Photo of Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, , CA
Photo of Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, , CA
Photo of Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, , CA
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Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery


great beer • free samples • pretzels • different beers

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  • Photo of Jillian L
    3 months ago
    The food here is incredible. They seem to be very understaffed, however and that makes for a very unpleasant visit. I have been here multiple times and it never changed. If you want good food and don't mind waiting 15 minutes for a menu, another 20 for a drink and never getting a refill on your beer. If this was based on food and beer I would give them a 5 out of 5. Unfortunately I think next time I'll elsewhere based on the service.
  • Photo of servicecounts-az
    3 months ago
    I knew they did craft beers, did not know they also served food! Very generous portions and amazing range of beers. This is a must visit and I'll guarantee you'll return.
  • Photo of TheRyan23
    4 months ago
    Make no mistake this is one fantastic Brewery. We had the pleasure of taking a brewery tour with a brewmaster that was one of the most knowledgeable and friendliest people that I've ever come across who really made the experience amazing. The amount of passion that this man had in his role was clear and it was also a reflection of the entire staff at this Brewery. It truly is the service that makes this place wonderful and it's also an additional perk that the beer itself is incredible.
  • Photo of Crazyladybird
    4 months ago
    I loved this place so much that I ate here both of the days that I stayed in Barrie. The decor and general vibe is just awesome. The sort of place that wouldn't look out of place in New York or London. The food is also amazing. I had a turkey wrap with double cooked chips (fries to you North American types) on the first visit (delectable and, trust me, I am a chip aficionado). On the second I tried the cooked olives, the pretzel with cheese dip and the hot wings (lovely - but go a level below the heat you think you can handle). The staff were all really helpful and ready to suggest a menu choice or ask you if you needed a drink when refreshment levels were getting low. I found the service the perfect balance of attentive but without being in your face. I am totally conflicted by this place because I think it should branch out internationally so I can have a local branch to visit (if you want a UK expansion partner you've found one) but while still remaining a cool independent microbrewery. You really are missing out if you go to Barrie and don't visit this place!
  • Photo of Jophmo1
    4 months ago
    I don't know who is doing the marketing for this brewery, but they need a raise. The moment you walk in, you are in awe of all of the colors, designs, paraphernalia, etc that you will see in relationship to their bottles, cans, souvie's, ceiling, walls, etc. It's just a fun place to go to. In addition to the actual brewery, you can get a beer or food before or after the tour (actually you can take a glass of beer with you on the tour) The tour is free, and very interesting, and takes about 45 minutes. Amazing place. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our tour guide....and had a beer to boot.
  • Photo of djstevefunk2016
    5 months ago
    Cool venue downtown with large screens displaying the selection of beers with ABV and prices by various measures. Good atmosphere and very friendly.
  • Photo of williamjs0413
    5 months ago
    This is a very cool spot on Dunlop with great service. The food is awesome and how can you go wrong with the name? The beer, of course , is terrific!
  • Photo of Lynn M
    5 months ago
    This is a quirky and unique craft brewery. The beer tour was interesting and fun. The flights were delicious. It's worth the stop.
  • Photo of tmcmathteacher
    5 months ago
    Great place for some awesome beer and delicious bar food! The Great Big Pretzel with beer cheese was yummy! The Wings were fantastic! The staff was great! And the Decor was AWESOME!
  • Photo of John B
    6 months ago
    We dropped in to pick up some beers. It was a hopping place. Would have loved to have stayed for some pints on the patio. Great decor and design. Love the beer as well.
  • Photo of MuttsH
    6 months ago
    Visited recently when staying with friends in Barrie. Great experience. Friendly staff brilliant atmosphere and proper well brewed good craft beer. Over 16 to choose from. Don't miss it when in the area.
  • Photo of Sheila W
    6 months ago
    Great place to grab a cold one, take a tour or throw a party! Definitely worth a visit to check out how things are made.
  • Photo of RayUrban
    6 months ago
    Cannot pass trough Barrie without stopping by. Very cool décor with variety of beer brewed on premises. The Brewery has come a long way since opening and I have been a fan. Service however needs some work, very young staff with lack of supervision not being able to even pour a proper beer. Tons of wastage, hurts to watch. Please train all new staff on how to pour beer, unless of course wastage is what you are going for in a first place ;)
  • Photo of stigs17
    6 months ago
    Visited with a friend on July 4, 2017, both craft beer enthusiasts. Hoptical Illusion, Juicy and Smashbomb Atomic are regulars in my bar fridge, so was eager to check this place out. Located in an eclectic neighborhood in the heart of Barrie near the water. You will have to fight for a metered parking spot in this congested area, but once you're here, well, well worth it. In Barrie, this is where it's at! Warmly welcomed by all three staff: Jaime, Zara & Kathy with a K. All as colorful as the labels, and humorous and witty as the one-liners under the cap! It's a slightly alternate universe where normal is weird and individuality is celebrated - gotta love it. Entering this place is a sensory overload, which surely was the intention. With all the unique memorabilia occupying every square inch of wall & ceiling space, the visual "Fear and Loathing in LV" effect is reminiscent of the Kingston Brewing Co, Ontario's oldest brew pub. Jaime provided an interesting tour of the spotless facility. Dude knows his stuff, and likely has a career in broadcasting lined up. Interesting watching the hyper-speed bottling in action - now I see why the occasional FM brew has a bit of sticky residue on the side. Met a number of interesting characters while on the tour. Given the offbeat humor and wit of their marketing, one gets the sense it's a requirement for employment here. Then on to the tasting session, where Zara & Kathy provided top-notch service. Flying Monkeys have 16 beers on tap. FM aficionados will recognize nearly half right away: Hoptical, Amber, AntI-Gravity, Netherworld, Mythology, Smashbomb, Juicy. From experience, Hoptical, Smashbomb & Juicy are all wonderfully hoppy APAs. Did a flight of these with an ale and all tasted better than at home, which is saying something. The fresh hops are incredible, sourced from across North America and top quality. Check out the beautiful lacing of the glass as you consume these works of art. This leaves at any given time 8-10 seasonal/monthly/weekly/brewer's select craft beers unique to the brewery, not available at your local Beer Store. My biggest peeve - a small one - is the vast majority of these unique brewery-only choices were mainly either 10% alc. or rich stouts. Neither is an appealing option on a +30'C summer afternoon if one wishes to stay awake for dinner! Was hoping for more 5.0 - 7.0% APAs along the lines of Hoptical, Smashbomb & Juicy. Wanted to try #16 on the menu (you'll have to go to see what it is), but unfortunately there was a problem with the line that was likely sorted out in short order. Non-beer notes: Limited menu here, but the hot pretzels were terrific - strongly recommended. Thoroughly enjoyed the free old-school pinpall, and two cool machines to boot. Check out the walls on the way down to the bathrooms. Fun music playing the entire time. Some places just nail everything. Wonderfully quirky and perfectly clean individual bathrooms. Steep stairs. Definitely not wheelchair friendly, so beware! I'm guessing the owner is an interesting character. Pleasant array of FM trinkets for sale. As for the beer, shame one can only take away 32oz or 64oz growlers, which will mainly appeal to locals with regular fill-ups. No bottles or cans for sale here. Gotta love a brewery where one has to edit beer names to enable a review to pass the language police on tripadvisor. Nice to see the brewery behind all the beer being consumed back home. Overall, having visited dozens of breweries throughout North America, this is near the top. Why? The quality of the people and, perhaps more importantly to some, the beer.
  • Photo of FoodieTee87
    7 months ago
    Our waitress was awesome and helped us out with recommendations. She was knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere was unlike any other bar. Absolutely loved it! We will return hopefully for a tour of the brewery this summer!
  • Photo of CliffWeir
    7 months ago
    My wife and I love The Flying Monkeys brewery, we go to the Toronto's Beerfest every year to see what cool new stuff are they working on. We also love their Barrie brewery and pub. Visited last week Friday, sat at the bar and the service was terrible. let me explain for the owners: There was this young lovely lady that wasted 2 pints to pour a half, we could not believe our eyes. The seasoned staff were around and watched her do it, didn't bring it up, show her how to do it right, nothing. So much wastage of the delicious beer, I couldn't watch. The guy in charge, or at least pretending to be was terrible, did not listen just made assumptions. No trouble there, I can repeat myself until he gets it. What I cannot handle is him rudely turning away a group of at least 8 paying customers. They inquired about sitting on the patio (some chairs were stacked up) and he said there is no way I can do that, we are closing in 45. WOW The whole bar of people started chatting about it afterwards, I guess not many will be coming back.
  • Photo of Neil A
    7 months ago
    Good food and beer but almost all beer have a grapefruit flavour. The chili and aoli are really good. Also the veggie wrap is excellent, and I'm a big meat eater.
  • Photo of William E
    7 months ago
    Have fun sampling some great beers with the recommended food for each one. Scenic view of the bay and an enjoyable lunch location.
  • Photo of Carl P
    8 months ago
    Great spot to poo in, have some good beer and quick food. Services is friendly and quick. Would recommend!!!
  • Photo of ct-cruisers
    8 months ago
    I stopped here to check out the place. I had just missed the start of a tour. Inside, the lounge reminds me of New Orleans. Cool blues music in the background. I had the breakfast Porter which was excellent.

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