he is also an author (4 books), poet, local historian and so much more. We spent 4 hours with him including a visit to Twiling, which is more Irish than can be found in Ireland today. Where else can you find an in-house cinema with films on-demand. If you want to watch a film at 1030pm, simply ask at the reception and they will set something up. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: always something interesting on the menu. Yes, wines are expensive, but they're expensive everywhere in Newfoundland! Take advantage of the hot tub on the roof, especially if the sun is shining. There are only two items that were out-of-place with sustainability message being promoted by the Inn and the feeling of peace and tranquility: the high-tech Japanese-style toilet with remote control and numerous functions--Why? And, even worse, a "white noise" function. Apparently, some people from cities can't sleep without noise, so you can adjust the amount of "white noise" in your room. This is the most ridiculous item I have ever seen in a hotel. The point of coming to Fogo Island is to experience the silence of Fogo, the sea and environment, not to replicate the noise of London, Paris or New York. I don't get it! What more can I say. Would I return: absolutely.
  • Photo of CdeSanctis
    6 months ago
    I find it always concerning to visit an hotel coming in with high expectations. This time expectations were higher than high despite all my efforts and so was my fear of disappointment. And then we got there and going through the introduction to the hotel and the island and reading some of the material available in the room, you are reminded over and over that the Inn and the charitable foundation that runs it have the aspiration to make your stay almost a mystical experience and that during your stay they want you to become part of the Fogo community or group of communities... and so my skepticism grew even further... And then after 3 days I left (we left as we were two families with a total of 6 kids) and when we left we left behind a piece of our hearts in Fogo ... and we all left richer human beings, we left with a special smile on our faces that lasted through days and maybe longer... We left feeling part of a wonderful, generous, colorful community that is not ours... We left inspired by Zita, the Innkeeper, the entrepreneur, the visionary, the kind, authentic soul of Fogo... I will not write a traditional review today, it wouldn't feel right as Fogo Island and it's Inn gave us more than a 5 star experience: they showed us a different way of life, maybe not ours, certainly not ours but nevertheless so meaningful and so valuable. All I can say, dear Fellow Traveler is that if you find yourself in that part of the world and do please take a wide meaning to "part of the world" make any effort possible to visit Fogo Island and it's Inn.
  • Photo of Robert C
    6 months ago
    The setting is spectacular , room was looking directly over the North Atlantic , whales swimming in front of the window within sight range. Staff were amazing , nothing too much they could not do to make our stay special. Some special hikes and places to see the culture of the island. Will be back.
  • Photo of Julie W
    6 months ago
    This was our first visit! The Inn & the views are beyond what I expected. I knew from pictures it was a beautiful place but it exceeded my expectations!! The views, rooms, staff & meals were excellent!! Got to meet the owner of the Inn & she was lovely! We had around the clock room service as well! All the staff are very friendly & helpful! The island was much larger than we imagined! Clem took us on a 4hr. tour of the island which gave lots of interested info with a great sense of humour! When we arrived first at the ferry we were greated by a great couple Aubrey & Marie! I would highly recommend the Inn!! I will never forget the experience! It was a dream come true!!
  • Photo of E R
    6 months ago
    This was our second visit at the Fogo Island Inn. Once again a remarkable stay in a ruggedly beautiful spot. The hotel, run as a community social enterprise, is a feast to the eyes. The furniture, designed for the inn and made by local craftsmen in a workshop owned by the Shorefast Foundation, combines traditional craft and color with modern comfort, beds are covered with beautiful handmade quilts, Our local host, a retired math teacher, provided an informative and enjoyable behind the scenes view of the local fishing industry. Our meals were beautiful, innovative, and delicious. We hiked across the rugged terrain awed by the majesty of the rock formations and power of nature over the ages to sculpt the landscape. Don't miss the boat trip to Little Fogo Island!
  • Photo of Judi D
    6 months ago
    The owner said that they wished to greet guests as third cousins.....and they more than succeed. From the moment we were met in Gander to the moment we said "au revoir" we were pampered and entertained. This inn offers a complete experience beyond our expectations. It is very expensive, a real treat for us, and it is worth the expense.
  • Photo of Rebecca Z
    6 months ago
    Our 3 night stay at Fogo Island Inn was hands down the highlight of our trip around Newfoundland. I could sense my husband and I would have an amazing experience even prior to arrival. A few weeks before, we received a postcard anticipating our arrival. We also received e-mails confirming our arrival/departure plans (which later I found to be very important to provide to them). On the day we were to arrive, we planned to take the ferry with our car. As we pulled into the ferry line, I saw a lady holding a Fogo Island Inn sign. When I walked up to her to say hello, she and her husband graciously welcomed us with a bag of water and snacks and made sure that the front desk was aware of our arrival. Additionally, she said that in the event our car wouldn't be able to make it onto the ferry (there were 2 weddings and a music festival occurring, so there was already a huge line formed when we arrived), they would make sure we would get on and shuttle us to the hotel while our car would take the later ferry. I was completely blown away that the hotel would even consider doing this for their guests! Fortunately, our car (barely) made it on the ferry and it was a sigh of relief when we finally arrived at the hotel. We were well taken care of from start to finish during our stay. All of the staff were superb and professionally trained to not only cater but anticipate your needs. I told them ahead of time I was lactose intolerant and all the dining staff remembered my restriction before I told them! I reserved the Newfoundland Suite on the 4th floor with the most gorgeous floor to ceiling view of the ocean you could imagine. The layout of the room was very spacious, comfortable and thoughtfully designed. I really liked how there were a lot of areas to store your things and loved the layout of the bathroom and shower. The fancy toilet was an additional surprise that started a lot of interesting conversations with other hotel guests. I really loved our room a lot. All of the meals were included in our stay and were excellent. Though the menus did not change during our stay, there were enough options to not feel like you are just eating the same thing over and over (roughly 6-8 options for each sitting). I highly recommend checking in with the activities desk to see if there are spots open for the Community Dinner. The dinner is included and limited to only 8 guests per night (meal served family style). It was a great way to meet other guests staying at the inn. Perhaps we lucked out in having really interesting guests during our dinner, but we ended up keeping in touch with them well after our stay! There were surprisingly countless activities to do on such a small island. We took advantage of the included orientation activity, where a Fogo Island local gave us a private half day tour of the island. Our guide (Fergus) was super friendly and personable and really made our visit memorable. We also did the boat tour (for a charge), where we visited a remote little Fogo Island, got to jig for cod and pass by a small island of puffins and even bald eagles! I highly recommend that activity. If you don't have a car, you can drive one of their vehicles and explore the island by yourself. We hiked a few of the trails and found them all to be quite beautiful and enjoyable. On the day we had to depart (the saddest day, indeed), the front desk arranged to have our car line up at the ferry station the night before to assure that it would get on the boat. It allowed us to sleep in a little, have a leisurely breakfast and be shuttled to our car without any stress (of note, the line was LONG when we arrived and was very thankful our car was at the front of the line!). The cost of the stay was certainly shocking, but totally worth it. It was definitely a stay that ranks within my top 3 hotels we've stayed at and 3 nights was definitely not enough. I would highly recommend at least 4 nights to really take in and absorb the environment as well as the impeccable service the inn provides.
  • Photo of SeattleSandra
    6 months ago
    This is only the second time l have ever written a hotel review but the Fogo Island Inn is so remarkable, l wanted to share my experience. This is the type of travel that is inspirational, behavior changing and amazingly, also charitable! The Fogo Island Inn, the beauty of Fogo Island, and the local islanders make it so easy to experience an incredible adventure and do a little bit of giving back at the same time! This not for profit Inn is truly amazing; from the beautiful architecture of the Todd Saunders buildings, to the community made furniture, and the locally forged food. Every detail is thoughtfully executed in the most humble, dignified way. Zita Cobb, the creator of the Shorefast Foundation and the hotel, must be so proud. Zita has also shared her special gift of thoughtfulness with her staff, as l have never experienced such attention to detail. Each time l engaged with a staff member the level of service l received exceeded the last experience. Frankly, the staff at the Fogo Inn puts the service at other five star resorts to shame. Please also note that the room rate per night is based on a two person, full board (three gorgeous meals a day, snacks and catered picnics), all gratuities, all on site activities, a fully personalized island orientation, four artist studio hiking tours, local musical entertainment, an in house gallery exhibit, a cinema, and if you are lucky a presentation from Zita Cobb! I mention the room rate as initially the price seems rather high, but once you break it down and realize how many amenities are included, the rate quoted is reasonably priced. Plus most importantly, any surplus goes back to the Shorefast Foundation which funds many local projects on the island. All in all, a gift of an experience from beginning to end.
  • Photo of Joann M
    6 months ago
    Togo Island Inn is a special place for those who want a totally thought out, understated luxury. Even before reaching the Hotel staff are there to get guests from the airport or the ferry and to provide all the information which will make a stay memorable. The design is like no other in its austere connection to the rock and ocean around it. Rooms are large and comfortable. Every room faces the ocean, the windows stretch from floor to ceiling and every bed has a view of the ocean from the rock below the hotel to the horizon. Food is local, exquisite and available more often than I could imagine. The most important element of the experience is the staff. They welcome guests as if they were welcoming them to their own homes.
  • Photo of Dave B
    6 months ago
    I agree with most of the other reviews so don't have much to add - a very special place, that also makes a difference to help the survival of the local community. Top tip: take sunglasses to dinner. Fantastic views, with the setting sun shining into the dining room. A few added perspectives: - While this is very high end, it is also poor value from the perspective that this cost us, a family of four about $3250 a night, and boy you can do very well with that kind of price tag. On the other hand, there are only 29 rooms with many unique things so I imagine they need to charge a lot to make it work. That said ... it is a unique experience, and so if you have the money, it is worthwhile visiting ... ... and you also help perpetuate island life since the Inn is owned by a trust with profit going to the local community which was otherwise slowly withering away as the fisheries fell on hard times and young folk move away. - We loved the food. It is a la carte, but the menu doesn't change in the three days we were there, so we were ready for a change by the time we left. The menu is unique - everything is a gourmet version of traditional Newfoundland dishes. Interesting food, done very well, and creatively, though nothing a local would necessarily recognize from their own kitchen. I liked the fish and brewis but it was nothing like what my grandmother would make. - but what is truly special are the little unique experiences - having a local tour guide that is easy to get to know; we made friends with most of the dining room staff over the three days and one (unsolicited) arranged for a local restaurant to make me traditional fish and brewis to pick up on our way to the ferry; the two Newfoundland dogs; a woodburning stove in the room with floor to ceiling windows looking out to sea (with 50 or so icebergs we could count); and I could go on ... - Oh, and there are binoculars in the rooms. - BTW, if you are a runner, note that the trails around the inn are hard to follow since they are not well worn.
  • Photo of Heather D
    6 months ago
    We had an absolutely amazing time at the Inn. The entire place was incredibly cozy and elegant against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes of rugged cliffs and beautiful cold blue ocean. We took full advantage of the restaurant, bar, hot tubs and sauna and enjoyed a boat tour complete with puffins and icebergs. The staff were simply wonderful! While we were there, one of their staff members, Justine, found out that we were interested in getting some freshly caught cod, so she gave us some cod that her father had recently caught (and refused to take any money for it). It was such a sweet and welcoming gesture. We also did their complementary orientation of the island with a local gentleman named Martin. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed this portion of our trip! Martin was so friendly and kindhearted. He showed us around to some of the most beautiful places on the island and even let us munch on some fresh produce we picked from his vegetable garden. Overall we give the Inn a solid 5 stars and highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in visiting this beautiful corner of the Earth.
  • Photo of GibsonHyde
    6 months ago
    There are countless blogs and reviews littering the internet about Zita Cobb's amazingly generous deed to the inhabitants of Fogo Island, by building them an Inn that would attract tourism from all around the world. But in addition to the ridiculously photogenic architecture (I couldn't stop taking photos from all angles), the incredibly helpful and delightful staff and the beautifully presented locally (and regionally) sourced meals, it was the little gestures of kindness that makes this place as unique and special as it is. The morning sunrise basket of hot scones and coffee, the bespoke orientation tour by one of the locals, the handwritten notes of welcome and farewell, the departure bag with sandwiches and treats for the long ride home and the many other wonderful ways you get treated as a member of the family rather than a foreign hotel guest without a name. As much as this may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I CANNOT wait to visit again.
  • Photo of Lori P
    6 months ago
    Nothing can beat the fogo inn. Every detail was thought through from the greeters at the ferry assuring your arrival to the chef and the dining room staff. Everyone was given a private tour of the island and enjoyed views to die for. The owner and dreamer of this fantastic place is so well thought of by the entire island. It was a pleasure to experience.
  • Photo of Sundancer47
    6 months ago
    We really didn't know what to expect when we arrived at the Fogo Island Inn. But from the start it was enchanting. Even the sort of modesty with which there are almost no signs from the road directing you there - you just have to find your way, round the back of the church and along the track ... and then you end up in a place that is just totally special. The architecture of the hotel dominates its surroundings. Not in a bad or jarring way, but it is certainly a presence - and so it should be; almost everyone we spoke to on the island told us how it has transformed the island, and the lives of the people who live there, immeasurably for the better. Every aspect of the customer experience is outstanding. The reception staff; the men and women who look after you in the restaurant; the fabulous community guide who shows you round the area, and who brings the stories, the people and the communities to life. They are all unfailingly helpful, polite and charming. But the experience starts before that with a lovely couple who meet you in the queue for the Fogo Island ferry, and who will if necessary, bring your car to the hotel if there is no space. In many ways the views are the super-stars of this experience. The enormous sky, the sea horizon with icebergs making a stately progress across the window of your hotel room, the rocky foreshore and the soothing sound of the sea as you drop off to sleep. When you walk across the rocks at this time of year, you see endless berries, all with enchanting names that go back for generations, and all of which make for gentle grazing on your way round. And then there is the food. By far - by a hundred miles - the best that we have eaten during our time in Newfoundland. that's not to say that elsewhere it has been anything but good - the fish here is just outstanding, and comes straight out of the sea - but the way that it is prepared and presented at the Fogo Island Inn is as good as any restaurant that we have been to in London ... honestly. And finally there is the fact that this whole hotel, and the way it is set up, is there to benefit the community. It is an immensely ambitious, and successful, social enterprise with the profits now beginning to be ploughed back into the community. I am incredibly impressed by this. All in all, this is a place that deserves to be successful. It deserves to be loved, and we will certainly come back. I could say so much more... Oh and by the way, our room, one of the Labrador Suites, was just heavenly.
  • Photo of Jenmac48
    7 months ago
    This review has been quite difficult to write, not because I don't want to offend, but because what I want to say may be seen as so uncritical as to be unbelievable. We spent three wonderful nights in this amazing Inn and this friendly, welcoming, Island community. The Inn and its people speak to something within that makes you feel so good. Another reviewer has called that "soul" and I concur with this sentiment. The food, the service, the thoughtful touches all combine to make this a unique experience, one to be treasured and remembered. This is not your typical 5 star hotel. It's not opulent by the standards of some other establishments but absolutely nothing has been overlooked in creating a wonderful experience for guests. Bespoke furnishings, many locally crafted, make the brilliantly fitted out rooms warm and homely. We chose to have the "day breaker" basket delivered each morning. The coffee, juice and warm muffins, scones etc, taken sitting in cosy armchairs whilst watching the day unfold to the sound and sight of the waves on the rocks below was joyful. It would be possible to wax even more lyrical about every bit of the Inn experience, but it's all there in articles and other reviews. For us the lived experience of the Inn exceeded the written words. The best part of that lived experience was the people on the staff and in the community. It is they who bring this unique building, in this unique setting to life, and help create the special memories we're taking with us. Thank you.

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