Photo of Berlin in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of Berlin in Antwerp, , BE
Photo of Berlin in Antwerp, , BE
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salad • pad thai • brasserie

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  • Photo of 513philippev
    3 months ago
    Once this was the place to be in Antwerp. Unfortunately the highlights of Berlin are definitely over. We arrived rather early around 18h, so few guests. Our food took about 45 min before it arrived. If it was exceptional I could accept it but it wasn’t at all. On the way back from a dirty toilet I passed the bar where a garbage was standing with a lot of garbage dropped around the bin. This shows the new standards and proof of poor food and service. Seriously?
  • Photo of MickeyBinOz
    3 months ago
    I'm not sure who trained the staff here, but they were just so disinterested in serving anyone. It wasn't busy at all and we actually had to go to the bar twice to order an extra drink. I also ordered a drink and then had to remind the waiter 20 minutes later... The food was nice though and the location is good. The waiter also dropped our drinks... It was almost like being in a comedy...
  • Photo of Chrisdtraveller17
    7 months ago
    My wife and I thought having a relax moment after a couple of hours shopping and decided to go to Berlin which was the nearest brasserie. We live abroad while I'm a Belgian from Antwerp and was looking Forward To share this nostalgic moment with my wife who only heard great things about Antwerp so far. Berlin looked like a cool place. The decoration and atmosphere looked alright when we entered. It's definitely the kind of place we like to hang out. As soon as we entered were we told by one of the customers, who happened to leave, that we shall wait at the entry and the waiters would provide us a table. This is actually a rather common practice in Belgium, although it sounded a little weird to be reminded on this by one of the customers. There was no staff welcoming customers, so we simply decided to wait and tried to catch the attendance of 2 of the waiters. After some minutes of patience did we make some small signs and even tried to get the barman's attention who simply looked the other side. Considering the various tables available, we simply walked in, were standing in the middle of the restaurant and once again we tried to catch the waiters' attention who deliberately ignored us and simply passed by. We felt extremely embarrassed and some of the customers were also surprised to see the unfolding scene while they witnessed what was happening to us all that time. We decided to sit down at a table near the window, after all, there were plenty of tables available so we thought it wouldn't be an issue after all. One of the waiters came, cleaned the table and gave us the menus. We barely got the chance to hold the menu when the second waiter came and mentioned that other people are waiting and so should we....(!!??). Indeed, meanwhile, a couple of other clients were entering. Menus were taken back and we were asked to wait at the door. We were obviously shocked and I didn't hesitate to tell him (in dutch) that we were waiting there quite some time but were simply ignored. The waiters answer at a loud voice :"You should not be so rude!".... Unbelievable that a waiter who even failed to welcome his customers, as a matter of fact, simply ignored them, starts yelling to them and saying that they are rude..... We stood up and walked away, while the waiter sarcastically shouted "have a pleasant day, both of you.".... I travel to quite a lot to many places, but never ever did i experience a restaurant or bar where staff literally chases their customers out. Such a shame! Berlin, deserve the First Prize of the "worse service in town" category... As i can read the other reviews now, it appears that we are not the only ones sharing such miserable experience.
  • Photo of Maksim B
    7 months ago
    One of the well-known cafes/brasseries in Antwerp, Cafe Berlin is situated in the center of the city and offers a typical atmosphere and vibes. Down-to-earth, traditional and always full of people, it offers the typical brasserie experience in terms of atmosphere and cuisine. The food choice is not that big and hardly scores above the level of a typical brasserie food. Yet, it is tasty and coupled with some beers and the atmosphere there, it will provide you with a decent experience. I has ribs, which were pretty decent as a matter of fact. The staff, though needs to improve its performance. The place clearly needs more people as we had to wait quite a long time for our orders to be taken, to be served and then to pay the bill. We were observing the waiters and they all seemed pre-occupied and stressed which resulted in a negative experience for us. First, the order of my girlfriend was totally wrongly delivered, secondly we had to wait 10 minutes to re-order more beer, last but not least it took us 15 minutes to wait for the bill. Then it took another 10 to actually pay, which made me stand up and go directly to the bar and pay it on the spot. Even though the waiter was very kind and friendly (and apologizing) this did not change the fact that service was unsatisfactory. In conclusion, the place has a pretty nice vibe, but there are other similar type of places which can offer the same at better service.
  • Photo of Patrick B
    9 months ago
    This was a recommendation in our guidebook. Nice looking place, but slow, inattentive staff. No doubt a nice place to sit in summer and watch shoppers pass by.
  • Photo of Jan K
    10 months ago
    It had been a long time since we've been to this bar/brasserie that was once very trendy with good service and quality food. Post fact evaluation : we should have stayed away longer. After sitting down, the waiter did his best to ignore our dirty table. It was not that it was crowded (+40 people - 6 waiters/bar tenders) or that he was busy attending other customers. He ignored them as well, even though they were signaling him when he passed at 50cm from them! When finally, his colleague took out orders, it took the 2 cooks 40min to prepare a salad with two cheese croquets (see photo). I feel sorry to say, but next time we'll try somewhere else.
  • Photo of John C
    a year ago
    We reserved a table at 6.30pm to grap a bite before a concert at 8pm 100m away from the restaurant. We ordered and mentioned the concert. And then we waited and waited. We asked the waiter but she assured us that the food was on its way. This went on and on till 6 out of 7 plates arrived at 7.45pm. Mine arrived 10 min later when my wife had already left to claim our seats (having eaten only half her plate). We arrived late at the concert with burned tongues and bad moods. We never got an apology from the staff and when I complaint I got an aggressive 'not my fault' reply. A restaurant you better avoid!!!
  • Photo of Sara2000xxx
    2 years ago
    Long waiting time. Club chicken really bad: not toasted, chicken like the sole of a shoe and just one small strip of bacon. Shameful!
  • Photo of kdewitte27
    2 years ago
    This place was one of our favorite cool lunch spots. Not any longer. Slow service even when sitting at the bar. - drinks: 2 very bland wines. Compared to the past where there were always a few to choose from and that also were much better too - food: well, one word, just not good. Sorry. Watery soup with no taste. Club sandwhich covered in a bunch of wet way to big lettuce leaves. (Most of the) staff is friendly but not up to the job. The girl who runs the bar in Saturdays should look for another job. Lacks finesse, thinks she's standing in a trucker's bar. Amateurism. A pitty. K
  • Photo of Victor T
    2 years ago
    I went to Belgium and I find this place, my waiter Margot was very nice always with a smile in her face. She explain me the menu and suggests some of the must popular items. I recommend this place if you come to Antwerp..
  • Photo of Maria E
    2 years ago
    When most restaurants are closed on Mondays. We found the Berliner while walking around Antwerp. I got the Pad Thai, my husband order the chicken curry and my son got the burger. All the food came out on time and it all tasted very good.
  • Photo of Bellylou
    2 years ago
    We stumbled on this place by accident. We went in, waiting 10 mins for menus and the, after a 10 min discussion about the lack of decent beer on the menu, we still hadn't had a return visit from our server.... We cut our losses and left! ... Oh wifi didn't work either! There are far better places... Go to them!!
  • Photo of Geert D
    2 years ago
    The lunch was okay but not great. The waiters are young and inexperienced and that shows. Luckily they compensate with the friendliness. Food was basic and sadly enough the Vol Au Vent was swimming in sauce, so biscuit was soggy. Beer from tap with no foam is also a no go in Belgium. In conclusion: lots of room for progress.
  • Photo of Frogroar
    2 years ago
    This place used to be okay, but it's getting worse. Slow, confused waiters that don't know what they're doing and overpriced food. Watery soup, no bread, dirty tables because they kept forgetting to clean it... Pick another place if you can.
  • Photo of BROCKWELL
    2 years ago
    Found this place to be nice to call in for a quick drink and lunch. The place was busy but plenty of room. We had the basic burger with chips and salad for 15€ which was nice. The basic draft beer was not expensive, we sat at a window seat watching the shoppers go by, the windows have a one way coating so its not like feeding time at the Zoo !
  • Photo of BastianV
    2 years ago
    This is a place we used as our baseground during our Antwerp trip. We had drinks there during the first night and lunch the second day. Berlin is a great place buzzing with people and great music. So, would recommend this for just having drinks at the bar (the beers are awesome) and lunch halfway a shopping trip. For dinner it's maybe to simple and too much of a bar instead of a restaurant.
  • Photo of ma471
    2 years ago
    In middle of my shopping I stopped for a quick beer and food. I end up spending three hours at the brasserie . Loved the welcoming, relaxing atmosphere with energizing bar tender and super nice waitresses. Good food, free internet and comfy seating kept me browsing, dinning and chatting.
  • Photo of Hana S
    2 years ago
    Berlin is a nice place for a quick pit stop when shopping. Whilst I really like the atmosphere and menu card, I am a bit put off by the prices. The menu offers lot of variety and drinks but I do feel that the prices are too steep for what you get as it is, food wise, a pretty average bistro with small portions.
  • Photo of betty_hotpot
    2 years ago
    I ordered a burger with 'crispy' bacon. The burger itself was fine but everything else was terrible. Cardboard like roll, the 'crispy bacon was barely cooked. The fries were similar to something you would get in a fast food chain. The price was over 16 euros. So not only was it crap, it was overpriced crap. The must be laughing all the way to the bank!
  • Photo of Ginnocently
    2 years ago
    We made a spontaneous stop in Berlin, it was raining and we were hungry. The evening menu offered a bit more than the usual salads-burgers that 90% other brasseries have. We tried the chicken wok and it was nice and simple, not spicy but still tasty. Prices were okay, and the waiter very helpful.

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