Photo of The Maze Inn in Rio de Janeiro, St, BR
Photo of The Maze Inn in Rio de Janeiro, St, BR
Photo of The Maze Inn in Rio de Janeiro, St, BR
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The Maze Inn

Bed and Breakfast

jazz night • guanabara bay • five minute walk • other guests

Rua Tavares Bastos 414 _ 66
Rio de Janeiro 22221-030, BR
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  • Photo of johnmehan
    8 months ago
    The Maze is a place everybody coming to rio should experienced. Located on the top of the favela Tavares Bastos it offers what must be the most spectacular and artistic view of the bay of rio and the Sugar Loaf. Especially when the sun rises, look through the window of your room and you'll feel like looking at a painting. Dont be prejudiced against favela, Tavares Bastos is probably the safest place of Rio and you will feel very welcome. The maze is well named because the place is huge and welcome up to 600 people on his famous jazz night. It has this magic particularity to make you feel at the same time like you re the king of Rio and like you've never left home. Bob and Malu the owners of the place are very friendly and Bob will tell you all the amazing stories of his life. We really enjoyed being lost in the Maze and we can say we found ourselves. We recommend it as a human and life experience.
  • Photo of Ginger_Zidane
    10 months ago
    I have stayed at The Maze a number of times over the years and simply can not see myself staying in a standard hotel again. Certainly not in Rio anyway. The Maze offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight to life in a favela community with the people in Tavares Bastos being so welcoming and Bob having half a lifetime's worth of anecdotes to hand. I always plan my stay to start around the famous jazz night too.
  • Photo of David L
    a year ago
    So I've just recently gotten back from my trip to Rio and I am still in awe about it -I'm just amazed by how much of an impact having stayed at the Maze in particular, had on my trip. To start off, Its location was just perfect and unique -inside of a favela with the most spectacular view... I felt ready to conquer the world every morning after looking out my room's window and seeing the absolutely breathtaking sunrise over the Guanabara bay... unlike any other sunrise I've ever witnessed -the hills give it this glowing effect. Then I'd get up and it was a nice and fresh community breakfast with the other guests and Bob, cracking us up with his jokes and anecdotes. After that I'd head out to town on foot walking down the favela which was not a bad walk at all. When you get to the bottom you're just a 15 minute walk to Flamengo beach was is just full of life and away from tourists.Or I'd go to Lapa, or el centro or one of the many plazas. The metro is about a five minute walk away as well. I happened to get there on a weekend where they had the jazz night on Friday and then Curry lunch on Sunday (lucky me!). So, so good. The jazz night fills up and it's just good music, good drinks, good people and art all night as the place is just a work of art in itself. The curry buffet was just such a delight as well... eating a good meal for a good price with this spectacular view. After the curry I walked out to explore the neighborhood since the internet wasn't what I'm used to (it worked but just a little slower) and all the locals were on the corner watching their beloved local team playing futebol on tv and were more than welcoming. I did not feel unsafe for a minute. I think that was the most amazing and unique part... to be able to see favela life and see how much people actually enjoy it! I just can't say enough about the place, I'm forever grateful to Bob and Malu and the people of the favela that made me feel so welcome -not what I expected. Hope to go back one day!
  • Photo of Odessa_citizen
    a year ago
    It's a beautiful family owned B&B hotel. The Maze is for travellers and tourists who love art and music and who want to discover all the cultural aspects of Brazil. The design of place is very unique. It has a lot of open spaces, terraces, labyrinths. For people who are interested in architecture The Maze is a really stone masterpiece decorated with incredible mosaics on the walls. All the rooms are spacious and have a lot sunlight. Breakfast is delicious! Service is high level. It is important to mention that The Maze is located on the hill so you would probably need to take a special bus to get there. But it costs less than 1 dollar. The neighborhood is not as fancy as Ipanema or Copacabana but it 3 times more safe and friendly to foreigners. It has its own vibe. Very local and real. I will never forget my time in The Maze. I planned to stay there just for a short time but the owners show me Rio I fall in love in and I extended my staying there for much longer.
  • Photo of Daniel_UK_London
    The Maze is truly a special place. Not only do it's rooms have some of the most spectacular views of Rio, it is also an ever evolving work of art. During my stay volunteers from around the world were working on a mosaic project, covering the once white walls with inventive & artistic mosaic designs. I enjoyed walking around & finding hidden gems within the walls, much like walking around the famous Selaron steps The Tavares Bastos community are very welcoming & friendly, there is always someone to share a beer with on the corner. Any fears about entering a favela were immediately eased once the Kombi van dropped me off at the top of the hill (vans & mototaxis run up & down the hill all day and night). I played football a few times with the local lads too, it was a good high & games competitive, so not for the feint hearted Bob is a fascinating & eccentric Englishman with many many stories to tell. I learnt a lot about Brazil's past & present through his tales. Breakfast time was always a highlight of the day, sharing stories with other guests & enjoying the poached eggs, multiple cheeses, ham toasties, many fruits & sometimes even fresh cakes (best breakfast of all the places I stayed in Brazil!). The Jazz night's are a lot of fun too if you happen to be here on the first Friday of the month. Wifi not the best or fastest but who needs it when you can look out at that view Having never set foot in a favela I was nervous to book at first... But staying here turned out to be one of the best decisions I made on my trip. Make sure you wake up early for a sunrise, get Bob to show you how to make a Caipirinha, & be prepared to stay longer than you were expecting.. I certainly did! I hope to be back soon. Thanks Bob & Malu
  • Photo of lucasvmaia
    a year ago
    I have an ambiguous feeling about the jazz party at The Maze. On the one hand, the place has an exotic architecture, really mazy, it's exciting. The music is very good, the city views from up there are amazing. But, on the other hand, the prices are expensive, and it creates an uncomfortable contrast of being around such poverty (the place stays at the top of a hill, in a slum), making noise, without giving local people the proper chance to attend the event. But it's worth the visit, get your own conclusions!
  • Photo of Edgang
    2 years ago
    The Maze is rated as the top place to stay in whole Brazil according to the Rough Guide. And it is indeed a very interesting place. The view is gorgeous from the breakfast area. Bob is also very welcoming and attentive. You could spend hours listening to his stories. However, the rooms aren't clean (to not say dirty), we did not have electricty so we could not charge our camera nor smart phone, no light (which all did not matter very much) but there was also no hot water. The electricty in the shower also did not look very safe.. Keep in mind they do not accept credit cards and a double room with breakfast costs 160 reals. They have free wifi I recommend coming here on the jazz nights or just stay here for the novelty but do not stay your entire stay here. Take the metro to catete, walk to the entrance of tavares bastos and take a minivan for 3 real/person up the hill. Ask for the Maze. Note the ride down only costs 1.5 real as they don't turn on the engine ;) All in all good value but a bit overrated
  • Photo of AlexOstia
    2 years ago
    The Maze is an institution on the Rio jazz scene. Those who love music and are not afraid to break step with the masses of happy-snapping tourists should definitely check out this custom designed home/bar/hostel with its breathtaking views of Sugarloaf and its larger-than-life proprietor, Bob Nadkarni. I have been several times to the Jazz Night, which happens on the first Friday of each month and have always been blown away by the music, the scenery and the general vibe. Don't expect favela prices, as the price of admission and drinks can seem steep when you compare it to your average bar in Copacabana, but I believe the extra cost is worth it when you step inside and realise that this is no ordinary venue. I recommend staying a few days on either side of Jazz night. You will likely be treated to Bob's tales of adventure as well as the local hospitality of Tavares Bastos. You will also get to witness a spectacular evening of music and reverie without having to queue for a taxi in the wee hours to leave. Breakfast with Bob and whoever else is staying there is a highlight and I can imagine this place would make a great retreat for a writer, or someone who needs a bit of extra headspace for a while. Don't take my word for it. Head up and take it all in!
  • Photo of Simon V
    2 years ago
    One of the most exciting, interesting and intriguing hotel/hostel you will ever see. We read about this incredible hotel, and we did not think it would be capable for us to arrive, without danger (due to its location in a favela). Yet how very wrong we were, the Maze is located in Tavares Bastos, in which all of the people are extremely kind and helpful, you will NOT get attacked/robbed, a man gave us a lift to the top of the favela in his own car, and wouldn't even accept $2 from us, he did it as a kind deed, and once we were at the top, a women gave us a "mini-tour" and walked us to The Maze. The walk to the Maze through the tiny paths is so unique and special in itself, it is worth visiting only for a day trip, which we then also did with my sister and friends who wanted to see it. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by the owner: Bob. Bob, is such an interesting man, and not only is he extremely welcoming, he is also very attentive. One could spend hours listening to his stories and that is exactly what we did (we spoke to him for 2.5 hours!) The hotel itself is beautifully decorated in Bob's art, which he drew himself. There is wifi, televisions, and one thing which you will only get at The Maze and nowhere else: the view. It is absolutely spectacular. Staying here is an experience, one can truly witness what living in a favela consists of, which no tour can give you. Also, right next to the hotel there is a secluded, unique football pitch, where guests can play with the locals. I even got a haircut, in the barber located some 10 metres from The Maze!!! As advice, I'd suggest taking the metro to Catete and walking across to Tavares Bastos entrance, and getting a van to the top(R$3), as it is a very long, steep hill one has to get up. From there, signs will guide you to the Maze. Thanks to Bob & team for welcoming us.
  • Photo of beforethemast
    3 years ago
    I'm inspired in part to write this review of Bob Nadkarni's Maze Inn in response to the one very negative review below... But to each his own, and that's how that fellow felt. But I felt and feel differently: I stayed at Bob's place a couple of years ago. I live in Salvador and am well-accustomed to locations such as that where The Maze Inn is located. But having been met by Bob at the door and taken inside, my breath was taken away by the view through the huge, open "living room window"...Guanabara (the bay) surrounded by mountains, including Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf)...absolutely spectacularly magnificent! My fascinating evening was spent talking to Bob over beers offered by Bob, and when the cold beer ran out, caipirinhas, as if we were old friends. And as if we were old friends, he didn't charge me for any of this... My room was simple but comfortable. I knew what I'd be getting, got it, and was very happy with it. In the morning Bob brought breakfast out, for which I was joined on the terrace by a couple of very nice people, one a documentary filmmaker who'd just been in Afghanistan and the other I don't remember other than it was somebody interesting. Bob's ethos infuses this place and makes it a great place. A lot of people have stayed here, including George Martin (Beatles producer), director Alan Parker (Angela's Ashes, among other films; the guy's won ten academy awards), etc. etc. etc. So if you want perfect order go somewhere else. If you want to stay in a place like nowhere else in the world, come here. I think most people who have done so are supremely glad they did. I am.
  • Photo of EddieB12
    3 years ago
    An unforgettable and outstanding experience in an unusual building and setting. Great views and great hosts (Bob & Malu). The building, except for the rooms, is mostly open air with stairways, terraces, and lobby unenclosed. The favela, in which it is located, is quite interesting with narrow corridors, small shops, friendly neighbors - and accessed up the side of a hill on a curving road by shuttle car, shuttle motorcycle or taxi. Best of all are Bob & Malu, friendly, helpful and entertaining. Bob is a raconteur with humorous stories of travels both near and far. A couple of times a month they have music nights (until 4am) and attract a crowd from the city and around the world (jazz on the first Friday of the month). Be aware that this is not the Ritz, which is part of its allure. No air conditioning other than fans, the plumbing works (a receptacle for used paper sits next to the toilet), and the water in the shower is hot, what more could one want? I hope to soon return.
  • Photo of Lemorte69
    3 years ago
    Fantastic World Cup accommodation. Unfortunately Bob and Malu didn't organise any special WC jazz action, but that would of been the icing on the cake. The view from the hostel is awesome, the hostel it's self is very unique. The breakfast is awesome and the staff very friendly. I'd highly recommend the stay to anyone. The location is in the favela Bastos, very safe and very interesting. It's worth it just to listen to Bob and his amazing stories.
  • Photo of Jmarinho
    4 years ago
    Every first friday of the month the hostel offers jazz live music to guests and outsiders with this great view of Rio!! To arrive in The Maze you have to walk through the favela, which is a very nice experience.... The owner trespasses on prices, which makes the place a little expensive.
  • Photo of lady047
    4 years ago
    Just back from a wonderful stay in and around Rio. We stayed at the Maze for a couple of nights in mid December and really enjoyed our time there. My partner and I turned up mid afternoon on a Saturday and were warmly ushered into a fantastic feijoada (loose translation "party") in an open room with a panoramic view of Rio that was absolutely breathtaking. We were greeted by Bob (the owner) who explained we'd arrived during his son's friend's feijoada and to make ourselves at home. Whilst Malu (his wife) kindly arranged to drop our bags in our room, we were encouraged to have a beer, relax, enjoy the view and the fabulous music the friends began to jam. It was a brilliant welcome and the rest of our short stay was great. Our room had a fab was basic, but clean and we had a shower, clean towels etc. Breakfast was substantial and, as other reviewers have mentioned, conversations with Bob are a real highlight. We really recommend this as a place to stay if you want a different experience - still safe, but certainly more lively than other areas of town. Thanks to Bob and Malu for the lovely hospitality.
  • Photo of StevensSven
    4 years ago
    Having stayed in The Maze (and lots of other places in Rio) for several times, I can say that it is one of the most amazing locations to spend a few days. The view is perfect, the people are very very friendly and its a place where you will always meet interesting people! When i came back in The Maze i was confronted with what a man of our group posted on internet about The Maze. After a moment of complete embarrasement towards Bob I remembered that everybody in our group had voted before coming to Rio to stay in The Maze so that it was their own choice. Having seen all the other positive reactions on The Maze I am happy that this negative critic is only a joke of somebody who's life is just not that interesting. The young organizer.
  • Photo of Joseph O
    5 years ago
    First of all this place is not an 5 star acc. Typical guest house as one can find similarities everywhere. So no need to make your whole holiday there, a couple of days especially on the dates of the Bob and friends Jazz nights is OK, and different taste to stay and walk in the favelas which is not easy and safe thing other favelas. Rooms are very basic but coming with an perfect scenery of the amazing Rio from your Windows. They are serving the breakfast every day with different things but filling. If your expectations not too much and looking for an different taste not an bad idea to stay one or two nights.
  • Photo of Kerry_Anne5
    5 years ago
    We are shocked by the previous review. Maybe The Maze is a bit like marmite - you either love it or you hate it and we LOVED it, as I'm sure most people will if you appreciate a relaxed homely B&B with stunning views and a taste of a real Rio neighbourhood. Bob and Malu are very chilled out hosts, and after a bit of a nail-biting journey to the maze through the winding streets of tavares bastos (we really appreciated the directions written in the other review!), they welcomed us with a beer overlooking the moonlit guanabara bay. The room was clean and comfortable with fresh towels and a fantastic balcony, and all the electrics seemed to be working just fine to us. The cats were gorgeous, clean and well-behaved. Although the neighbourhood was a bit daunting at first, once you've had a wander around and got to know some of the locals (despite a complete lack of Portuguese) we found it to be a safe friendly place. A word of warning - the reason it is so safe is that the Rio police SWAT team regularly drills - as we found to our surprise at one point we had 10 machine guns pointed at us!!! Unfortunately we missed Bob's jazz night but experienced a fantastic night at a bar down the road - the 18 year old double bass player had learned at a project run for favela kids and now plays for the symphonic orchestra!! He borrowed his double bass from Bob's! As mentioned in other reviews, Bob has some incredible stories to tell and our only complaint is that we wished we could've stayed longer! Thanks Bob & Malu xx
  • Photo of Chris B
    5 years ago
    Unfortunately the organiser of our trip - a young guy- thought "The Maze" would be something "special" and "cosy" and made the big mistake to choose for it and book 3 nights for our group of about 20 persons: "normal adults". The Maze Inn..."Special " it was! The name "Inn" unworthy...It is a "Stable"! runned without any respect for the guests. It was not cleaned, not safe as far as the electricity and the general state of the house is concerned. Not at all a place for serving food and eating. Also "guests" were the dog and the cats living and eating together wit us in the living and breakfast corner...The cats walked through and over our dishes and their meal was served next to us sitting on a bench to eat our breakfast. The cats "pissed" on newspapers extended on the floor of the "sala"= living & breakfast corner. Some of us - 9 persons, a mixture of men and women together had to sleep in one big room with at their disposal one shower and one toilet. The basket with "used toilet paper" was not even emptied during all those three days. We barely managed to stay in The Maze, but we decided to close our eyes not making any trouble because of our young fellow having organised it. As "topp of the bill" there was a Rock Party the last night. Not one inch left to sit or stand in the whole house. We could not sleep because of the noise and went to sit on the highest terace with a bottle of beer -untill 2 o'clock in the morning (the party finished at 4 o'clock). can't believe it...: we had to pay twice the price of our beer because of "the party"... No excuses for disturbing excuses for all this mess. My English is not good enough any more to give you more details....But anywhay I hope having been "helpfull" to you with this message ...:The Maze Never....Never again
  • Photo of chklink76
    5 years ago
    Special, nice and charming place to stay in Rio de Janeiro. Friendly and safe neighbood up on a hill in catete. nice price for rio. we enjoyed terrace room with amazing view. clean and comfortable room. the hosting familie was more than just georgous. Thank you so much !!!!! Suggestion: profit on the cheap transfer in old vw minivans from the mainroad up to the hill and back down - its a long and ascend steeply way by walking:-)
  • Photo of move360
    5 years ago
    This place is NOT for everyone. However, if you are considering it, you probably are the type of person that will be okay with some of things you will be dealing with if you stay here. First - the neighborhood is very SAFE. Do not worry about this. It is located in the Flamengo neighborhood - there are not really any sites here, but it is fairly close to the attractions - a few metro stops or bus ride to the center, Sugarloaf, Copacabana, etc... Another positive -the views are utterly AMAZING. Now - here is what you really need to know - that is how to actually get to the Maze Inn. Your taxi will turn up the final road and go up a very windy road up a hill. It will drop you off at the end of road - literally - there is no more street. However, the hotel is not there. You need to walk down a narrow street (though this is part of the unique experience and charm of the place as you get to experience a 'real' neighborhood) for a few minutes before coming across the hotel. The street does have several yellow 'MAZE' stickers lining the road and showing you that you are indeed on the correct street. The stickers are very helpful, because if you don't speak Portuguese then it would be a bit daunting to be dropped off by your taxi and then wander down this street hoping to find your hotel. Now this is all well and good. After you check in and decide to see Rio, that is where things get a bit more complicated. If you are someone who tends to go visit sites, and wants to come back to your hotel to change, relax, drop stuff off, etc, multiple times a day - then this place may not be for you. However, if you are someone that heads out once and comes back at night, then this place will work just fine. Here is why: So to go see anything in Rio, you have to walk a few minutes down the narrow road, then get to the street where the taxi dropped you off. You then take a small van (price = 1 real) to go down the windy road to the street below - this takes around 7 or 8 minutes - but sometimes you have to wait 5 or 10 minutes for the van to fill up before it goes. And you have to do the same thing to go up the hill - Wait for the van - wait for the van to fill with passengers - and then the drive up to the top of the street (about 10 minutes, price =2.5 reals to go up). While not tremendously difficult, it is not particularity convenient either, So all in all, because you have to make a bit of an effort just to get up and down that hill, and then move on to the more interesting parts of Rio, going back and forth to the Maze Inn multiple times a day would be time consuming and a bit annoying. Note - if you take taxis, then you can ignore this point, and you'll be fine. And this is a serious hill - Forget about trying to walk up it to get to the hotel, and even walking down would take quite a while. The staff and owners are friendly and accessible. Make sure you ask for their very useful map with lots of important info. I stayed in a single room - a small room, but perfectly adequate - also had a fan. Room had a private bathroom, which was tiny - but fine for me. There was hot water in the shower. Something that might be an issue for some - I had to go up three flights of stairs to get to my room - including the last flight which was a very tight spiral staircase - this may be difficult or unappealing to some, and if you have a very large suitcase not quite sure how you would get it up to the top floor. The decor is interesting - with the owners own paintings hanging, as well as a stage - there is live jazz a few times a month. The design reminded me of Tunisian cave home architecture - I guess that is not a very useful comparison for most : ) Let's just say it is eclectic. Breakfast is good, but not great - There are a variety of juices and fruit, plus tea and coffee, and a different assortment of things each day - One day there was bread, cheese, garlic bread, cake, and eggs; the next day there was only some fruit, bread, and cheese. It is a bit expensive for what you get - but it is Rio, which is not cheap, and you are paying for the unique experience.

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