Photo of The Lillipad Cafe in Cairns, Qu, AU
Photo of The Lillipad Cafe in Cairns, Qu, AU
Photo of The Lillipad Cafe in Cairns, Qu, AU
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The Lillipad Cafe

Mexican Restaurant

brunch • eggs benedict • burrito • salad

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  • Photo of Natasha  W
    2 months ago
    This place is a must go to for everyone, visitors and locals. It's only a tiny place but the dishes are HUGE. And tasty. Definitely share plates. Coffee good too. Will definitely be back. Only negative, needs more tables that are suitable for a pram.
  • Photo of Priscilla K
    2 months ago
    We spent a week in Cairns and found this place after a few days. We tried the bacon and eggs, omelette, French toast and fruit and yoghurt. The meals are large and could be shared, coffees and got chocolate are good. Great value for money with really reasonable prices for the size of the meals.
  • Photo of letsdothetrip
    3 months ago
    The Lillypad cafe is one of my favorite places in Cairns to eat for breakfast or lunch with family and friends.They have an awesome range of dishes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians on their menu from all around the world.The Lillypad cafe is understandably and usually more busy on the weekends but its never too much of a hassle to get a table and worth waiting for a little.The dishes are worthwhile, reasonably priced and the portions here are always generous.I'm never dissappointed with the dishes I have here and It's definitely worth a visit here to try the food.
  • Photo of niklassmn
    3 months ago
    I ordered the Paris Style Eggs wich came with lots of vegetables, potatoes and bread. The food is very tasty and portions are huge. It’s a great value for only 16$. Same for the 3.5$ tea which filled three cups. Atmosphere is also nice. Would definitely recommend this place!
  • Photo of BeckySJ
    3 months ago
    Yum! Everyone always talks about this place so had to go check it out, the menus great - so much choice! All reasonably priced too. The burrito I had was amazing! Just a shame I burnt my hand on the super hot plate as the waitress never warned me about it! Will definatly return though!
  • Photo of CairnsOne
    3 months ago
    We ordered the big breakfast and it was huge! Best value breakfast in Cairns. Will most definitely be back.
  • Photo of Tyler C
    3 months ago
    I recently visited the Lillipad Café and had a wonderful experience. After walking past multiple cafes I chose this one due to the delicious smells and large servings from people sitting outside and I was not disappointed! The waitress was very friendly and offered me the vegan options without even having to ask! For $18 my breakfast was huge, hot and delicious and my partners was the same. Very happy with the meal and service and will definitely be going back
  • Photo of philsmith32017
    3 months ago
    My friends & I keep coming back to this excellent eatery, usually for lunch. The freshest food in Cairns, all made as you order (you decide!). This popular Grafton Street dining spot has large meals at reasonable prices. Situated across the road from the ever popular Gilligans, and next door to Caravellas.
  • Photo of amr100
    3 months ago
    Great food, great service (and think I just reviewed another restaurant with this in mind - getting my breakfast confused). This was the place that served huge sized eggs bene with fried potatoes on the side (but the other was good too).
  • Photo of Linette P
    3 months ago
    Large portions served here. I had the fresh fruit salad and yoghurt. It was a very generous assortment of fresh fruits. My fellow diner had the traditional bacon and eggs. All cooked to perfection.
  • Photo of Lynda B
    4 months ago
    The breakfast menu here is huge and very very unique. I chose the eggs parisian style. Two poached eggs in a large bowl with asparagus, peppers, shallots, spanish onion with a blue cheese sauce. Very rich, creamy, filling and delicious. Accompanied by sauted potatoes, turkish bread and a great coffee. I reckon you could dine here every day for a month and try something different every time. Top notch for food and value.
  • Photo of Angela S
    4 months ago
    The staff were friendly and the fruit juice made was really tasty. The price was good for the the size of the juice. I didnt eat a meal but the food I noticed on peoples plate looked amazing and a good size.
  • Photo of Cindymac1
    4 months ago
    What a beautiful beautiful breakfast!! I always enjoy something a bit different for breakfast and I had breakfast burrito with the spicy chorizo, I loved every mouthful and I was so full I didn't eat again till dinner time!! Coffee was awesome too!! Service great, wonderful atmosphere!! As well as all the other amazing food coming out would thoroughly recommend!! 😀
  • Photo of eatpayleave
    4 months ago
    Went there on a Saturday for a late brekky with what I would describe as a hangover category 7. With an empty fridge and an 8 hour shift coming up soon, I put all my hope in the team at Lillipad to turn me back into a halfway functioning human being. Had a tear in my eye when I spotted Great Northern on the menue but completely burst out crying when I saw the size of the food in front of me. Couldn't finish it all due to my very upset stomach but was happily provided with a take away container by a friendly female staff member in no time. (My boyfriend reckons she thought I intend to use it as a vomit bag and that's why she rushed...) The only complaint I have is that I was sweating balls from the moment I sat down. All outside tables were taken and the temperature in the cafe made me finally believe in global warming. To be fair I have to admit it might have been just my personal experience as everyone else in the place seemed quite comfy. Anyways, I strongly believe that the Lillipad is the only reason why I made it into work this day! Cheers heaps guys, you saved me and I will definitely be back after my next night out drinking.
  • Photo of SisPerth
    4 months ago
    The food here lives up to the reviews - large portions, good quality food and reasonable prices. I loved that the Eggs Benedict came with a choice of "toppings" (even though technically, they are underneath the eggs!!): bacon, ham, smoked salmon, spinach. I chose bacon and it was a generous portion atop the toasted Turkish bread; the eggs were perfectly poached with runny, bright golden yolks and the Hollandaise was rich and tangy (though perhaps a little too much of it for my preference). Crunchy sautéed potatoes on the side were an unusual and delicious addition. The Heuvas Rancheros was pronounced to be delicious too. The coffee is good and the staff are without doubt, one of the best assets this place has - each one of them was warm and friendly. The only negative was that some of the furnishings seemed slightly grubby - getting rid of the chairs with stained seats would be a good start!!
  • Photo of Neal A
    4 months ago
    The Lillipad is on Grafton Street which is a relatively busy street in the centre of Cairns. It has a few similar cafés to choose from in the vicinity. There has to be a reason why at 7:30 am it is busy while the others are not. Price, food, quality and quantity will do it every time. I am on a limited budget and this place served me extremely well.
  • Photo of Megan S
    5 months ago
    Excellent value. So tired of paying $16+ for a meal in Australia and not being full by the end of it. The Lillipad cafe will give you a plate so full of food you most likely won't be able to finish the whole thing. I had the ham eggs bene which was really tasty except the ham was extremely salty. The hollandaise was great. My partner had the Hamlet which was also good but salty due to the ham. The long blacks were also very tasty. Cool atmosphere in the restaurant as well.
  • Photo of Alejandro S
    5 months ago
    A small, urban place to eat. People at kitchen have taste and love the food. Its a pleasure to find a familiar and calm place to eat. The servings are generous. The prices correct. Enjoy it!
  • Photo of cvdavis26
    5 months ago
    I have lived in Cairns for over 10 years and honestly anytime anyone asks for a recommendation (and even when they don't) The Lillipad Cafe is the first place on my mind. The food is great, amazing value for money, the staff are friendly and bubbly, the atmosphere is bustling and there is no where else in Cairns where people will line up outside and wait patiently for a table because they know it is work the wait. If you haven't been here yet then you are missing out on a hidden gem of Cairns.
  • Photo of Carol C
    5 months ago
    I was refered to Lillipad Cafe by a fellow traveller ..Excellent food .but noisy . Due to popularity its a bit crowded. Love it Thank you

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