Photo of Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, Au, AT
Photo of Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, Au, AT
Photo of Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, Au, AT
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Sigmund Freud Museum


Sigmund Freud Museum13.5
waiting room • his life • audio guide • home videos

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  • Photo of Kevin Kaplan
    2 years ago
    Near judenstrasse
  • Photo of Route66Wiltshire
    3 months ago
    My wife is a psychologist and we are both interested in the life and work of Freud. The museum is really his home and the recreation using his old furniture and photographs make it truly atmospheric. The audio tours and guides are so helpful and I was blown away by the whole experience - I hadn't realised that Freud had such a strong background in neurology and physiology. An absolute must go to if you are at all interested in Freud
  • Photo of Jennifer S
    3 months ago
    Worth a visit to Sigmund Freund's house and where he did sessions. Very interesting to see the place where he and his family lived in Vienna. It is a beautiful building and the museum is nicely done. Worth an hour or 90 minutes for sure!
  • Photo of patricsarazin
    3 months ago
    For those people who are excited about Freud's life and researches it will be an atmospheric place to visit. It is a small apartment where he lived with to exhibitions: modern and old one. Not more that for 1 hour
  • Photo of ruuthee
    4 months ago
    This museum is in the spacious elegance of Freud's family apartment and consulting rooms. A couple of rooms have been recreated and there is heaps of fascinating information to read. We particularly enjoyed the film of Freud with Anna's commentary. But there is not that much to see despite it costing about 14€ to get in. So I was left wondering if there is a bit of ambivalence around the enterprise; it felt a bit under invested in.
  • Photo of KennethEast
    4 months ago
    This is a very personal, domesticated window into Freud. You can dive into more professional details in the exhibits and photos, supported by a booklet of explanations. But the excellent audio guide brings you close to the house and how the family lived in it. Make sue to watch the home movies! All of them. Charmingly curated by Freud's daughter Anna, also an analyst.
  • Photo of Loumck9
    4 months ago
    I went with my partner, both of us with academic backgrounds in psych and we found it very poor. We were given a 'guide book' at the start of our tour. However, the guide book (aka a bunch of dirty A4 printed sheets in a display folder) did not seem congruent with the visual display when first entering the museum. We continued through a bunch of gutted rooms with letters from and to Freud/Freud's partner/family relations etc. About buying/seeking the apartment. Pretty dull. Next, we moved onto his daughter's consulting room (there was little context about her). Further, we saw home movies (again no context) which were vaguely intriguing but quickly lost interest. We did appreciate seeing the waiting room for a whole of 2 minutes with all its original furnishings. Finally the 'guide book' started to reference objects in the room. That is all it did, giving no explanation of anything. Lastly we saw Freud's office, which left a lot to the imagination. If you're looking for a museum that would give an inspiring history to a man that is an important figure, this is definitely not the place. I'd save my €12 for beers.
  • Photo of Peter O
    4 months ago
    We visited the Sigmund Freud museum simply because we were in Vienna and were intrigued to see his family home and office at 19 Berggasse. Upon entering the townhouse, and ascending the stairs, we immediately got a sense of what it must have been like living there for the later part of the 19th century, and the first half of the 20th century -- and we were impressed by the extensive display of photographs documenting his home and office, serendipitously taken just before the Freud family barely fled the Nazis. Although, there are only a few items of furniture (they managed take most personal items with them just prior to WWII with help from Princess Marie Bonaparte, from France), it really is an amazing story that took place within these walls. It is the very place that inspired Freud’s dream theories, among his other works, and where both he and his daughter practiced psychoanalysis for decades before they and their fellow Jews were being exterminated from Vienna, in the years just prior to World War II. Considering the significance of Dr. Sigmund Freud, and his work, I wish the best of luck to the apparent new leadership of this museum as they undertake the renovation of this important site. We look forward to another visit some day, and recommend it for anyone interested in history.
  • Photo of Diana H
    4 months ago
    Please leave this one off your itinerary. There were no directions once you leave the bus. The museum was uninspiring and a total waste of time and money.
  • Photo of Ortrud
    4 months ago
    There was disappointingly little about Freud's work. It's mainly about the family's life here - they lived here for 47 years. The home movies you watch at the beginning are mildly interesting up to a point. Letters displayed in the rooms are, to be frank, of little interest. Facsimiles of the rooms as they used to look - and the entrance hall, which is virtually unchanged - are more evocative.
  • Photo of shreshth_v
    5 months ago
    I went here today with my sister. She is a psychologist and she was very eager about this. It's by far the most underwhelming thing you will ever see. €12 for absolutely nothing. 1. Not engaging at all 2. Just a bunch of his journals and notes put up 3. His waiting lounge. Waiting lounge! Really! You put up a waiting lounge! If you want to get over your interest in Freud, visit here.
  • Photo of suand
    5 months ago
    The sigmund Freud museum in Vienna was something we were looking forward to. Although the reviews were not promising, we went - just to know what can possibly be in a museum such as this! The museum as such is very small. We had to wait outside in a queue as only a certain number of people are allowed inside at my time. The museum does not hv too many exhibits as such but is filled with letters n pictures. The one awesome thing is the waiting room where great people once awaited their turn! It's not really value for money but I don't regret it much!
  • Photo of GranZorro
    5 months ago
    This is Freud's real abode, converted into a very interesting museum. His life and work are quite well documented, and there is even an array of his personal belongings. A lot of people want to visit, and the premises . though quite large for an apartment - are way too small for a museum. Thus they ran a dosage system - when the place is filled to its rather small capacity, the visitors queue up on the stairwell. No way to avoid it, unless one arrives just at opening time.
  • Photo of Claudia600616
    5 months ago
    A unique experience, must see in Vienna! To visit Freud's office, even without his couch is very inspiring! You need to arrive early, just after the opening hour, or it will get very crowded.
  • Photo of Joe C
    6 months ago
    Overpriced for what it is - just a lot documents and awards from Freud's life in an apartment that has been gutted spare 2 rooms. I'm a psychology graduate and was so excited to go, but spare yourself the money, time and boredom. This could've been so much better if it was a mix of documentation AND information about his highly contested and influential psychodynamic theories and how they came about. But no, you'll only get the former.
  • Photo of 1DR
    6 months ago
    This a pretty good well kept office/ apartment. Here you'll see some of his famous notes also family photos. Give you an idea of his upbringing and his family background as a child. There is a lot of saved notes that are very informative. Note: they only allow a certain amount of people in at a time
    6 months ago
    €12 for adult....and you can able to stay more than 30 minutes...because of Freud livd is not worth for €12.. .even I am Freud fan....I felt it like cheated......
  • Photo of al g
    6 months ago
    even though the reviews were not stellar, we decided to visit the museum this afternoon. it's an audio tour and you go from room to room and punch in the proper number of the room and listen to the audio. there are also a lot of photos and other visual items to observe (along with a pamphlet that explains what you are looking at). lots of information about his children (he had 6). we learned that he emigrated to England in 1938 to escape the Nazis, but it took awhile to find out when he died. he was about 82 yrs old when he emigrated. I actually enjoyed it and as most of you know, it's kind of cool to learn little tidbits about history when you travel. so I'd recommend it even for non psychology buffs.
  • Photo of Kim B
    6 months ago
    This was one of the things I wanted to do most in Vienna as I have studied psychology. The video was interesting as were some of the artefacts and the additional information given. My score would've been much higher was it not for the 12 euro entrance fee. It is just not worth it- I would say my dragged out 90 minute walk around Freud's old apartment was probably worth half that.
  • Photo of Natalie J
    6 months ago
    As someone with a psychology degree I was keen to visit however I left slightly disappointed. The information provided in the museum is interesting and enables you to understand more about Freud as an individual as well as his family, however I feel that €12 is a lot of money for a 40 minute look around 7 rooms. It's worth a visit if you don't have any other plans, but there are likely to be better places in Vienna to see.
  • Photo of lenicka74
    6 months ago
    Very interesting to visit. You get to feel how and where Freud was working and living. You receive at the entrance a player explaining the different rooms and in 4 different language plus a paper book describing the different object there. We recommend.

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