Photo of Wagamama in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of Wagamama in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of Wagamama in Antwerp, , BE
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Japanese Restaurant

duck • kare • sushi sashimi • quick service

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  • Photo of cuddles08
    5 months ago
    I have often visited Wagamama in London and even Dublin, and one of the reasons was that the quality was consistently good and food is well prepared. However I was rudely reminded that outlets of the same franchise may not be of the same quality today at this Antwerp place. I ordered the same ramen as I always do, but the dish came out to be bland, the bamboo shoot were not cut in strips but whole chunks of it thrown in. The ramen noodles were soggy. When I asked the waitress for the chili powder (which is available in all of other shops), she rudely told me that they don't have. Service is also very poor and being served by a young but grumpy server. Give this a miss ! better to spend one's money for other better quality Wagamama especially those in UK and Ireland.
  • Photo of Ho0
    6 months ago
    Great food and ok service at the wagamama antwerp. Firecracker chicken never disaapoints! Large indoor area and terrace out front
  • Photo of CarolienBAC
    8 months ago
    Of course Wagamama is a fast food chain, so you get what you pay for. The restaurant in Antwerpen is conveniently situated on the Meir, the big shopping street, nearby the Central Station. The interior is nice and modern, with big wooden tables. The staff could be better trained though. You would suspect that a fast food chain would have efficient and friendly staff, but the waiters who served us lacked on both fronts. I ordered the wagamama ramen, the portion was very big, so no complaints there. Sadly I found the broth rather tasteless and as the broth is the ingredient which gives the ramen its flavor, I was kind of disappointed. Perhaps this was due to the fact, that the broth was made of vegetables. Good for a quick meal, nothing more.
  • Photo of Mauro H
    8 months ago
    Me and my girlfriend love to eat at Wagamama. The food is always superb and the service friendly as always. Their most popular dish Chicken Katsu Curry is delicious. Combine this with a homemade icetea and your tummy will thank you. We have visited this restaurant for quick dinners, before cinemas, as a group, just the two of us and so on.. We always had a good time, I approve this restaurant. Try it out!
  • Photo of BelgianKiwi
    9 months ago
    Popped in here twice in the last month, both times excellent food and the kids absolutely love it. We will be back!
  • Photo of antwerpcity2000
    9 months ago
    My personal expectations were to be similar to Wagamama in London but to be honest it wasn't the same. However still great food.
  • Photo of Queen79-22
    9 months ago
    This was our first time at Wagamama. Really wanted to try this place but it will stay with this one time. The waiter took our order quite quickly and the food also came quickly but our drinks didn't come. We had to ask several times, by the time we finally got our drinks we had already half finished our food. I thought Teppanyaki was supposed to be "sizzling hot" since it's made on a hot plate. Our food was cold when we got it! The taste was okay but not great. We didn't botter ordering a dessert anymore and got a nice ice cream further in the streat. So no, it's not worth for us to come back.
  • Photo of Broadwaybabe
    10 months ago
    When we entered Wagamama we walked pasted tables where people were eating ramen noodle soup. It looked so delicious! Couldn't wait to order my own. We were not disappointed. Look at my pictures, it tastes as nice as it looks! The bowls are big! Also the gyozo and the squid as starters are good! As a dessert I ordered coconut icecream with passion fruit sauce. The passion fruit was more dominant than the coconut flavour, but it was still ok and you'll get 3 scoops for €4,95! That's cheap!
  • Photo of Betabloke
    a year ago
    Place can seat something like 80-100 people. When i was there we were abt 20 and service was really slooooow. So i cant imagine what its like when its packed. Food is okay but a tad pricey in relation to what you get.
  • Photo of Nouria K
    a year ago
    The food was cold and the staff was very rude. The price quality ratio is not good and it's honestly expensive for what what it is. Definitely not worth it. If you are looking to eat Asian food in Antwerp, there are plenty other better options!
  • Photo of antwerpcity2000
    a year ago
    Been to many Wagamama restaurants around Europe and U.K. The one in Antwerp is as-good 👍love the healthy food.
  • Photo of alexachu2017
    a year ago
    So I usually love to visit wagamamas. The chain often provides a pretty decent meal for an ok price. Never in my life have I seen such a rude and unpleasant manager. First off, once seated it took at least 20 minutes to take our order. The waitress was lacklustre and looked like she couldn't wait to leave. Then the food arrived. Disaster. So bland, I ordered the Donburi Yasai and it was like a greasy egg fried rice from a cheap, nasty takeaway house. So, not wanting to give up on my meal, I tried dosing it is soy sauce and chilli oil. Still my meal was bland (and now even more greasy). I then asked "hey can I have some sriracha" - since they had unopened bottles of the stuff on every shelf I thought this was a reasonable request. This time I had a slightly more happy waiter who said "ok" and asked the manager who also said "ok". 5 minutes pass and the waiter is waiting for the chef to give him the sauce... And i kid you not. The manager says loudly in English "I don't care about the damn sriracha. Go clean some tables". Needless to say, if this place wants to stay open they need some secret shopper feedback and the guy running the place needs some training. Disappointed.
  • Photo of Epipil
    a year ago
    Apart from the edamame beans, the food was nice, but the restaurant is seriously overpriced. Service ok.
  • Photo of MusicTravelAdventure
    We went at lunchtime, it was very quiet. The staff was very friendly, they have international menus, also in English for example. I found that a very big plus! The menu also showed obviously what was vegetarian, what was spicy, what contains nuts,... Very clear, very good offer. We got plenty of time, yet it didn't go slow. The food came pretty quickly, not at the same time though. The food was prepared well, it was liked by most of us. The staff was friendly, we were able to split the bill at the cash register which made things easier for us afterwards.
  • Photo of Kiera W
    a year ago
    Had lunch and dinner there. Quite busy at dinner time. Enjoyed lunch better, because it is much quieter during lunch. Food is good, but not amazing
  • Photo of nickvn
    a year ago
    yesterday I had ordered at Wagamama's in Antwerp through Deliveroo and it was pretty poor to be honest. I have never had any issues with food at a Wagamama´s establishment around the world and the dishes are usually full of flavour and fresh, so I was slightly disappointed when I received my dish. I ordered the Pad Thai, and nearly chipped a tooth on the noodles. they were like when you rebake pasta in the oven and get burned and hard. it was rather unpleasant really. I live a couple of streets away from the place so, you´d expect it to be pretty fresh. Additionally the portion size was nothing to write home about. my tip - don´t order through Deliveroo and go eat at the restaurant.
  • Photo of Lomedae
    a year ago
    Excellent Ramen and tasty ribs. Some quality choices in beer as to be expected in Antwerp and very friendly staff.
  • Photo of moon_b83
    a year ago
    Visiting Antwerpen after work with my sister and brother. We decide to have a quick bite and parked middle of the city. The restaurant is very eye catching with the nuon lights at the darken city. Easy parking also since parking is right below and connects to a cinema and a lot stores. We got arranged to a seat very fast. And a waitress took our drinking order at a very fast pace. (I saw a couple who weren't used to sitting close to other strangers at same table. The waitress was very friendly to give them other table at corner. The restaurant is very spacy.) The menu is very detailed with enough information. The side dishes are decent. Sadly the rice dish and the side dishes came first and the two ramen eater had to wait 10 minutes until theirs arrived. Which the side dishes and the rice dish is almost finished. So combination of side dishes with main dishes could use a bit more tweaking of timing. The wagamama ramen is oke. Not special like the ones I ate at Japan but better then what you would expect from a restaurant chain.
  • Photo of shanaroomers
    a year ago
    The food is okay. I had better wok's but it is certainly nice to go sometime. Because you don't sit on chairs but a sitting bank it can get very tight when there is a lot of people. It's not the most cosy restaurant but good for a quick eat.
  • Photo of Maria S
    a year ago
    I ordered the pork ramen and it was quite good we also shared the ribs and dim sum and it was really nice. I drank two cokes and I paid in total around 25€. The price vs quality and atmosphere is quite decent. The food is really good and I recommend it.

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