Photo of comocomo antwerpen in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of comocomo antwerpen in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of comocomo antwerpen in Antwerp, , BE
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comocomo antwerpen

Modern European Restaurant

tapas • all you can eat • per plate • original concept

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  • Photo of adviye a
    5 months ago
    This is a really Nice place with cool concept. Without any exception is Every single dish perfect. You get a lot for your money. If system doesn't work for you you may order what you want and They bring it. Also Nice with kids
  • Photo of william586
    5 months ago
    Booked for two and seated in the backroom area. Compared to the two areas, this was (luckily) the least noisy one. Getting seated may be a hassle as you don't receive a private table, and some may complain or feel uneasy when they are seated in front of a total stranger. The conveyor belt, where the tapas are put on, will distract you very fast and you are eating many different small dishes. The tapas are all served on plastic dishes but plenty of choice from veggie, to fish, meat, and dessert dishes. Nice to get out with friends but definitely not if you want to have a romantic encounter. the all-in formula ain't cheap either yet the food is good
  • Photo of dechamps
    6 months ago
    The concept is fun, something else. The food is ok. The service could be better. Still waiting for a knife I've asked, takes long time before empty plates are taken away, it was raining outside but still we had to wait outside untill 18h to the minute, there are too little amount of plates of some foods (when there are 40 people at 1 side of the resto and there are only 5 plates of a dish coming through..) - when dessert starts they come and ask if you want a dish of the main course to eat, but at that time you're probably full with other stuff, so be patient and wait a little is a good tip..
  • Photo of TheKitchenOfSpain
    10 months ago
    I am against going to Spanish restaurants/bar out of Spain because I can imagine what can I find but that time was different as the concept was also different. I have to say that the tapas are good and the service is very kind. I recommend this bar.
  • Photo of LisaWts
    a year ago
    The food is average, but the people are very nice and the idea with the conveyors belt is also attractive! They offer all-inclusive menus for two hours that are quite cheap. Be sure to reserce on time as they are often quite full!
  • Photo of dechamps
    a year ago
    Good service, good food, nice concept, will go again. But pay attention for hygiene, make sure you have a clean fork or spoon, also the plates appear to be little greasy. Don't eat your belly full at the start, the food on the plates change during service. Even when there were allready desserts passing by, suddenly other hot plates were on the band. At the end the waiter came to inform if we wanted some more plates. Menu all in, 2 hour service, would 've payed a lot more when I didn't went for a menu.
  • Photo of erdeebee
    a year ago
    It might be fun for once, but even after two years (or so) it hasn't changed. Food is rather average and you have to be lucky that the good things come to you.
  • Photo of Frederic M
    a year ago
    Very nice place in the center of Antwerp. Original concept for eating tapas. You have 3 tables with tapas served on a conveyor belt. You ear what you want and you pay after per plate. Friendly personel. One negative point we reserved at 20.15 and had to wait 20 minutes outside the restaurant. They also should reniew the card more often. The food was very good.
  • Photo of Kurt D
    a year ago
    small restaurant, and crowdy, but I love it. food comes to your table on a conveyer belt like in a sushi retaurant. Best thing you can do is to take an all you can eat formula. there are different formulas, regarding the kind of drinks you want, beer wine, soda or all combined.
  • Photo of GregBE
    2 years ago
    Great tapas on a conveyer belt, fun concept! We went for the unlimited tapas + wine (which was good) formula. The restaurants has 2 shifts. We made reservations for the 2nd one but had to wait in the street for 20 minutes (they were late) while they were preparing the tables for our service. They could have let all the people in while they were still setting the tables.
  • Photo of auteur
    2 years ago
    Very nice tapas and good selection, good atmosphere, great service at the right price. Very good choice for any circumstance.
  • Photo of Naomi P
    2 years ago
    Tapas on the roll. This is the perfect place to eat with your coworkers or a very large friendgroup. Also great if you just want to eat with the 2 of you. Take the menu it's cheaper than to pay per piece.
  • Photo of 150jn98
    2 years ago
    A few months ago, I went to the ‘Comocomo Antwerp’ and it was a very nice experience. It was a new experience for me because the food wasn’t served by a waiter but you had to sit down at your table and the tapas pass by automatically on a roller conveyor so you have to wait on the tapas while you are sitting down. So you can choose which one you take and which one you ignore. The tapas were inviting and mouth-watering when they passed. So I took my first tapa and it was scrumptious. It had a rich taste and they tasted very fresh in my mouth. There were also a lot of choices after a full round, there were always some new tapas. The menu’s you can choose in the ‘Comocomo’ are worth the money so you can eat a very nice meal with some soda or an alcoholic drink that is included in the price of the menu. The brilliant idea behind it is that everything is passing on the roller conveyor, even your dessert. So you order something and a waiter gives your order to the kitchen and a few minutes later your dessert is in front of you and you can enjoy your delightful dessert. They change the menu every month so there are always a lot of choices in tapas what makes the restaurant a very nice place where you can eat with your whole family.
  • Photo of bvwaeyen
    2 years ago
    I often eat at comocombAntwerp/Brussels with friends or family. A package is the cheapest option (wine pack is around €32.5-35 and you may drink as much wine as you want (+water) and eat as much as you want). They also have a soda and beer package. The food is good, lots of choice and if you want a dish that didn't pass by, you can ask them to make it. The staff is really friendly and helpful!
  • Photo of Antaldewaij
    2 years ago
    I have been tot ComocComo Antwerp several times and they have never let us down. The Food is tastefull and the atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and casual. Our kids (7 to 13) love tobchoose their own dishes from the assemby line.
  • Photo of woodstockie
    2 years ago
    Tapas on a conveyer belt are the funniest way to enjoy food! I recommend taking a fixed set (with wine or soda and all tapas you want) rather than paying per plate. Makes the game very easy: have a look at what dish passes in front of you, simply take it and eat it if it looks tasty. And most of it was indeed really tasty. Good variety of veggie/meat/fish/cheese, which makes it accessible for most preferences (though I'm not sure about special diets).
  • Photo of alex v
    2 years ago
    While visiting the center of Antwerp, we went for some food in the ComoComo, just behind the central police station. It's different from what we normally know of restaurants. On a type of conveyor belt different food passes by, they come in 4 colors of plates, every color stands for a different price range. Not bad, just different from what we normally do.
  • Photo of Eric R
    2 years ago
    Everything is fabulous in this tapas restaurant! From the funny system of the food circulating on a track among customers, to the friendly all-you-can-eat formulas, with the nice service and of course, the top quality food! Highly recommended!!!
  • Photo of Rita P
    2 years ago
    It is not the best spanish food you can get in Antwerp, but it is a nice try. Food is ok, wine is ok and it is fun to see the dishes passing in front of you.
  • Photo of Janis S
    3 years ago
    Since everyone is seated around the conveyor belt, ComoComo is not the place to be if you are looking for a romantic dinner or a private conversation. There was a lot of interaction with the guests sitting next and in front of us. The atmosphere was very vibrant! But sometimes there was also a bit too much noise and activity. The personnel was friendly, but from time to time they seemed to loose control over the packed restaurant (I think it would be better if each waiter was responsible for one table, instead of being all over the place). The food was delicious! There was a lot of choice and every single bit was amazing. Would definitely recommend it!

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