Photo of Barvista in Leuven, , BE
Photo of Barvista in Leuven, , BE
Photo of Barvista in Leuven, , BE
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old market • square

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  • Photo of Ernie1982
    6 months ago
    We hebben tijdens de avond het halve oeuvre van Beyoncé en Destiny's Child voorbij horen komen. Ook is het een minpunt dat er niet met pin betaald kan worden
  • Photo of Manon W
    6 months ago
    Het is een leuk gezellig terrasje aan de Oude Markt, waar mijn vriendje en ik lekkere Chocomelk en koffie hebben gedronken! De bediening viel helaas wel wat tegen, de jongen was niet vriendelijk en kwam niet vaak even kijken op het terras of iemand nog wat wilde bestellen. Jammer!
  • Photo of Stephanie G
    8 months ago
    Gezellig danscafé, 1 van de betere plekken op de oude markt. Grote keuze op de drankkaart. Gezellige sfeer en goede muziek!
  • Photo of Karsibalt
    10 months ago
    Leuke bar. Gewoon een gezellig danscafé. Gouden kaart qua cocktails, bier, etc. Vriendelijke mensen aan de bar en in de bediening.
  • Photo of Mason R
    a year ago
    refused re entry to my friends after he went out to buy cigarettes for no reason, leaving him sitting on the other side of a glass wall while we tried to get him back in. while i was sitting at the table minding my own business, two security guards come out of nowhere and physically pull me out of my chair and off the property. again, i was doing nothing. after i was pulled out, the guard asked for me to hand over my drink, which i payed for and had not finished yet, so i refused. In response to me refusing to hand over my drink, he smacked it out of my hand causing glass to shatter all over the ground and getting me wet in the process. when i asked what i did to deserve such rough treatment, the response was simply "because i said so". Absolutely appaling, I have never experienced worse service in my life. will be telling everyone i know not to ever go again. again, if i could rate this -5/5 i would.
  • Photo of Axel C
    a year ago
    My friends and I were sitting in the outside area of the bar minding our own business when the bouncer comes to us and kicks out on of our friends and doesn't allow her back in claiming that she stole a drink. Later on that night one of my other friends left to buy cigarettes and the bouncer didn't let him back in because he didn't have his student card, which makes no sense since it was not a student event, it was a regular Thursday night and we did not need to show him our ID's before, and to make it even worse we saw him letting people in without them showing their ID's. Two minutes after me asking the bouncer to let my friend in he comes to our table with another security guard and physically pull one of my friend outside the bar. My friend was doing absolutely nothing wrong, he was standing next to the table talking to us and sipping his beer. The bouncer did not just stop there, he then tells my friend to hand over his beer to him, it was halfway done and my friend paid for it. Of course my friend said no and the bouncer then decided to smack the glass out of his hand, shattering the glass and getting him wet. The bouncer then proceeded to push my other friend who was outside waiting for us, whose leg is weak as a result of a serious motorcycle accident he is still recovering from, without any reason. When asked why he did all that his answer was "because I said so." This is unacceptable, how can any business hire someone like this. I understand bouncers have to be intimidating and be able to control the situation, but this guy was solely abusing his power while sipping on a bottle of CocaCola. I do not know if he was targeting us because we are international students, but he did not have any problems with any of the Belgian students around us. We will not be coming back to this establishment anymore and I will make sure I tell people to avoid this place if possible.
  • Photo of chikukha
    a year ago
    one of the best Bar in Leuven, I like to go with friends and also with family, coffee was not wow but rest of the drinks was Mind blowing
  • Photo of Anieke
    a year ago
    Niet perfect maar zeker de moeite waard! Grote cocktailkaart met zeer veel keus. Aan de prijs maar het geld waard. Verse producten en leuke presentatie. Rumoerig maar leuke ambiance.
  • Photo of Caroline F
    a year ago
    Chouette endroit de sortie pour prendre un verre, un cocktail ou un délicieux milkshake banane. L'endroit est tamisé, la musique sympa (mixée en live mais les mix ne sont pas vraiment trop). Les cocktails sont succulents. L'endroit est très sympa grâce aux gens, à la musique ni trop forte, ni trop commerciale, grâce à ses nombreux serveurs et grâce aux lights qui mettent l'ambiance. Un endroit où on se sent bien entre amis.
  • Photo of Toone26
    a year ago
    Leuke plaats voor cocktails (ruime keuze) onder vrienden, of rustig een koffietje drinken op de middag. S avonds wordt het dan een danscafé met leuke muziek en veel volk. Ook de bediening verloopt heel vlot. Zeker een aanrader!
  • Photo of timo567
    a year ago
    This is a great bar on the old market square, with a wide selection of cocktails and a nice, heated, outdoor patio. I had a negroni, which was top notch. Good service too! And at night this also turns into a great place for dancing.
  • Photo of phutty
    a year ago
    Friendly staff, extensive menu, plenty of cosy nooks for privacy and people-watching. Nice place to start a night out or make a night of it in central Leuven. Prices not too bad either.
  • Photo of g_marianaa
    a year ago
    Especially if it's summer time, take a table by the sidewalk and enjoy the evening. Cozy atmosphere and good beers are part of the experience too.
  • Photo of Luc H
    2 years ago
    Gestopt om een lekkere cocktail te drinken. Het duurde een eeuwigheid voor de bestelling werd opgenomen (niettegenstaande een vrouwelijke ober zelf op het terras zat) De cocktail voldeed niet echt aan de verwachtingen. En wanneer de rekening niet klopt ... ( euro te veel betaald)
  • Photo of 249olatz
    2 years ago
    This is one of my favorite places to go out and dance. There is nice music and it is never completely crowded (aka I don't feel as I was been killed by suffocation).
  • Photo of adam s
    2 years ago
    This is a good place in leuven have a drink. if somebady want to hang out a night it is also good place in leuven because located in the center of the city .
  • Photo of tezpil
    2 years ago
    Good spot in the old Market Square for quiet drinks, beers cocktails wine etc. with inside and outside seating. This place livens up as night approaches and has a variety of events which are advertised on it's Facebook page.

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