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Photo of Hangar 41 in Antwerp, , BE
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Hangar 41

Italian Restaurant

nice location

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  • Photo of Didkovsky
    2 years ago
    Кафе, в котором питаются местные жители. Сделан как лофт. Внутри дают вкусную пиццу, в том числе, с хлебом. Да, пиццу с хлебом. Потому в Бельгии (как в Италии) ко всему дают хлеб.
  • Photo of Peter L
    2 years ago
    Ruim en gezellige brasserie. We kwamen voor een drankje en de keuze is ruim. De bediening was echter nogal zakelijk. Niet echt onvriendelijk maar het leek wat op bandwerk. Druk was het niet, dus daar kon het niet aan liggen.
  • Photo of paulevelin
    2 years ago
    Op een doordeweekse donderdagavond binnengewaaid in den hangar 41... onverwachts. Een attente barman bediende ons dadelijk met een fris bolleke en liet ons de tijd om ff te kijken naar de kaart en het suggestiebord. Mijn gezel koos voor de wortelstomp met worst (suggestie), ikzelf voor de steak tartaar. Dat heb ik mij niet beklaagd... ik moet bekennen... één der beste , zoniet de beste, staeks tartaar die ik in mijn prille bestaan (54) heb gegeten! Alle ingrediënten aanwezig (zoals het het best is, zelf te prepareren), vers en goed gesneden vlees, lekkere frietjes... Bovendien een vrolijke bediening, die op 't eind kwam vragen of alles gesmaakt had, maar dat was duidelijk...alles was op, behalve de mayonaise ;). Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!
  • Photo of SunshineBE
    2 years ago
    This is on a nice location on the Antwerpse Kaai, nice and cosy place. Food was correct and bill not over the top. relax place to go
  • Photo of PeglegEd
    4 years ago
    Sitting outside, watching he sun set over the river was nice. Sipping De Koninck Triple made it even better. Then the food arrived and ruined it all. The calamari was abysmal, finger-thick slices in heavy batter. The pastry in the vol-au-vent light, but the rest was bland and leaden. If I return, I'll stick to drinks.
  • Photo of LondonTraveller85
    Tried this place out as a fee locals had recommended the place. The service was very poor, and the food took forever to come. once it arrived it was cold, after announcing it to the staff the dismissed me like they didn't care. Before eating we sat at the bar, that was also an experience: not a good one. the barman.
  • Photo of Leveller_10
    4 years ago
    The food at this bar/restaurant is good. The atmosphere is casual and informal. Hangar 41 is also child friendly. However, and in common with other Antwerp eateries, tap water is not served with the meal and customers are forced to buy expensive bottled water transported from far away. This is mean profiteering and eco-unfriendly. Requests for tap water (perfectly OK in Belgium) are simply let with an obdurate refusal ("We don't do that").
  • Photo of Richard C
    4 years ago
    For what seems like a corner café, this place serves dishes of a remarkably high quality, better than many up-market restaurants. Staff very friendly and quite efficient.
  • Photo of PostcardsFromEurope
    We liked the look of the place, warm and welcoming; the waiter was very friendly. No fuss about where you wanted to sit: just choose your self a table. So after a good start, we were looking forward to our meal: what a disappointment, our food was so boring and bland. I was expecting more.
  • Photo of Veerle S
    4 years ago
    Very convenient parking across the street. We sat on the terrace all evening, so I can't say much about the interior. The staff was very friendly. The mojito's were ok. The menu is not very big, but there is enough variety, so something for everybody. Athough it was not busy at all we had to wait for the food quite long, but we didn't mind at all. The food was good. Nothing bad about it, but nothing exceptional. For dessert we hesitated between the chocolate pie and the chocolate moelleux. Since they were out of chocolate pie, we had the moelleux, which was really good! Around 22h we were the only ones left and the staff started to close everything. So we were pretty much thrown out, but we were ready anyway. Over all a good experience.
  • Photo of drjekyllGe
    5 years ago
    I was in Antwerp for some business and needed to find some reliable restaurant in Antwerp, being Italian food many times in these places it is a problem Im not used to eat usual rabbish you can easily find everywhere..... So one friend of mine suggested this restaurant and overall rating is positive. Very typical and nice location with modern design inside and refurbished ...hangar. I appreciated some fish starter together with some very good sole, properly cooked. Drinks are ok, did not had the opportunity to have some dessert but they seemed really nice. Service was ok, price a bit on the high side but still reasonable.
  • Photo of Koshkha
    5 years ago
    Hangar 41 styles itself as a ‘contemporary grand café’ and I can sort of see where they’re coming from though the fit with an old converted warehouse seems a bit strange. The windows are huge, the walls are bare brick, there are giant sparkling mirrors, deep brown painted walls, wooden floors and lights suspended on long wires. The bar is a long slab of wood with neat curved stools lined up along it and with bottles glimmering beneath large mirrors. I went with a friend and we were given a table right next to the door and right next to a large old radiator. I simultaneously feared being too hot AND sitting in a draught. There was a curved curtain rail with a heavy velvet curtain to minimise the in-rush of cold air each time anyone entered and this seemed to be doing the job pretty well. Tables are wooden and without cloths. There’s a menu as well as specials written up on blackboards and the choice is not too extensive. The menu is broken up into sections and its in Flemish. I don’t know if there’s an English translation but if you’re stuck, tell the waiter or waitress the sort of thing you fancy and I’m sure they’ll help you out. For the evening the menu splits into ‘fingerfood’, soups, dishes for children, salads, starters, pasta, big main courses, and puddings. I picked anchovies with garlic off the ‘fingerfood’ section and a main of tuna with red peppers and fennel served with rosemary potatoes. My friend choose cheese puffs as starter and a main of salmon on spinach risotto. By Antwerp terms – and this does seem to be the city that recession forgot – the prices were pretty good. Our starters were around the €6-8 mark and the main courses €20-25. The waitress was confused about the anchovies and said there were no anchovies on the menu. We showed her there were indeed anchovies and she reluctantly agreed there were. I’m not sure what I was really expecting but certainly the presence of the little fish in the ‘fingerfood’ section meant I was expecting something fairly mess-free. What I got was a bit of a shock – a bowl with what looked like a whole jar of anchovies in oil with ALL the oil in the bowl. Fingerfood? Only if you don’t mind your fingers and your hands completely covered in fishy-smelling oil. They were tasty but there were just too many for me. The salmon was a large piece, criss-crossed by the griddle marks and perched on top of a mass of bright green risotto. I’d known it was spinach risotto but I’d not really prepared myself for quite how garish it would look. My tuna came as two rectangular pieces, sharing the same griddle marks as Karin’s salmon and accompanied by stir fried strips of red pepper and fennel and a mound of skin-on rosemary potatoes. If you’d asked me if I liked fennel I probably would have been ambivalent about it but this was cooked very well and the contrast with the sweet red pepper was very pleasant. I’d have preferred the veg to be fried more lightly and not dripping with oil, but they were tasty. The potatoes were lovely although rosemary is hard to eat and is better picked off the potatoes before you try. The tuna was great quality, cooked to perfection – seared on the outside, a little bit pink in the middle – but was just too cold. Serving it with a weird gravy-like sauce did not excuse the temperature being way too cool for the dish. A few degrees hotter and the tuna would have been close to perfection. I can only think they didn’t heat the plates or left it on the plate too long before serving. The bill for two of us came to around €86 including drinks. On the whole I liked Hangar 41 although the food was a bit of a let down. The anchovies were ridiculous in both quantity and presentation and my tuna was served at the wrong temperature. I found the atmosphere pleasant and was pleased that the noise levels were bearable, something probably helped by the high ceilings. The tables were not too close together and I felt we were given plenty of space. I’d consider going again since so many places in Antwerp are really expensive and despite this being rather more than I would expect for what we had, the price was competitive for the local market.
  • Photo of Gonzalo_de_Berceo
    Nice location, trendy interior decoration, ample parking possibilities, decent price/quality ratio, friendly staff. What ruined our evening a little bit was the fact that on a Sunday evening half of the menu list was not available any more. There was even no bread any more. The waiter could make jokes about it, we could laugh about it, but he missed a golden opportunity to give us some kind of compensation. The food was not impressive. My steak was simply cold. We did leave with a feeling that we were not really appreciated as clients, that they didn't care whether we would come back or not. We might.
  • Photo of Philippe J
    5 years ago
    We live next door so we come here, on average, once or twice a week for a drink or a bite. They serve nice breakfast, with various formulas (eg healthy). The food is, in general, good without being great: typical brasserie/Belgian food (vol-au-vent, pasta, américain etc). Wide choice of drinks. Staff are always very friendly (at least for us... :)) and there is wifi.
  • Photo of AntwerpPaul
    5 years ago
    Food is usually ok to Good, service can be a bit off depends who´s working, the younger staff tend to be a bit slack and forgetful, try the steaks, specials and the house wine are all very good, the location is good and in the summer it is a good spot for a road side drink too.
  • Photo of 63Renegade
    5 years ago
    Nice location opposite to a free parking area and the banks of the river. Some time ago service and food lacked the final touch for an excellent rating however they are back in business now. Hearthy food served with enthousiasm. Also lighting and heating have been reviewed to please the guests. Great value for money !
  • Photo of Tervuren-Paddy
    6 years ago
    We booked in advance and had an excellent Sunday brunch for 4, including sparkling wine, fresh OJ & coffee, a selection of breads, pastries, eggs, cold meats & seafood. The location is lovely, right by the water, and the staff were exceptionally friendly, welcoming and efficient. The venue is hip without being overly so, easy to relax and enjoy the morning. All in all very nice indeed.
  • Photo of TartanLad48
    7 years ago
    Took my party of 6 here for lunch having sourced from UK on net. Was a little way out but still easily accessible on food from centre. Great and varied menu, all enjoyed the meal very much, and also the setting. Would happily visit in evening or lunch if returning.
  • Photo of steenbok68
    10 years ago
    Good food for a good price, nice terrace in the summer.
  • Photo of Saskia V
    10 years ago
    Nice food, sometimes lousy service... depends upon the waiters' moods!! Good price-quality.

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