Photo of Parque das Ruínas in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR
Photo of Parque das Ruínas in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR
Photo of Parque das Ruínas in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR
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Parque das Ruínas

Historic Site

Parque das Ruínas14.5
santa teresa • great views of rio • guanabara bay • old mansion

R. Murtinho Nobre
169, Rio de Janeiro 20241-050, BR
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  • Photo of Mark Pppppp
    2 years ago
  • Photo of galleria11
    2 months ago
    I loved so much this Parque that I moved in a house in front of it while I was living in Rio de Janeiro. Art and music is always around and monkeys and birds say hello in the small but beautiful park. The view (free of charge) from the top of the old house is amazing!
  • Photo of seteaum
    4 months ago
    Interesting combination of architecture, art exhibitions and views over Rio. Beware: closed on Mondays. Chácara (see below) is closed on Tuesdays, so best to go between Wednesday and Sunday. Derelict former colonial style vila that has been stabilised with metal beams and concrete. One gets to climb on top which has a 360° viewing platform, with nice views all over Rio, especially Centro, Lapa and Guanabara Bay. Art exhibitions of young and upcoming local artists in the basement. There's a café serving snacks and drinks. Events on weekends (mainly concerts). We usually combine this trip with the Selaron staircase and Lapa (walking distance) and the Chácara museum next door (interesting private art collection - it hosts some drafts from Picasso amongst others. Nice garden too). Sometimes we add the Niemeyer-inspired cathedral (São Sebastião), and then wind down in Centro, e.g. at Café Colombo. In total, that easily fills a day. Tip: if driving on your own, park the car in the small road next to the park, very safe. Visit the ruin and the museum. Then walk to Selaron from there, 10 min walk. Drive to São Sebastião cathedral, park there (a bit expensive) and make your way to Centro from there by foot.
  • Photo of Priscila Albino... O
    The ruins bring an unique atmosphere to enjoy the view of Rio de Janeiro city and also a bit of Niterói. A great place for couples, families and solo.
  • Photo of finesilver
    9 months ago
    An old house was let go to ruins, some new architects came in and redid it leaving the ruins in tact. They designed a spiral staircase which is worth the climb to be able to see the entire city in many directions. Down in the courtyard, on the day we were there, there were food booths, a dj playing, wine tastings and more. Lots of locals who know where to go for a great memorable afternoon. I read some about this place but can surely add it now to the not-to-be missed category which is getting longer the more time I spend in Rio.
  • Photo of ScotsmanEssexUK
    9 months ago
    This ruined house is a real gem and when visiting it is very easy to imagine the social society of Rio coming here for parties, etc. The house has been made accessible without rebuilding the structure so you gain a real insight into it. In addition the views are awesome of Rio and its surrounding area and it is quiet and peaceful. There is also an art gallery which is worth a visit.
  • Photo of Tommy B
    10 months ago
    In the most peaceful and cool neighbourhood of Santa Teresa wind your way up the cobbles to this haven of tranquility. In the park itself there are many little spaces and corners to sit and read or write or think but if you look up from your pages you'll see the best view of Guanabara Bay right opposite the Sugarloaf. Whilst there go for a look around the art gallery located inside the dilapidated mansion of a former heiress. You can climb up stairs to the very top of the building (passing pretty young things having photo shoots for their social media) where you'll treated to even better views of the bay as well as the cityscape fronted by the metropolitan cathedral - the bishop in his concrete cassock. Enjoy!
  • Photo of Sari B
    a year ago
    Beautiful views on Rio Castle Antique great place to shoot from anywhere there is an amazing view Romantic and beautiful place
  • Photo of kccarlson
    a year ago
    I love visiting castles in Europe, and I prefer castle ruins so I can imagine what it was like. So, with the ruins of this house, you can imagine how life was life. But also, you get some GREAT views of Rio de Janeiro. And, the little snack bar is pretty good also.
  • Photo of kitsVA
    a year ago
    If you visit Rio and are impressed with the views of the city. Then, this is one of the place to be. Not just for the views. This place is charming while modernly rustic. Hard to see pictures and feel the charm. We all really loved this place. Must be the location!!!
  • Photo of Sarah G
    a year ago
    Great little park with a cool old house and a killer view of the city. Great way to get your location bearings if you're staying in Santa Teresa or Lapa. Free. They also do expositions- music, theatre, art. Check the postings. Super close (half a block) to chacara and another two blocks to the top of selaron. Can do all three in an easy afternoon. All safe areas for walking in between.
  • Photo of Lolita D
    a year ago
    We enjoyed exploring this building and imagining it in its heyday when Laurindo Santos Lobo entertained her high profile guests: artists and intellectuals. The views from here are wonderful! You can see Sugar Loaf and planes taking off. There was a band setting up but we had to leave before they started playing.
  • Photo of geminitraveller
    a year ago
    The place has a beautiful house purposely designed to be in artistic ruins. Great for photo shoots. The upper level has great views of Rio de Janeiro. Really beautiful! the park is a place to relax taking in the sights. There was a band playing when we visited so we watched their performance. Getting to this site entails some climbing uphill and going up some levels on stairs.
  • Photo of Marcos C
    a year ago
    The Parque das Ruinas, Santa Teresa and Escadaria Selaron sort of all go together. You can see them all on the same trip as you just keep walking up until you reach the top. Great Views of the city where you can see Niterói, Pão de Açúcar and most of Rio and walking through the Old House is pretty cool too!!
  • Photo of ZekeKelso
    a year ago
    Some amazing views from up here... plus it's free and there aren't big crowds. The only drawback is you have to walk up. But, hey, burns off calories for more caipirinhas. There's a small snack bar and an art museum too. If the weather is nice and you can make the walk, this would be my highest recommendation for a view spot in Rio.
  • Photo of Mauro S
    a year ago
    What the View!! Astonishing view of Baia de Guanabara!! You can see Pão de Açúcar, the Bay... everything! And the house is an spectacle itself!
  • Photo of Fabrizio Z
    a year ago
    Laurinda Lobos Santos choice for the villa's location was centainly a great choice. Really nice are the new modern parts made after a long period as an abandoned place...
  • Photo of travelandshop2014
    I wanted to go here, but I thought that it might be too far. Once I finished the Escadaria Selaron, there was a a sign indicating that the Parque was 10 minutes away. I did not realize that it was so close to the steps, so this was a bonus. I walked up. The hill is really steep and if you have heart or breathing problems, I would take a taxi. Once you get to the first bend of the hill, before the park, there are some great views of Rio. You then walk around a ramp and up a far less steep hill in a residential neighbourhood to get to the park. The building is funky and eclectic. This would be a great venue for a non-traditional wedding or for a great Halloween party. You really go there for two reasons + 3 other reasons: 1. The views - almost 360 degree views and the best view of Nossa Senhora church. They are simply spectacular. The higher you walk, the better the view gets. I am not sure if there is an elevator, so I don't think this is a disabled accessible activity. 2. The art museum - it is photography or contemporary art usually and changes monthly - great display of "Coffee Art" - yes, made out of coffee beans and filters and photography - when I went, it was Black Brazilians dressed up as famous white characters and contemporary and historical figues ...Queen Elizabeth, Harry Potter...I loved it! 3. It is a great activity for kids - there is an outdoor set of musical instruments. The art is colourful. The building is cool. 4. During the night, there are free concerts. 5. It's free! I spent about an hour at the Parque. I would have spent a longer time there had I not had somewhere to go. It is worth the long walk. I took a cab back due to time constrains. A cab to Cinelandia metro station is 10 reals. I would highly recommend a visit here. As for safety, I went alone and I am a female tourist. I had my camera out at times and my map was always in my hand so I was an obvious tourist. I did not find the walk from The Escadaria to Lapa to be unsafe. I did not find anything untoward with that road. The homes on the last stretch of street up to the Parque are middle and upper class homes. There are cabs always driving around there, so if you feel unsafe, just get in a cab. I would probably take a cab at night...not necessarily because of safety in terms of being robbed, but more because of safety in terms of falling down or tripping on the steps. I am not sure how good the lighting is at night. Once you get down to the Selaron steps, you might want to take a cab at night because it is a bit sketchy in that area. You can start at Confeitaria Colombo (the lines are long, food meh, but worth seeing for the architechture...10 minutes to 2 hours depending on if you eat there) , then go to Nossa Senohra? church (spend 10 to 20 mins), walk to the Arcos (5 minutes), go to the Escadaria (30 minutes), then walk up to the Parque (45 mins to 1.5 hours) in about 3 to 6 hours. This is your tour of Santa Teresa/Lapa in half a day. All of this is free. Your only expense would be a metro fare (start at Carioca and end at Cinelandia), a bottle of water, and a taxi if you are nervous about the area. I am very happy that I did not spend $75 USD doing this tour. The history of all of these attractions is available online or in any guide book. Save your money and opt for a favela tour or a tour of the Cristo and Sugarloaf which are harder to do on your own.
  • Photo of Patricia O
    a year ago
    The parque das ruinas is a beautiful Place with a lot of cultural activities. During daytime you can visit the exhibitions of changing artists, at the evening there are nice live concerts!! The night we went there was a bossa nova band playing. The entrance was free of charge, so there were a lot of People sitting in the parque enjoying the wine they brought there. It was a great atmosphere!! You could also order drinks from the bar. If you go up the stairs in the ruina you will have a great view over the cidade maravilhosa!!
  • Photo of Ingrid B
    2 years ago
    It makes a charming addition to a stroll in Santa Teresa. Great view and the story of the ruins is quite amazing. If you're in Santa Teresa don't miss it.
  • Photo of Roger L
    2 years ago
    As a Brazilian born and rised in Rio, I could say we have a breathtaking landscape here. And there are some spots all over the city that we must go out and see what the amazing view it can show us. Parque das Ruinas, in Santa Teresa, is one of these places. It's basically an old mansion in the top of a hill. But you can have a true Carioca experience there. Spend some time with your friends, have some beer, take many pictures and enjoy one of the most beautiful views fo Rio.

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