Photo of Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Ne, AU
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Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House54.5
opera house • concert hall • iconic building • backstage tour

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Sydney Opera House has 25 Tips

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  • Photo of Anninie L
    2 months ago
  • Photo of Amy Coulson
    a year ago
    My first view of Sydney Opera House was on the ferry from Manly. What a fantastic view you get. It is a spectacular building.
  • Photo of Teresa Greenlees
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Rachel Jane
    2 years ago
    Visited 2005
  • Photo of Angie G
    2 years ago
    Simply beautiful
  • Photo of thehungryexpat2015
    We went for a tour of the Opera House. Although interesting unless you are really interested in architecture / historyI would give this a miss.
  • Photo of patak4
    4 days ago
    I enjoyed every minute of my visit. It is just breathtaking to be there and be able to see it... It is a must do thing when you are visiting Sydney....I highly recommend...
  • Photo of Ted S
    4 days ago
    And it lived up to my hopes. What an amazing place even after all the years since it was built. We got really lucky and managed to get seats for the main concert hall - not always possible but worth asking since they do get returns. Fabulous acoustics, excellent view with seats raked appropriately and the drinks and foods reasonable priced. Obviously great views over the harbour and bridge. You know you have to go here. Last tour is normally around 5pm so don't leave it too late!
  • Photo of drdaveyt
    5 days ago
    Iconic setting in Sydney. Try and see an Opera here if staying. Pre order interval drinks before show. Get out onto balcony overlooking harbour at interval. Amazing views.
  • Photo of Evelyn E
    5 days ago
    My first visit to an Opera and I wasn't disappointed. The Joan Sutherland theatre was beautiful and elegant, worth the price of admission in itself. The staff of the Opera House were helpful, cheerful and seemed pleased to be there. My fellow opera-goers were diverse, willing to talk and discuss the performance.
  • Photo of Elizabeth M
    5 days ago
    We had a small group tour of the Opera House and enjoyed every minute. It is a walking tour that includes history, myth, current function, architecture, and more. There is a tour guide who takes the group back stages, through the several buildings, underground and out doors. Part of the tour is videos. Worth the cost or use the Viator Sydney Pass.
  • Photo of 53edwardw
    5 days ago
    Our tour started at 7am and lasted 4 hours. It included a very good breakfast half way, in the Green Room. Our guide was good humoured and very informative. He started the tour in the scenery storage areas below the stages, we then gradually worked our way up through all behind the scenes areas, including the orchestra pit, four of the stages, lighting and scenery. We also went into dressing rooms and make-up areas. We were hugely impressed by the complexity, quality and size of the organisation needed to stage concerts, plays and operas in this performing arts complex.
  • Photo of Mayahuel M
    5 days ago
    It's really amazing place, excellent for nice shots, we couldn't stay in the night but for sure is better because they turn on the lights
  • Photo of Jim C
    5 days ago
    Not into operas but since we are in Sydney we had to go...the structure in person is just breathtaking, the inside is as well. The seats are the most comfortable of any theatre in the world... Tosca was the Opera we saw...3acts and never fell asleep!
  • Photo of kim c
    5 days ago
    Sydney Opera House The structure itself is somewhat unusual from the outside but once inside it's incredible. To go and watch a performance is just fantastic the acoustics brilliant. The restaurant is wonderful. Truly worth a visit.
  • Photo of nenycute
    5 days ago
    This is the icon of Sydney or even Australia.You haven't visited Australia till you reach it.So don't ever miss it when you're in Sydney.You get so many beautiful view to be just around outside of it.
  • Photo of 293RDK
    5 days ago
    I joined the morning backstage tour and it was so worth it. Our guide Kenny was so informative. You get to visit all of the main halls within the opera house and as the tour name implies a huge amount behind the scenes. It was great to not only learn about the building but to see how things really work, where scenery is stored, the huge lifts that move everything to the correct hall and we even stood in the orchestra pit! The tour ended with a delicious cooked breakfast. Would highly recommend this tour-an early start but worth it.
  • Photo of Deborah F
    6 days ago
    Because of a mechanical failure on my overseas flight, I found myself with an unexpected extra night in Sydney, and invested it in a play at the Opera House. What a treat! I saw Shakespeare's Richard 3, updated to costumes reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era, with a female lead. My seat, one of a handful remaining, was first row aisle - b3 - and except for a very few scenes I could see perfectly. Personally I try for front row to get a better look at the actor expressions, and in this theaterbit worked nicely. The play was excellent, and I liked this small theater, located in the Opera House on the bridge view side. We had a lively night look over the water suring intermission.
  • Photo of Steven G
    6 days ago
    My wife and I decided not to purchase our tickets in advance. When we arrived at the ticket office at about 9:30 in the morning, tickets were available for the 9:30 tour. We actually waited for the 9:45 tour, which was great. There were only six people in our tour group in addition to us. Our guide gave us headphones and she spoke into a mike, which made it really easy to hear. My first impression of the structure, while beautiful from afar, was not at all pretty close up. The tiles covering the sail-like structures are an off-white color and look sort of dirty. Our guide told us that they are triple-glazed and designed to reflect the sky or whatever lights they shine on it. Beneath the sails are concrete ribs that are also not very pretty. We saw four of the six theatres during our tour, each very different and each beautiful in its own way. Interestingly, the opera stage was the least pretty of them all, and also the smallest. We arrived at that theatre just as they were about to start a dress rehearsal, so our stay there was short. We learned that the acoustical design for voice is very different from that for orchestra. The concert hall was the largest, I think, and the prettiest, stunning really. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside. The story of the design and construction of the Opera House is really interesting and bitter-sweet in a way. The architect, a Dane by the name of Jørn Utzon, never got to see it completed in person. The construction was supposed to take three years and cost $7 million. In fact, construction started in 1959 and finished in 1973 having cost $102. Quite an overrun. One problem was that the architectural drawings were made without consulting an engineering team. But there were many other unforeseen problems, not the least of which the fact that the government wasn’t willing to spend so much on an arts center. Eventually, Utzon quit and a new design and architectural team needed to be brought in. I don’t want to go into details about the story, but it’s worth a read on Wikipedia. .
  • Photo of Connie I
    6 days ago
    You've seen the pictures. The Sydney Opera building is the iconic face of Sydney, Australia. And perhaps it's made your bucket list, as it did mine. So, if you're in Sydney, stop by to visit. Go to a concert if you can. Appreciate the outstanding acoustics. But. ... this is a bit more hype than substance. Yes, it's a noteworthy architectural oicon. But it's really not THAT impressive. Frankly, the Sydney bride is far more impressive with epic views from the top, especially at sunset. So if it's convenient to get to the Opera, do it. But if you're limited on time, visit the bridge instead.
  • Photo of ljgee101
    6 days ago
    The Opera house is stunning on the outside but blah on the inside. Went to see the Travian a. Don't get seats under the balcony. It was boiling hot and since we do not understand Italian, we were trying to read the translations at the same time. under the balcony, you may be sitting a few feet from the running text - so either miss the show or the text. Because it is such a special place, I still recommend visiting it. We did tour and tasting. The tasting plate was actually quite nice. So liked what we did: time the tour so that you get the tasting afterward and then go see a show. Try to go to a concert in the concert hall, rather than an opera if you are there to visit. Operas are in the Joan Sutherland hall. The concert hall is significantly more beautiful.
  • Photo of KCTraveler77
    6 days ago
    The Sydney Opera House is a must stop on any tour of Sydney. The completion of the Opera House transformed Sydney into a leading international city. Not only is it uniquely constructed, it is also creatively situated in Sydney Harbor analogous to what the Statue of Liberty is to New York City.
  • Photo of moomoocha
    6 days ago
    I definitely recommend doing the Sydney Opera House tour, it is definitely worth it. I did the tour twice, 10 years apart. Our tour guide was very entertaining and informative. She showed us all the different parts of the Opera House, which is really quite fascinating.
  • Photo of Eric L
    6 days ago
    What kinds I say this is the must see attraction in Sydney. The icon of Australia, and wonders of the world. So there is really nothing much to say other than it being a great destination for the holiday family if you're in town. Plenty to see and do, and you can even have a fun time attending the shows.
  • Photo of Alaa C
    6 days ago
    I was looking forward to see this building. It turned out to be a disappointment. The building is so old and not well maintained at all. The architecture is not as impressive. You can only see a beautiful building facade from one angle only. The rest of the angles will show you random arcs and lines.

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