Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Ne, AU
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Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

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Queen Victoria Building (QVB)14.5
beautiful building • christmas tree • town hall station • window shopping

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  • Photo of Jesslyn Tanuwijaya
  • Photo of yipjcs88
    4 months ago
    The QVB is located next the Sydney Townhall and is close to Martin Place. It is worth seeing as it has a very attractive interior and a variety of shops. I went there many times previously but visited it again in August 2017 to take some good photos at night. It is always a pleasure to walk through the building but more so at night. It has a large clock hung from the ceiling and it shows the date, day of the week and the time. The clock movement is shown, apart from the usual clock face, as a small mechanical boat that goes around the circumference of the large clock body, a very interesting design.
  • Photo of muhammad n
    4 months ago
    We have a great time when decide to get a breakfast there. Theres a lot of eatery around this huge mall. We found one cafe in the middle at second floor. The coffee and croissant is the best. But I think is overpriced. If it is your first time visiting QVB, you will be amazed with design, old English touch, fantastic big clock, cozy atmosphere and such a great for window shop. Its easy too to get there. Thanks to my sister who inviting me there
  • Photo of jdchua521
    4 months ago
    From ywon hall train stop, we went to QVB building. Here, the architecture of the building is preserved, try the toilets in the buiding, so old. The stores there are very high end. It also has lots od restaurants. Definitely worth seeing.
  • Photo of Rainindancers
    4 months ago
    If you like to shop then this is for you. Quite a few homeless people around asking for money and lots of roadworks around the centre it self. The shops are nice although you pay the price.
  • Photo of Niko P
    4 months ago
    QVB will please both architecture enthusiasts and shopping/coffee aficionados. Take in the superb architecture and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many lovely cafés located inside. Great to combine with the Sydney Tower Eye.
  • Photo of Gator-Getter-Girl
    4 months ago
    This is a beautiful building! My favorite thing, when you get in the center of the building, look up! There is an amazing clock with a ship that circles around to keep time and day of the week! My husband, the engineer, loved it as well. The Queens clock maker in England did an amazing job!
  • Photo of FreeJohnny
    4 months ago
    Inside was like a middle age decorated, it was nice, but it had heavy feeling. Shops & stores were nice, the benches to sit gave a feeling of the train station feeling. While my family was doing shopping and discovering around, I felt like I am on a movie from old times;-)
  • Photo of NDPryor
    4 months ago
    I simply enjoyed the walk around and through it from an architectural point of view. The big bonus was the stunning music that steadily comes from the grand piano constantly used by passing by performers. Hence housing both audio and visual beauty.
  • Photo of Philip C
    4 months ago
    A wide variety of shops. Beautiful architecture. Worth a visit. not hard to find, as there are few old building maintained as well as this one.
  • Photo of lolatraveller03
    4 months ago
    Always enjoy popping in to window shop or enjoy a snack at one of the many eateries. Reminds me somewhat of The Burlington Arcade in London. A lovely spot for visitors to Sydney or to cool off on a hot Summer day
  • Photo of Christopher S
    4 months ago
    We always have a lovely time visiting this beautiful building. Great photo opportunities,if you are a clock fanatic you must make a visit. Very good cafes. Fantastic shopping.
  • Photo of shelley b
    4 months ago
    The QVB was a beautiful building, you could just enjoy walking through it and admiring the lovely indoor space. I noticed a few nice restaurants, one pretty tea room , and many interesting shops..
  • Photo of tes108
    4 months ago
    The building is still beautiful but the shops are mainly those which can be found in any shopping centre anywhere. Food outlets very overpriced.
  • Photo of tqdesign
    4 months ago
    I would recommend walking and seeing the beautiful stain glass, clock and the flowers. Tastefully done as well as seeing some very interesting stores. There are the "common" retailers but you will also see some unique one of a kind stores in there as well. Just expensive but worth window shopping at least.
  • Photo of Tony C
    4 months ago
    Very elegant ambience in a sophisticated building providing the best environment to spend their money. Women's high-end retailing apparel; speciality leathers goods and name brand shoes and everything in between for both men and women. Architecture spectacular providing a dining and table settings for all the upscale restaurants who provide dining. Food choices excellent. The "mall" is pricey in a comfortable surroundings. Clearly, worth the experience!
  • Photo of WStravel11
    4 months ago
    Outside of the beauty and historical significance of this magnificent building, it is a shopping mecca for those who find their shopping experiences a world of wonder, fun and discovery. To add to this feast, there are a multitude of cafes and restaurants to sit and enjoy a delightful meal or if you're craving that morning java, the sights and sounds of the world passing by and at times a classical piano player tinkling at the ivories soothing the soul as you plan away your day. Never a dull moment at this haven of shopping happiness and the building itself, in all its majesty after its refurbishment many years ago has restored it back to all the glory of yesteryear. Definitely worth a visit when in the beautiful harbour city of Sydney!
  • Photo of Linda J
    4 months ago
    Not only is this building worthwhile seeing for it's beauty and historical significance but also because it is a shopaholic's paradise. There are many designer stores as well as eateries and other interesting stores on the various levels.
  • Photo of MOBTours
    4 months ago
    I visit QVB a few times a year to catchup with friends and relatives for lunch and coffee. It is a beautiful building with many shops and cafes with some restaurants on the upper floor. I enjoy the ambience of the building and it is great to be there when the central clock chimes on the hour. The tiled floor and architecture is beautiful and there is a lovely staircase to get you from floor to floor if you want to use instead of the escalators. There are also elevators for the less mobile to go from floor to floor. The building is easily accessible from Town Hall station with no need to go outside in weather conditions. The shops are quite expensive and exclusive and several are aimed at the tourist market. The shops are mainly fashion (especially shoes) and specialty sportswear, with beauty product stores also throughout. There are also a couple of florists if you need flowers for that special person. Restaurants are located on the upper levels at each end of the building while there are a lot of cafes dotted around the middle sections. There are several ATM points to get cashed up. Access to Myer Department store via shop lined arcade is also a bonus, and from Myer you can then access Pitt Street Mall where the shopping is more reasonably priced I would NOT suggest visiting in school holidays. QVB is always a busy place. My friends and I enjoy the QBB as a place to catch up and we are not hurried through our meal as it is central to people travelling from different areas of Sydney.
  • Photo of rzsandoval
    4 months ago
    I found this underwhelming. The architecture is somewhat interesting, but it's just packed with shops. If you are passing by, and then do a 5 minute walkthrough. But I wouldn't seek this out specifically.
  • Photo of fussytraveller29
    4 months ago
    I remember this building when it was a dump, its beautiful features covered up with boards, and housing the city library. It was saved from demolition some years ago, and now it's fully restored to its original glory. My rating here is for the building, not the shopping, though I dare say there's plenty of interest for others there.

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