Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
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Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

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Queen Victoria Building (QVB)14.5
beautiful building • christmas tree • town hall station • window shopping

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  • Photo of Jesslyn Tanuwijaya
  • Photo of thehungryexpat2015
    5 months ago
    If visiting Sydney you must visit the Queen Victoria Building. Beautiful architecture and nice shops. Also a good place to get shelter in the rain !
  • Photo of user01293948567
    5 months ago
    The architecture has been well maintained with a modern touch - bright bold paint. It's an upmarket shopping centre that features a good mix of local Australian and International designers. If your intention isn't to shop and don't have a strong interest in 1800s architecture I'd give it a miss.
  • Photo of Angel A
    5 months ago
    We went through this building today afternoon on the way to Darling Harbour. The shops inside are impressive, but nothing that you cannot see anywhere else- there are such shops in every big city in the world. What is impressive is the building that is housing them. The most famous equivalent in Europe that remembers me a similar style is the famous La Fayette in Paris. Both look amazing. So if you have a way through Sydney's downtown- go and have a look is really worthy. Even if you don't buy anything or maybe only a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in one of the boutique Cafés inside.
  • Photo of shern570
    5 months ago
    The exterior is majestic but the interior is simply very beautiful. Even if you do not wish to shop it is worth spending atleast half an hour roaming in this building. I have to say it is very difficult to find a particular shop in the premises and we had to walk quite a bit before finding it ourselves without the assistance of people within the building. A must for a visit.
  • Photo of Sue061114
    5 months ago
    What a great place for coffee, a meal, shopping or just a leisurely stroll! Lots of reviews have been written about this beautiful late 19th century building. So I'm sure you can find the tourist information you need online. For those who travel with little children, there's a parents room in the basement, next to the Ladies. It has a bathroom, a nappy-change table and an area for breastfeeding. It's quite and clean. The only annoying thing is that sometimes, people working in the building use the bathroom or even have a nap in the chair which is supposed to be used by breastfeeding mums. If that's what you encounter, you'll just have to ask them leave politely. The top level has shops where you can purchase nice quality souvenirs, such as Australian pewter jewelry and indigenous art. There are some benches on this level, which is relatively quite compared with other floors. It's a good place for a rest.
  • Photo of cameron_iain
    5 months ago
    We met our relatives for a mid-morning coffee and what a surprise the building was. Well worth a walk round to do some window shopping (Unless your feeling very flush!)
  • Photo of ljgee101
    5 months ago
    came upon this by chance. What a gem! There is interesting shopping here but the building is stunning and the clocks worth seeing. Lots of people having afternoon tea. Good healthy food available
  • Photo of TravBugTV
    5 months ago
    It's a busy hub for tourists and those in transit to the city via rail. It makes for a jive of activity which is good for a solo traveler checking out the action but not so for families or those who like their space. The shops are fairly expensive and largely cater to the tourist. The food options are ok but not that flash. In all it's a lovely old building and mAkes for a nice stopover as you explore the city.
  • Photo of VaRryStyles
    5 months ago
    When you go the the basement / ground floor of this building, you'll find good deals / cheap products with sales around!
  • Photo of Sharoooooony
    5 months ago
    The design of QVB is a work of art, can't find a piece of architecture like it anywhere else in Sydney. Really worth the visit
  • Photo of ttran02
    5 months ago
    While in Sydney, if you're out exploring downtown area, make sure you stop here for a short visit. It's a beautiful building with gorgeous architect. The clock hanging in the middle of the building has to be the highlight along with the glass windows.
  • Photo of Deborah F
    5 months ago
    This is a fun building, crammed wirh shops. I discovered it by accident as a nicer option than the street for the region near the Town Hall Station train. The building is quite walkable, light and airy, and well laid out. All manner of shops inside. I also appreciated the good directions for whi h ecits and hallways led to which streets! It makes it easier to duck in and out.
  • Photo of Gerald C
    5 months ago
    A great place to shop. Set in Victorian splender over several floors, cafes for drinks and snacks.. Good for visiting if the weather is bad.
  • Photo of arh2900
    5 months ago
    Stunning building with a range of varied shops located in the heart of Sydney. Well worth a walk through and Queen Victoria's impressive statue can be found outside at one of the entrances/exits.
  • Photo of jsthouston
    5 months ago
    The building has a number of interest features and their are decent places to eat but you don't get much information on the building and it's construction.
  • Photo of helen_greig
    5 months ago
    Sydney is very lucky that they preserved to the highest standards this beautiful old building filled with shops cafes and restaurants you could spend all day here and never have to leave. Work your way up from the basement with bargains galore to the top floor to see the chiming of the clock and at xmas time you get to see the hugest Xmas tree.The variety of merchandise on display is so tempting that I always leave with several purchases.
  • Photo of Vickie K
    5 months ago
    Beautiful stained glass dome, shopping, clocks with a story to tell, nice restrooms, moderately priced water and outside Queen Victoria's talking dog! Well worth the walk inside.
  • Photo of Kathrine L
    5 months ago
    If you love brand names it's a great place to visit. If you love beautiful architecture this is heaven. Everywhere you look is amazing architectural work, beautiful clocks that sound off on the hour, high cathedral ceilings. Just beautiful
  • Photo of Star707
    5 months ago
    Love this building, so glad it was rescued from its erstwhile career as variously a parking lot and a public library. With its many levels, you can find the coffee you dream to have complete with atmosphere, the shoes you cant really afford, reward yourself with a handmade chocolate because you can afford one handmade chocolate, that kitchen appliance that you always wanted and couldn't find, a stylish outfit for a special occasion with special attention. And best of all, if you are ready for lunch and like Malaysian cuisine, deep down in the basement you will find a restaurant that offers Malaysian Street Food. What bliss.
  • Photo of Darrel J
    5 months ago
    Beautiful Romanesque building with enticing shops & coffee bars/ eateries & people coming & going A favourite with the wife for the shops but also soaking up the beauty of the building & vibrant atmosphere

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