Photo of Cafe Le Fontainas in Brussels, , BE
Photo of Cafe Le Fontainas in Brussels, , BE
Photo of Cafe Le Fontainas in Brussels, , BE
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Cafe Le Fontainas


cool vibe • grand place • quick drink

Rue Du Marche Au Charbon 91
Brussels 1000, BE
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  • Photo of 479evgenial
    6 months ago
    Very nice place with helpful and kind staff. You can sit inside or outside as well! Their coctail "Le Fontainas" is excellent.
  • Photo of monkeychi80
    6 months ago
    Behind the town hall you will find this spot on a nice square. On the window it says self service. The tables outside was dirty and in a poor state. We only got a drink and left.
  • Photo of Aristo V
    7 months ago
    No matter your background or preference, this place is a comfortable place to have lunch/dinner or just a drink. Good music and big terrace for sunny days! Very affordable prices for a big variety of drinks. Check it out if you want a nice and relaxed bar/restaurant to fall back.
  • Photo of David P
    9 months ago
    Excellent spot for any time, including lunch. The tuna sandwich was excellent, they had lentil soup on the menu this day, and it was also fantastic. Great service, too.
  • Photo of Chrisse H
    9 months ago
    This bar offers a pleasant ambiance, a good range of tasty bites and drinks and above a great selection of electronic music in the background. The place offers self-service at the bar, which can be a problem if you are a group of six with a large order and your waiter is „having a bad day“. Upon asking a few questions about the food on offer, we were treated impolity by a rude barman, who seemed overwhelmed by his job, ruining the otherwise relaxed atmosphere of this place.
  • Photo of Neil K
    a year ago
    We were having a bimble around the Saint Jaques area and had already been to Au Soleil and Cafe Chardon when we decided to pop into here for a quick drink. A lovely eye-catching building houses this superb tavern,the interior is light and airy and with great furnishings and decorated tastefully throughout it really is a superb place to enjoy a quality meal or a refreshing drink,they also have plenty of seating options both inside and outside looking out onto the busy and bustling streets of this area and it's location adjacent to the beautiful Old church Iglise Notre Dame Du Bon Secours is fantastic. We were here on a Sunday afternoon were a very pleasant member of staff took our order of a couple of refreshing Vedett beer's and after a short wait our beer's arrived iced cold and sparkling and we just kicked back and chilled out and soaked up the great atmosphere of this superb tavern. The beer was delicious,this is a beer i really enjoy and it was so nice sitting in such a wonderful tavern enjoying a quality beer. We had a great time in here before we moved on and on our next visit to here we will most certainly try out their menu as the meal's leaving the kitchen looked and smelt delicious. Café Le Fontainas is really easy to locate on Rue Du Marche Aux Charbon in an area of outstanding architecture and teeming with pubs, bars and restaurants. Opening hours are; Monday to Friday,10am till 1am. Saturday,11am till 2am. Sunday,11amtill midnight. A superb tavern and well worth checking out.
  • Photo of Manu M
    a year ago
    Nice place with a good atmosphere. I enjoyed the lunch. It takes a little to get your food, but it is worth the waiting time.
  • Photo of Jojo Y
    a year ago
    Well I have always wanted to eat here . Having stopped by in the summer a few times for beers it was a good opportunity today to have lunch. Nice place and cool music but terribly slow service but didn't care as wonderful music and cool vibe. We ordered something different than what we thought we had ordered but it looked so nice we didn't mind. Don't go there expecting quick service you will not get it but what's the rush great place to be waiting in.
  • Photo of Aurelien1304
    a year ago
    We stopped there for a quick drink. You have to go to the bar to order. When I asked what there was, the bartender wasn't very nice and ended giving me the menu instead of suggesting drinks! When I ordered, another bartender was nicer. Tables are old, rusty and dirty! There are better cafes in Brussels!
  • Photo of ZuzanaCZE
    a year ago
    This café is located in the city centre, close to the beautiful Grand-Place, but it is not a tourist trap. The food was lovely. You can sit outside and watch the daily life. Nice music playing. For someone can be disturbing the self service - you have to order and pay immediately and bring it by yourself, but I did not mind. I loved the atmosphere of this space.
  • Photo of Dariusz J
    a year ago
    Good selection of beers. Lively place. Self service, you like it or not, fine for me. Lot of local people, which is recommendation on its own. If you need to chill out, you can visit church nearby (Notre-Dame de Bon Secours) open even late night.
  • Photo of ToyBoy_B
    2 years ago
    True, service does not really exist here. True, don't expect the staff to be friendly. But the place is well located and has a nice terrace, and above all, its own atmosphere. I know I will have to stand in line to get served. I know the bartender will not give me any special treatment (and to be honest, I don't know what some reviewers here expect...) I don't mind. I just keep returning here, alone with a newspaper, or with friends. And enjoy the place with all its shortcomings. At least, the place is original. By the way, drinks are reasonably priced. I have never eaten here, for lunch I would not chose this bar.
  • Photo of Svevanena
    2 years ago
    I joined a group of colleagues for a quick working lunch but I had to be at a meeting after 45 minutes only. So, I asked - very kindly, as in my style - if there was something which could be prepared fast and the answer I got was: "Why don't you go to McDonalds?" Well, next time I will surely go there if the only alternative is this place. I haven't even ordered there, I just went out. I wonder why such people are in a public branch if they don't even know how to serve a client. Never again.
  • Photo of Kristof B
    2 years ago
    It's been a while since I was here. I am afraid to go in anymore. Each time is a terrible experience. Usually there is a line to wait for your drinks. They don't order at the tables. That is already minus one. When it is your turn they treat you very rude or almost laugh with you. There is the occasional white dove working there, but that is like one person every so often. What the problem is? They have this kind of self esteem, self awareness which is totally uncalled for and totally misplaced. They should be serving you and being nice, that is what you pay for as a customer but even as a normal human being everyone should be friendly to eachother. They don't seem to think that way. They seem to think they are more than you as a customer while actually they are very marginal people. I am sorry to insult that occasional poor white dove. Same goes for the clientele, nasty wannabes that spend all their wages on a fitness subscription and clothes from H&M. The staff is linked to the La Cambre Fashion and Art School and they seem to think they are all Damien Hirst. So not! I can tell you. They all dress in black rags. Part of their clientele also comes from that school or are ex-students with no jobs who can get two drinks for the price of one cause they know the bartender or because they have worked there themselves. The interior itself is nice although has not been updated since they have opened years ago. But the people are horrible. Just passing by that terrace gives me the creeps. But i will go there again and again because the coffee is good and they are one of the only terraces in the center of Brussels. Call me a masochist.
  • Photo of HannahRR75
    2 years ago
    The bar is located in a really nice area and I love the decoration of the place. I've been here three times now, and each time the staff was quite rude. It seems like they find it annoying if you order something, and don't make you feel welcome at all. It's too bad, as otherwise it is a very nice place.
  • Photo of Camilla L
    2 years ago
    I do enjoy going to Fontainas a lot and go there regular. I highly recommend the Aperol Spritz which is in my opinion the best in town served with Aperol, Bubbles and Crodino. The vegetarian lasagne is a quick and tasty eat. Depending on the time the visitors are changing from Moms with Childrens, Partygoers, all sexes and cultures. The characters working there are quite diverse which is also reflected in the service which varies a bit. All in all still a lovely and great place. Always a visit worth it.
  • Photo of Katherine A
    2 years ago
    I went for lunch with some friends at "De Fontainas". They have 3 sandwiches priced at 6.50 - ham & cheese, tuna or mozzarella. They also have a lunch menu special where you can have a sandwich + soup for 10.50, but the choice is either ham&cheese or tuna. Since I am vegetarian, I asked the waiter (a scruffy looking bearded wannabe hipster type) if I could have the mozzarella sandwich with the soup instead and he said no. I was a bit surprised at this because I have worked in a restaurant before and we always did our utmost to accommodate different dietary requirements. But when I asked the waiter why I couldn't have the mozzarella sandwich with my soup he merely shrugged and said " I don't write the menu". I was so shocked by his rudeness that I won't ever go back there, I can't believe they would treat customers that way. Needless to say he didn't get a tip. Oh and for the record, I had the falafel plate instead - it was mediocre and overpriced.
  • Photo of Jellebie
    2 years ago
    Atmosphere, drinks, food, music, decoration, location,.. It's all PERFECT to me. The staff is friendy, ou wine (even though drank half of it already) felt on the ground once and he gave a new one. One or 2 members of the staff can be straight forward (french speaker's attitude) which could be interpretated as rude when you're a tourist. Ive been there 100 times, it's a great place. Just don't expect staff to apply "ettiquette". And yes it's a self service bar (writen on menu and windows) so it's a bit stupid to write bad reviews saying noone took your order :)
  • Photo of Niels O
    2 years ago
    This nice little place in the kolenstraat pretends to be more than what it is. Besides the friendly staff, the coffee is too sour, the baguette is overpriced for what you get, the toilets smell really bad and the interior didn't change since the seventies. It's time for some improvements, because than it can be a Hotspot of the designerstreet
  • Photo of Kristian O
    3 years ago
    Place would be nice if the service were not the worst in Brussels. Bartenders believe they are all stars and actually doing a favour in asking you what you would like to drink.

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