Photo of Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Ne, AU
Photo of Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Ne, AU
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Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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rising stars • macquarie street • government house • concert hall

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  • Photo of bigvicSydney
    6 months ago
    Hard to believe that the Conservatorium of Music was once the horse stables for Government House. We've been to the big hall THE VERBRUGGEN on many occasions and it is splendid for music concerts. Last Sunday we attended a brilliant performance by young children of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. performed in the smaller hall. A space completely excavated outside the original walls. What a delightful little theatre this is. The whole complex is excellent I believe. Highly recommended
  • Photo of Jacki T
    7 months ago
    This Sydney institution located in the Botanic Gardens on Macquarie Street is a University as well as a High School. It is an easy walk from Circular Quay or Wynyard and Martin Place. During the academic year there are many free concerts held by the University and at the end of every school term The Con High holds two free concerts (small donation to charity requested), showcasing their amazingly talented teenage students.
  • Photo of hartland2004
    9 months ago
    Another little gem in Sydney, lovely place to visit and a great place to watch some live music. Just lovely
  • Photo of Chamasuke08
    a year ago
  • Photo of arqVallone
    a year ago
    Local de estudo de musica, com diversos estúdios para aprendizado e treinamento.Arquitetura eficiente, e harmoniada entre antigo e novo.
  • Photo of Jewelz466
    a year ago
    Starting outside the 1840s building, this tour took us through the history of the magnificent building that was once the stables of Government House and is now transformed as the internationally renowned Conservatorium of Music, and the Conservatorium High School. Archaeological remnants of a former era are observable, and good interpretive signage alerts the visitor to points of interest. Our guides were well versed in their material and able to answer all questions fired at them. Following lunch, which can be pre-ordered when booking a tour, further time is available for prowling the corridors or visiting the impressive library before the 12:30pm free concert in the acoustically impressive Verbrugghen Hall. Very enjoyable!
  • Photo of gpants1
    a year ago
    The Con as it is known is right near the Royal Botanic Gardens and a short stroll up from the Opera House. It is housed in the old Government House Stables (Government House is next door) and has a new extension beside it. We were there on a Wednesday and there was a free lunchtime concert which was a string quartet and they were extraordinary. There are free concerts on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the academic year and hundreds of other concerts at cheap prices. The lovely receptionist said that at the end of each semester there are several hundred free recitals which form part of the University exams.
  • Photo of 肉団子
    a year ago
    シドニー観光でサーキュラーキー周辺に行った時にあったビル。 ボタニックガーデンをオペラハウスに向けて歩いたら、あれ?こんな所にお城みたいなのがある!と。  近寄ってみたら、なんだか良くわからないので、駐車場係的な人に聞いたら音楽関連の施設と事。 観光客らしき人の出入りが無かったので、中に入るのを躊躇してしまい外観観光のみ! それでも白いお城のような外観と周囲にあるボタニックガーデンとの合わせ景は非常に美しく。これでも見るだけでも十分だった。 サーキュラーキーの駅から西南に徒歩5分ぐらいの位置にある。
  • Photo of Shane B
    a year ago
    SCM Saxophone Orchestra preformed 4 unique pieces. There were about 50 people in attendance. Verbrugghen Hall was beautiful! Wonderful time!
  • Photo of bob2bkk
    2 years ago
    The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is one of the leading higher education music schools in Sydney. It comes under the University of Sydney banner. The building itself is an interesting structure, not looking at all like a music school or concert hall. It actually was built as a horse stable for government house. Since that did not work out well, in 1915 it was converted to its current position as music school and concert hall. In addition to the scholastic classes, there are a number of orchestras within the school that perform periodically. We were not lucky to see any perform. There are tours conducted if you want to see more of the halls and hear about the history of the building. An interesting place to visit. Check website for weekday lunchtime concerts, and the many internal orchestra that may be performing. The Conservatorium is actually on the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens, but on Macquarie Street opposite Bridge Street, which you can walk from the CBD of Sydney.
  • Photo of mouse_xox
    2 years ago
    Came here last week for a musical workshop, and it's beautiful! In the choral assembly the acoustics are one of the best that I've heard and the grounds all over the Conservatorium are kept to high standards. It looks like a castle and is a wonderful place to be.
  • Photo of ptraveler8
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Anca_Daniela_Lazar
    The conservatory of music is the greatest worldwide! An amazing building on a place with a lot of history. First aboriginal place, than farm, then Mr. Mcquayries house of horses and to the final " the most beautiful conservatory of music"
  • Photo of martinaS2577EH
    2 years ago
    We dropped in to see what was happening and were lucky to catch the Rising Stars of the Con giving a free concert to exhibit how extremely talented these young students are. I believe the concerts are held most weekend and are free to members of the public to immerse themselves in exceptional talent and fine music.
  • Photo of Chris S
    2 years ago
    We attended the Tour of the Conservatorium with our Probus Club last Thursday and were very impressed with how it was run. We had an interesting guide who took us around the building and explained its history and what it is now used for. We also had lunch which was supplied with the tour and then attended a music concert given by students of different ages, the day we went it was piano recitals. We were all amazed at how well they played for such young ages and enjoyed both the concert and tour very much, we would definitely recommend the tour to anyone interested in the Sydney's history and the Conservatorium.
  • Photo of GingerF0x
    2 years ago
    Very much enjoyed the free 1 hour concert at noon on Wednesday. I was able to enjoying superb piano music before walking to the Opera house. Fantastic and free. Great way to support the arts.
  • Photo of AYAKO14
    3 years ago
    100year cerebration of Sydney conservatory of Musick,Sydney Uunivercity. 10am, 2pm tour has been running Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun. Till Nov. this year. You can listen to SYD Con orchestra during lunch time for free. Tour is not free but. There are some free lecture and concert at night ocasionaly. Some times refleshment is provided for attendance. I enjoy those free concert and make some friends who has common hobby. I also happy to know some aborigine Music and some Asian traditional lecture.
  • Photo of Stephen S
    3 years ago
    For Chamber Music lovers, this festival is second to none - anywhere! It's easily accessible in the heart of Sydney. It combines world class performers sharing their prodigious talent and experiences with the very best of Australia's next generation of musicians from the Australian Youth Orchestra Chamber Players. It's 12 concerts over four days packed with workshops, interviews and talks that add up to a real collegiate experience for all concerned. If you're a music lover, then do plan a trip to Sydney in early April of an odd year.
  • Photo of buggsy62
    3 years ago
    I am a regular visitor to "The Con". The beautiful building itself has a significant place in Sydney's history and once inside it is a blend of modern architecture beside convict laid paths and conduits. There concert hall is always in use for some performance or another and downstairs are two recital theatres. Tours operate on Saturdays and include a free concert from the students who have been selected for the Rising Stars programme. The variety of performances varies from week to week and I am always excited to see who will be there each concert....strings, piano, brass, woodwind and even the gorgeous harp. The building sits at one entrance to the Botanic Gardens and is a great area to sit in the shade after your tour and concert and enjoy views down to the harbour and then continuing to wander down through the gardens and around to the Opera House. A few hours that costs little but will be an experience unlike anything else.
  • Photo of Johnnyblueb
    6 years ago
    A terrific renovation some years ago made for an architectural gem of a building and the various concert halls and smaller spaces have a fine acoustic. A delightful way to spend a weekend afternoon listening to good music in great surroundings

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