Photo of Quetzal Chocolate Bar in Ghent, , BE
Photo of Quetzal Chocolate Bar in Ghent, , BE
Photo of Quetzal Chocolate Bar in Ghent, , BE
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Quetzal Chocolate Bar



Sint-pietersnieuwstraat 99
Ghent 9000, BE
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  • Photo of leeuwovl
    a year ago
    I'll keep it simple: avoid! Unfriendly, pricy, no mousse of chocolate, no real chocolate artist, merely chocolatemilk. Don't know what happened. It used to be good. Used...
  • Photo of maijasofia
    a year ago
    The waiter came to our table after hearing that we missed something from our order. He did not apologize or bring us the missing product but he just told us with a very angry tone that "you didn't pay for anything extra so I don't see the problem here.'' As an experienced customer servant I do see the problem! You should never treat the customer like this. Even just an apology from their mistake would have been nice but didn't get that either. I wouldn't spend my money on lousy customer service.
  • Photo of Emily L
    2 years ago
    I really like this place. Imagine walking into a room and the smell of chocolate and happiness and all of those good things just overwhelm you? There is no room to be sad in a place like this. Beautiful tasty treats that make your heart happy. Downfall, can be expensive for a non euro earner. Worth a try though.
  • Photo of 1m92
    3 years ago
    In short: You hardly get something worth paying for today. The details: I used to pass by often, for years. Their products were of good quality, not to be called cheap, but you paid and got something delicous in return. That made me and friends return. The place is as some people wrote here, mainly filled with students. It is a llively place in general, except around exam periods - than it is as dead as can be. The managers often rely on students for opening the sites and servicing the people. The students are mostly really nice, better than the owners of the place. The owners just care about making money. That said, you are entitled to my explanation: - Through the years, the quality went down. especially since the academic year 2014-2015 : definitely less chocolate and less ice in the shakes. More milk, less tasty. Even no after-taste anymore. Quality heading towards zero. More $$ for Quetzal - Prices went up. $$ - Portions of the brownies became smaller. Their size has often been depending on who serves, but 'just small' is the appropriate word nowadays. More $$ per square inch brownies. - The shake cups got really incredibly smaller. I would say at least 30% smaller for the same price. Thus say a 30% more $$ income. - Ordering a 'shake to go' resulted one day even in half of the consumption being dumped because no suitable big enough cup was found. Using two smaller cups must have been an extra-terrestrial solution. Same $$ for the bosses, less product for the customer. - customer cards that retuned you a bonus based on your consumptions got replaced by a ridiculous system rewarding with almost nothing based upon the number of visits. More $$ for the owners - Are you in the mood for a shake? Forget about from now on it before april / may. Preparing shakes is more time consuming and not any more done besides warmer times of the year (despite being demanded). Making coffee with a drop of chocolate in it is done much faster meaning again more $$ - Do you like to consume their products on the Ghent festivities ? Sure : prices are rounded. Guess what: not lower, on the contrary : higher. $$ and $$ - The managers don't care about their customers. If you stick to the opening hours of the website at the very beginning and the end of the academic season, you can easily face a closed shop. Nothing on the website, nothing on the window, nothing on the door. You'll notice. Be there and be square at those moments. - Provide some feedback to the people, and you can be sure nothing will be done with it. Customer friendliness is something different. Only money makes the world go round. What you see is not what you get (anymore). Too bad.
  • Photo of h_albarece
    3 years ago
    Sigh, I wish there were more chocolate dessert bars / cafes in Gent but alas, there are only 2 that I can point to with character and charm (at least, at this point in my exploration): Chocolato and Quetzal. :) Quetzal is about 5-10 minute walk away from the city. It's an easy, easy walk towards Sint Pieters Plein (in the direction of the student areas). The menu is lovely - with "choctails," "brownies with thick chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream," as well as "moelleux" (soft-centered / lava chocolate cakes). As a dessert bar, it offers something unique in Gent. The atmosphere is cozy. It has a beautiful cocoa scent through the air. Groups of maximum 5 will still fit easily. :) I go to play chess on the big table. Two points for improvement: Their milk shakes are not the standard expected, say in Australia or the States. It's not a thick slush of ice (ala Lindt Cafe or Max Brenner or even Starbucks). It was more like really luke-warm cup of chocolate milk. Tip: get a blender and buy some ice. :) The other thing that could be reconsidered are the opening hours during the weekend (1-6pm). I, along with tourist-friends, want to visit Quetzal for dessert, after meals at nearby restaurants, but unfortunately they close so early. :( During the week, the opening hours are reasonable - 10am/12pm-10pm. :)
  • Photo of skelghyl
    3 years ago
    Interesting to watch how the hot chocolate drinks are constructed in this unassuming wee cafe in the centre of the university campus. Good choice of chocolate drinks if a little sweet (even the dark chocolate one) and chairs a little unyielding but glad we made the detour to try this. You get a bite size of brownie free and can buy it separately but it is a bit expensive when all added up. Full of students, of course - not a problem but how can they afford the prices as students?!
  • Photo of T0urist_il_
    3 years ago
    If you are looking to stuff youself with chocolate, you have come to the right place! Different products and all tasty.
  • Photo of Natureahead
    3 years ago
    I like their milkshake. the brownie is also tasty. It's good for snacking time, and after that you are getting full of that. The place is also nice, sometimes a bit to noisy with many chit-chats. the service is okay too. :)
  • Photo of Masha H
    4 years ago
    I had one of the brownie samples during Christmas market. It was awful. The brownie was overloaded with sugar and butter. And there was no chocolate to taste. It was basically a spongy brown cake and no chocolate.
  • Photo of celestria
    4 years ago
    This chocolate bar is located in the student district and it is always full of people. But the wait for their chocolate drinks and food is well worth it. You can see the huge blocks of chocolate from which they prepare their treats. You can try a range of chocolate drinks, from the "simple" milk and chocolate (of different % of cocoa) to the ones mixed with different spices. The little sample of chocolate cake hooks and forces you to buy a whole piece and the chocolate fondue is a must try. Each time I entered the place I had to try different items from their menu, so, In the end, the experience can be a bit pricey.
  • Photo of Evy W
    4 years ago
    The concept sounded really nice, and it is actually quite a popular place, but I was not impressed. I visited it with a couple of friends, and one had a cup with his chocolate stuck to the bottom and hot water above it. The taste of chocolate milk was nothing special. The brownies on the other hand are delicious.
  • Photo of Masha H
    5 years ago
    This chocolate bar is located in students' district, so the place is full of youngsters. I came here few times and tried out the hot chocolate, and fondue. I was disappointed. It was too sweet to feel the taste of the chocolate. Plus, the atmosphere is not cozy (high uncomfortable chairs).
  • Photo of Zilv
    5 years ago
    Real hot chocolate milk [made the belgian way] with many different Flavours to choose. The drink was nice and they provided a chocolate-cake-bite [really, a bite!] to eat with it; but to be sincere I expected much better. Nice but overrated.
  • Photo of Atalanta8
    8 years ago
    I love this place and if you love chocolate you will love it too. They have chocolate fondue, milkshakes, hot chocolate, brownies etc.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
  • Photo of Pini P
    10 years ago
    seriously overrated
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Choco! Choco!
  • Photo of Sofie B
    10 years ago
    De beste brownies ever
  • Photo of Inge D
    10 years ago
    We love chocolate!!!!
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Sja, chocolade :)

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