Photo of Hopi Hari in Vinhedo, St, BR
Photo of Hopi Hari in Vinhedo, St, BR
Photo of Hopi Hari in Vinhedo, St, BR
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Hopi Hari

Tourist Attraction

fun • campinas

Rod. Dos Bandeirantes
Km 72, Vinhedo 15650-000, BR
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  • Photo of Ariel R
    3 months ago
    *Too expensive for the product *Parking is more expensive than the park itself *Dirty *In desperate need of maintenance and upkeeping just a paint job will do *At least 50% of the rides closed *Bizarre they do maintenance during work hours so rides are closed due to doing the daily maintenance check instead of doing that before the park opens *Barely any good and zero good food *food places don't take most credit cards and you have to make two lines, one to pay then another one to order and pickup food *The employees have no energy, probably a reflection of the pay *Worst amusement park I ever been and I been to over 75 countries I give it an -F.
  • Photo of Santosh J
    4 months ago
    We went when there was offer going on, on ticket prices. When we went in, more than half of the rides were not working. Also, we had to stand in queue for almost all the times. Also, very far away from main city of Sao Paulo. Taxi charges were too much for us.
  • Photo of fabioandtami
    8 months ago
    Too expensive. You have to wait hours in line to play, yes, "hours". The rollercoaster took us almost three hours. Too many attractions closed. It was nice before but now it's a failure.
  • Photo of luke_verhoeven
    10 months ago
    We got our tickets for a special price of R$ 41 online, which seems a really good deal. The parking is expensive ( R$ 55 a car) and you immediately see how bad maintained the park is, when you enter the parking lot. We waited 30 minutes in line to enter the park, even though we already had tickets. The line was gigantic, because they opened only 2 turnstiles. Inside the park, you can see that it must have been fun a few decades ago. Now a days many rides are not opening (they are not safe???), souvenir shops are empty and restaurants are closed. From the 40 rides that the park has, only 9 rides were available (including some silly kids rides). The food is horrible and extremely expensive ( R$ 10 for a slice of pizza that was too fat R$ 10 for a portion of fries that were partly raw and extremely salty ) Overall a bad experience
  • Photo of defselectas
    2 years ago
    Very expensive entry fee, most attractions were closed, you have to pay extra for most of the attractions or wait in queue without shadow for over two hours. Never again!!!
  • Photo of BperesBR
    2 years ago
    Place is big but not thematic, no stories, no different attractions. If its raining you can't go anywhere. Difficult and expensive to eat. Huge lines. Try to do a flow against the crowd going to eat after everyone, so you can get better lines to face.
  • Photo of Oliver E
    2 years ago
    A lot of attractions were closed. Horrible queues on the remaing attractions (up to 4 hours) in the hard shining sun. Not even all the attractions were included in the entrance fee. Food is horrible. Really the badest fun park i've ever seen!
  • Photo of SimonePerez
    2 years ago
    A lot attractions were closed, making a lot queue. Food there are very expensive (and horrible taste) food (food picture in the restaurant wall are totally different what they gave to us). Roller coaster opened only 30min before close the Hopi Hari. After paid a very expensive entrance, inside the hopi hari has another pay attractions that promoters try to sell. Ridiculous. I wish my money back
  • Photo of superemrah
    2 years ago
    İn brazil this he place for get fun and its good for adults too.On the ay to campinas and easy to reach as well.
  • Photo of Morten K
    2 years ago
    Very expensive entrance fee (99r$) and 9 attractions were closed - the biggest ones I wanted to try. However, the big wooden roller coaster was good value and we tried several times. No map of the park was given upon entering the park, which is the custom everywhere else, so you have no idea what attractions they have, their names, or their placement. The website didn't properly display information about the closed attractions. Everything was in Portuguese so I, as an English speaker, didn't understand anything. Luckily my girlfriend could translate things for me. The staff was mostly indifferent and a bit rude when approached with questions. We arrived at the park at 10 and left already at 15. Haven't left a park that early before.
  • Photo of Jose Claudio L
    2 years ago
    My visit was during the Brazilian school vacations. Neverthless, half of the attractions were closed. The remaining ones with 1:30hrs (average) lines; except for the roler coaster (3:30hrs, est.), and guess what: it broke after 1:30hrs in the line., under a desert-like sun. Incredibly, the park management did not offer any compensation for this shameful occurrence. Plus, clearly the park needs to review the way people work and repair many of the attractions.
  • Photo of argripp
    2 years ago
    The park is great but take some time to make a search on the site before going and don't go if you find too many attractions closed. I've got two free passports ("raffled" at a "sale") but when I went, not more than five interesting attractions were working. Consequently, their lines were larger and all of them crowded (we've took 3,5h hour to play at Montezum). I found many couples there at the same situation. What we all concluded is that, unfortunately, the park administration think it's worthwile us to spend our time and money at their minimal profitable services (parking, restaurants, stores,...) and don't realize that its clients entertainment are the best marketing and where they should really invest. I won't go back and don't recommend going if U find most part of their attractions are not working.
  • Photo of Aubrey E
    2 years ago
    79R$ for the entrance (~25€). The bulk was closed, the attractions and the boothes. The attractions there were opend are crowded (2h waiting). The rollercoaster "New montezum" is in an miserable condition because it is very bumpy. No more!!!
  • Photo of Fagner C. A
    2 years ago
    Hopi Hari was an amazing theme park for us! But it has changed! So many rides are closed and you don't have fun any more! The ticket is so expensive as everything inside it! My opinion: don't spend your money with them!
  • Photo of Tatiana B
    3 years ago
    The car parking space was extremely expensive. Huge lines to buy food. Not many healthy options for food and the price was expensive. Too many attractions were closed. My4 year old son loved one attraction that lasted for 3 minutes and we stayed 1 hour and 20 minutes in line. When it ended he cried for more but i refused to enter in a 2 hour line for that attraction. I wont come back!!
  • Photo of Fernando B
    3 years ago
    This Park is no longer the same it used to be. Gigantic lines, a lot of rides closed, and I mean it, like 50% of all attractions are closed, including the elevator and roller-coaster, restaurants, etc. The park is dirty with bad administration. I'm really sad to see what it has become.
  • Photo of DinhaBra
    3 years ago
    By the time it was opened, it was a great amusement park. I loved going there and spend some time with friends. But now it has become a rip-off. You can't enjoy all its attractions, and it's not because the park has a lot. It's because the park is so crowded that you spend half of your visit in the line of a single attraction. I don't believe it's worthy anymore!!!
  • Photo of JuniorMazzagardi
    3 years ago
    Hopi Hari was supposed to be one of the best Amusement parks of Brasil. Last time I went there, I found out they needed more maintenance in many areas, specially cleanliness. The food is expensive and average fast food. If you compare to others parks of Brasil it's okay. If you compare to Parks is Orlando you are going for an disappointment.
  • Photo of Vanessa P
    3 years ago
    It seems to be good when I was a teen. Or when I got my kids to the kids water place to play. Nowadays is always crowed with school "field trips". You can stand on line for hours to get to ride. Also they charge to park your car. It is one more way to get your money
  • Photo of Marina L
    3 years ago
    Ive been here in 2003 and it was great, but ten years later... total disappointment. Service was terrible, food was terrible, environment was terrible... spent the whole day here and got in 3 rides. lines were huge (3h waiting for the roller coaster and DID NOT get in). wouldnt go back FOR FREE.

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